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Hello Ms. Gorgeous, I bet that at the moment you are saying to yourself (I heard it all and read it all), and what could “Lavar “R.” Powell possibly say that is different from every other person on these pen pal sites?!? Well to be TRUTHFUL, I am not trying to say anything different because (I AM DIFFERENT) than most men…for starters: I am not looking to deceive you in any aspect…I’m a BELIEVER IN KARMA, LAW OF ATTRACTION and METAPHYSICS…Yes, I’m a follower of “JESUS” but (NOT) in the manner and or context that religion depicts “HIM”…I’m more (SPIRITUAL) than I could ever be religious…I mean no disrespect to those who are, nor am I speaking down about religion – but again, like I stated beforehand – I AM DIFFERENT and as well UNIQUE :).

I want you to know that I wasn’t always SPIRITUAL, in fact I was just like a lot of the men in the prison system who were misguided, caught up in the ILLUSION of the street life that claimed so many lives. Nonetheless, now as of date, I am a man that changed my mindset for the better…Ms. Gorgeous, it’s soooo much more that I would like to share with you about me, and I will when you are blessed with the time to respond, express who you are to a man such as myself who at times is goofy and not afraid of being myself despite what my environment demands of me which is portray an image of fraud and that’s something I WILL NEVER DO…

Ms. Gorgeous, before you embark on this journey with me, I need you to take a few minutes to read the entirety of this profile of SINCERITY titled: “ROYAL ADVICE”!


It is amazing that I can’t see your face but I am sensing that you are smiling. I am posting these words of sincerity to bring forth (KINGLY ADVICE) and as well share with you what is going on with me in this coldhearted prison system…Firstly, before you do decide to write someone behind these gates/walls of confinement PLEASE PURCHASE A PO BOX/DON’T USE YOUR HOME ADDRESS!!!

I’ve been incarcerated since 2008 and I am not advocating that with pride but the facts remain ONLY “1” OUT OF EVERY “10” PRISONERS ARE GENUINE WITHOUT ANY HIDDEN AGENDAS…why am I saying this? Recently I met online a kind hearted woman to whom I shared this same advice to which she neglected. In the short amount of time of corresponding one of her incoming letters during mail-call was given to another prisoner (deliberately), the jealousy within this individual provoked him to utilize THE 48 LAW OF POWER/ART OF SEDUCTION  books authored by Robert Greene to assassinate my character/as well to win her over…once he gained her trust, he manipulated his family/friends to rob/degrade her.

Gorgeous, I have a teenage daughter, God children and I am speaking to you as I would with them…PLEASE USE REASON/DO A THOROUGH GOOGLE SEARCH ON WHOMEVER IT IS THAT CATCHES YOUR EYE!!! Speaking for self: I am not a rapist “nor” a pedophile and I never had a domestic violence case…I am as real as it gets…TRULY, I CARE for all women (now) like I do for my dearly departed mother (may God bless her soul), and I wouldn’t want any harm to come to you. Overall, the reality is I am only one man but I must continue Helping End Violence Now…I am adamant to restoring joy into my 80 year old grandmother’s heart :). View: Chime for

Legal Note: recently my identity was stolen/used for white collar crimes. Currently I am seeking legal advice/ representation (pro-bono) if possible…Be mindful that there’s a lot of catfish fraud games being played, so if you do decide to write me ONLY do so by way of my name/address on this profile page…Most importantly, make sure that you put my middle initial “R” in my name.

Take care and God bless.


Ms. Gorgeous,

I have FOUR QUESTIONS for you that I need clarity on, and answered honestly, because (the devil is a lie)…

1. What do you do when your so-called family is trying to slay you, like Cain did to his brother Abel??
(See) Genesis 4:3-8(NIV), (AMP)
2. What do you do when so-called family have sold their soul and is collaborating with crooked prison guards, crooked politicians to steal your birthright, like Jacob did to Esau???
(See) Genesis 24:27-34 (NIV), (AMP)
Genesis 24:1-36 (NIV), (AMP)
3. What do you do when your (family) is doing all they can by way of      
To get rid of you like (Joseph) “THE FATHER” FAVORITE whom was put in the bottom of the well, then eventually was sold off???
(See) Genesis 37:3-36 (NIV)

Ms. Gorgeous, it’s sad but the fact remains is that, the one(s) who envy you are more than likely those who are family and are SOMEONE THAT’S CLOSE TO YOU, who will UTILIZE any war deceptive tactics to destroy you for your blessings…(SO AGAIN),


(In addition) to these “4” questions take heed/personalize my (ROYAL ADVICE) given in this profile because “if no one else cares” (you can) trust that I do…in the words of my LATE BROTHER (Tupac Shakur)…

When you find the time Download:
Artist: Tupac Shakur


I am not posting any of this information to be difficult, but as a “REAL” BROTHER I don’t want you to be misled by someone posing as me whom might re-direct your caring thoughts that you’ve written to me to him “or” her using one of the previously mentioned services…also, I need you to know that I don’t have any accounts/profiles on FACEBOOK, SNAPCHAT, TWITTER, or ANY of the new trending social media platforms. ALL of the pen pal sites that I have profiles on have my info, which is:

DIN# 09-A-5936

And the address to this prison that (should) be already listed on this profile page. So until I hear from you, take care and may God always bestow blessings upon you, your family…Sweetheart…I want you to call (411) the information operator to get the phone number to this prison so that you can call directly the superintendent and/or deputy of security in this prison to complain/and inquire about why I am not receiving my incoming mail.

I need you to know that it’s a lot of hating, miserable prison guards/mailroom staff that work in this prison that I’m currently in, so if you do decide to write me or have already but didn’t receive a response to your letter it’s because I was never given your mail that you sent…life is short and I feel like this, if you believe in your heart/or your intuition is telling you I would make lifetime friend have faith and take a chance because faith is taking the first step, even if you can’t see the whole staircase…so again being that my incoming mail is being played with (just) show up on a visit, I won’t deny you (all women of legal age are welcome). Visits are only on weekends (SAT-SUN) 8:30 AM-3:00 PM…I am not a vampire I promise I will not bite you, nor do I discriminate :) (smile)…”PLUS-SIZE” women are welcome to visit, as well as my beautiful “Asians”/”Oriental” sisters…I am very compassionate, open minded and honorable and trustworthy. Not to mention I have a clean bill of health if you are in fact a woman that is health conscious. In closing: I haven’t smoked a cigarette since “2010” (Smile). Those “truth” commercials on television scare me. I am just being honest…



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About Lavar R.
Astrological Sign: Aquarius Marital Status Single Seeking Prayer Partners: Yes
Correspond Overseas: Yes Race: African American Sex: Male
Date of Birth: 2/17/1981 - 37 Religion: Spiritual Sexual Orientation: Straight
Eyes: Black Seeking Donations: No Institutional Email: N/A
Hair: Bald Seeking Education: No Profile Started On: 5/1/2017
HomeTown: Long Island, NY Seeking Legal Help: Yes Profile Ends On: 7/1/2019
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Earliest Release Date:07/06/2019On Death Row:NoServing Life Sentence:No
Latest Release Date:2020Incarcerated Since:2008Incarcerated For:See Crime

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