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Tips For Writing Résumés

The main objective of your résumé is to promote yourself by highlighting your qualifications and employable skills. You want your résumé to generate enough interest in you so that an employer is motivated to contact you for a job interview. A major misconception is that the purpose of a résumé is to get a job. While employment is your ultimate goal, the primary purpose of your résumé is to land a job interview. No one is hired based solely on his/her résumé. Keep this in mind when writing your résumé: your goal is to get a job interview. Here are some more tips to follow when putting together your résumé:

1. Be honest. Don’t "pad" your résumé with false information about your employment history, education, or on the job skills.

2. Your résumé should be clear and concise. Once you’ve landed a job interview, you can then provide a more detailed explanation of your accomplishments, skills, and potential.

3. Include an "Objective." Your Objective should clearly define your employment goals and display a sense of direction. When stating your Objective, be specific but brief. Including too much "fluff" shows lack of direction.

4. Do not include personal information such as height, weight, hobbies, or age. Also, don’t disclose religious beliefs or ethnicity unless they directly support your employment objective.

5. Double check your résumé for grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

6. Your résumé should be professional in tone. Avoid using "gimmicks" or humor. A résumé is not the place to show off your personality. Remember, your goal is to highlight your employable skills. You can show off your personality at the job interview.

7. Be sure that your phone number and/or email address (if provided) is accurate. Also, waste no time in returning an employer’s calls/emails. This displays that you are prompt and eager to work.

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