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Greetings and salutations from your friendly neighborhood convict. I’m Puerto Rican and Black, 6’1”, 234 pounds, and my head is too big for my body.

Living in a cell isn’t so bad once you’ve scraped all the boogers off the wall and disinfected all the miscellaneous stains that probably look like Jackson Pollack paintings under a black light. When you’re comfortable, there are tricks to learn that make prison living easier. For example: a C/O, known to be a little over zealous during strip searches, might not make you squat and cough repeatedly if he knows you have gas.

Not all days are so rough. Occasionally, there’s no band aid in your lunch slop, the inmates with breasts have already showered before you, and the pint sized C/O with a Napoleon Complex would rather be friendly than displace his anger by creating misery for you to avenge every time he got stuffed into his locker in high school.

Jokes aside, I’m serving time for homicide. I’m definitely responsible for the death of the individual in my case. Nothing I say surrounding that subject is meant to belittle that fact, or that person’s life. (BLESS THE DEAD) That being said, the circumstances leading to their death and intent, or lack thereof, are subjects I debate. I currently have a new lawyer who’s optimistic. I hope I can get a new trial, during which factors such as America’s Most Wanted fictional slant, a drug abusing lead detective, my fleeing to Mexico not being an admission of guilt, and complete failure to defend me by my court appointed legal team will all come into play. I would love to have my sentence changed to manslaughter.

I’m in the news again. Being an inmate, it’s second nature to try and “get over”. Maybe it’s because we have so little, or have had so much taken from us. I’m always going to want more then I’m allowed, and willing to break rules to get it. Sometimes you get caught. I recently did. A bunch of “contraband items” were confiscated, and one in particular allegedly had bad stuff on it, which isn’t surprising considering the places it had been. I can either snitch on people, or go down with the ship. I’d rather sink.

I’m not particularly religious. I believe what goes around comes around, so I try to do a good deed every day.  A helpful word to somebody getting bullied, or a cup of coffee for somebody going without.  It’s my attempt to achieve some sort of Karmic balance.

One of my favorite movies is Natural Born Killers. Not so much for the wanton killing; but, for the romantic aspect. I’ve always been told that I’m “a little messed up”. Watching two people so clearly messed up as individuals, but still be able to find love fitting for their type of crazy makes me smile. Black Snake Moan is another favorite. It shows that anybody can be reached. The more complicated an individual is, the more special a person it takes to understand them.

I’m locked down 22 hours a day. I do a lot of origami (examples in photos). I exercise regularly. I enjoy comedies (Impractical Jokers, The Mick, Family Guy).  My favorite song is Talking In Your Sleep/The Weekend.


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Darryl Crenshaw #281335
Cheshire CI
900 Highland Ave
Cheshire , CT 06410 USA

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Astrological Sign: Aries Marital Status Single Seeking Prayer Partners: No
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Hair: Black Seeking Education: No Profile Started On: 12/1/2016
HomeTown: Bloomfield Seeking Legal Help: No Profile Ends On: 4/1/2019
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Earliest Release Date:12/01/2087On Death Row:NoServing Life Sentence:No
Latest Release Date:2087Incarcerated Since:2010Incarcerated For:See Crime

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