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Thread: tell us about you

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    A little about me.....I am very new to this. I am 55, and am in love with a 53 year old inmate. We are getting married October 23. He is amazing. His early release date is 12/2018. I guess what I am facing now is the reality of how others are viewing me ( us) I am not one to be a push over, and have always been independent. Raised my 3 sons alone, they are successful and married on their own. But now, when I decided to reach out to inmates last Christmas and just become pen pals, I have met 2 amazing men. The first one and I only were pen pals. Nothing sexual at all in our content. Just taling about life, he sent me art work he drew for me, and I made sure he got letters and cards regularly. He introduced me to one of his friends there, and now I am engaged to him. I only have 1 brother who is married and lives in the same area as I, my parents are passed and I have a few close friends that I call family. Plus, of course my 6 grand children. He and I support eachother in this effort, we budget to be sure we can talk at least twice a day and I message him 4 times a day. Plus vid chats. I will be going to see him at least once a month, he is only 4.5 hours from me. So, I am here hoping to feel less alone in my world

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    Hi Sophiegurl62,

    Welcome! Congratulations on finding love and your upcoming marriage. I know what you mean when you say you are hoping to feel less alone. Many people don't understand and are judgement of even writing to inmates, let alone marrying one. All the best.

    I just sent you a private message.

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