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Thread: We are married!

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    Thank you for the support everyone! It really is crazy to think I would not even know my husband if it wasn't for this website.

    In answer to the change of status question; I have 1 more year to finish of my degree so while I am doing that we are going to apply for a spouse visa. We didn't apply for a fiance visa because we knew I would be going back. We are under the understanding that after applying for a fiance visa you have x amount of time to get married, and then you have to wait even longer before you can apply for a change of status while in the US and until you receive your green card you cannot leave the country. We want to do everything as legitimately as possible and if I were to apply for a change of status right now, we would have to pretend like the wedding was spontaneous which would be far from the truth!

    We figured the option we went was the best way for us under our circumstances and we felt that maybe there was more chance of a visa being approved if it was a spouse visa rather than a fiance visa.

    For anyone that is writing to someone who is soon to be getting out, just wanted to send some positivity out there - my husband was in for 12 years on a robbery charge, he is doing everything he should be, and for that he's allowed to leave the state and county, he can drink, smoke, he has a great job that he really likes and he is really enjoying, he's got his driving license back and is just doing really well. He's loving just doing normal things with family, BBQ's, all that kind of stuff. He was a bit overwhelmed the first day or so but work release was a massive help to him so for anyone indecisive about whether to go or finish their sentence in prison, it is a great option to reintegrate. He paced himself really sensibly and he has done so well. I know it's not as easy for everyone, because they might not even have a release address to go to, but it just shows that with love and support, things are made so much easier for them, and everything seems much more manageable

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    Thank you for coming on here and sharing your story! Sweet and lovely. Wishing you much happinesss and love for a lifetime.

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