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Thread: Who knows what options there are?

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    Quote Originally Posted by YMIHere View Post
    Here and I might be mistaken but doing something like work release is for the GOOD boys because it becomes part of the time you were GOING to do. It eats up time that would have otherwise been spent in prison. And I believe once someone is done with their work release a halfway house is still an option.
    I have no idea. lol. but it sounds about right. He's in WA.
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    I was actually planning on taking my PP for a one-week-vacation right after his release, but I guess that's not an option if he's on parole. Bummer...

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    I believe in Holland you get money from social services and they help you find a job. If you don't have family and such where you can live, the town you are registered (and lived before) helps you to find a house, together with social services. You get priority on the list of people waiting for a home. If you have too many depts that need to be paid first though, then you are ****ed. You can go and sleep at the Salvation Army or something like that. But they try to prevend that because you get in contact a lot with people that use drugs and/ or are homeless.
    I don't know if this is always the case, but it was the two times I know of.

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    Hello everybody,

    I hope someone can help me out. My penpal has -just like someone mentiod earlier in this topic- no family, no friends. He is in Arizona and what they do there is just 'open the gates' and let him walk out. He doesn't even have clothes to wear! The sad thing is he gets more afraid and depressed the closer his release day is. That's sooo sad! I think it's very stupid the country does it like that. I mean, what do they expect from somebody when they don't offer any help? How is he able to get a house? a Job? How can you get that without doing criminal activities????
    I wish I could help him but don't even know where to start, really. I'm from Europe, he's from there. I don't care to call every possible office or get any information needed, but just don't know where to start!!
    Can anybody help me, and especially him? He's such a nice guy, really. I wish I could make him happy woth doing something for him so he can lead a normal life, where he hungers for so much....

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    Can anybody, ANYBODY gove me at least 1 telephone number that I can call for this information?
    I mean, there are so many people here, isn't there ONE that knows if there are opportunities? I tried to PM de webmaster here, but that's not possible. I am looking on the internet all the time and I just don't know where to start! I am from Holland and if it was here I could just call whatever kind of advocate or something to ask for information, but I don't know s**t about the States!
    And it hurts me so much when I get a letter from my pp that is so sweet and caring and interesting and somewhere between the lines, in this 10 page letters, he mentions how scared he is, that he doesn't want to fall back, but that there seems no other possibility 'hey, I know I can do time'....
    I already know I'm going to buy him clothes so that he can go out properly, but that's about it. I am a student, can't afford anything else.
    Is ther SOMEBODY out here that knows anything?
    Any info welcome and very much appreciated.

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    I'll PM you hun, i don't know if i'll be much use though :/

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    Smile Re: Who knows what options there are?

    Hi Vixxxen,

    I felt so bad for you and your penpal so I did a bit of research and found a couple of organisations that have re-entry programs in Arizona, designed to assist former inmates to find work and housing etc. I don't know how current this information is but hopefully one of them can point you in the right direction. Failing that, I would definitely try the Salvation Army.

    Phone: 520-882-9668

    Phone: (928) 214-1048

    I also found this brochure as well, it's from a religious organisation which isn't usually my thing but it might be your pp's and while I didn't read all of it, it has some advice about practical ways to prepare for release. Might be helpful?

    I hope any of this helps even a little. I'm not from the States either, so it's a bit new to me, too. Good luck!

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    Helloise, thank you SO much!
    Now that my pp has this health issue it's even more important for him. Wow. He is so strong! He stays positive all the time, and I do too, towards him, but I just know we both are sad.
    Thank you for looking those things up. There weren't many on this forum that did that for me, though the few that helped me out and spoke encouraging words I am very gratefull!


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    I know there are halfway houses in AZ, especially in the major cities. But, when Spanky's stepdad was on parole, he was in California... He had to marry Spanky's mom before he could even get a transfer to AZ. I'm thinking will be the same for Spanky to get a txfr from AZ to OK, but I'm not sure. that's one of the things I've got to look into.

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