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Thread: What do you write in your first letter ?

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    Cool What do you write in your first letter ?

    Hey !

    I thought I've already seen this topic on this forum but I couldn't find it via the search field so... I guess I've seen it somewhere else. If not, I'm sorry to create a duplicate !

    I wrote to two penpals for one and two years. I'm going to write to two new penpals and I'm wondering : what do write in your first letter ? Do you make it short or long ? Do you introduce yourself ? Do you ask questions ? Do send a photo ?

    When I wrote to my two penpals, I wrote in my first letter I was contacting then after seeing their ad on WAP and I was introducing me. This morning, I was wondering if mentioning WAP in the first letter was a good idea or not in this topic. In my new letters, I won't mention it.

    I'm about to write my two first letter and... I'm afraid to be boring ^_^ First letter is the worse !

    Thanks for sharing your experience

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    Default Re: What do you write in your first letter ?

    I had a little look back, having considered the whole 'do you write about yourself thing' and how to begin a letter to someone you've never written to before, and came up with this first paragraph from the end of February. It's a first letter, the whole was about four pages or 2300 words, there is little about me, more about interests and surroundings, impressions and daily life.

    "The first church bells begin ringing at ten in the morning, waking the local inhabitants of this small town from their righteous slumbers, reminding them that there was once, a very long time ago, a requirement to dress and make their way into the various buildings dedicated to some form of higher deity. Countless believers ? if that is the right term, since attendance was obligatory and not a matter of choice ? would dress in their finest Sunday clothes, and struggle to one of the two or three ? there are now four ? churches in the centre of town, or in the neighbouring villages. Their chosen clothes had several functions: the main one was clearly to create the right impression in the church on a Sunday; family festivals such as weddings, baptisms an funerals; the Sunday trip into town to have their photographs taken."
    Epistula enim non erubescit - Marcus Tullius Cicero.

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    Default Re: What do you write in your first letter ?

    My first letter was a long time ago so I don't remember the details, but I remember introducing myself, age, nationality, where I was living, etc. Spoke about what I did in my life (studies, hobbies, travels and such). And a bit about my family. That's about it. I did send a picture too

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    Default Re: What do you write in your first letter ?

    I always introduce myself, let them know why I chose them, tell something about my work, hobbies, life, family, pets and ask a lot of questions and usually I send a picture along.

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    I introduced myself, told them about my work and what I enjoyed getting up to. I also told them about my weird and wonderful pet collection.

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