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I do not know this inmate and have not written to them before. I understand that this service is only provided for first contacts and is not a means to stay in touch with someone I already know. I understand that exceptions may be made at the discretion of for estranged family members over the age of 18.
I agree not to send the same generic email to multiple inmates.
I agree not to send more than 5 emails in a 30 day period.
I understand that inmates do not have Internet access and that I must include a real address for them to write back.
I will not use this service to promote inmate to inmate correspondence. I understand that this may be considered a crime in certain states.
I agree to refrain from sending adult language in emails.
I understand that messages must be in English for screening purposes.
I agree that retains the right to not forward any emails that they consider inappropriate.
I confirm that I was born on or before 7/19/2000 making me at least 18, and I have read the Terms of Service & Point of Contact. I understand that minors contacting inmates will be reported to their internet providers and that Sending Fraudulent E-mails is a federal offense, and offenders will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. If you are under 18 years of age, you can jeopardize our service and the inmates who use it by visiting this site or making contact with inmates.

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you have read each section carefully before submitting.)

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