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Downunder: Our Lady of the Southern Cross

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by , 12-17-2011 at 03:15 PM (1113 Views)
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Our Lady of the Southern Cross, Mary Help of Christians
Patroness of Australia

Call to Worship
PRESIDER: This is the day our God has made.
ALL: Let us be glad and rejoice.
PRESIDER: Praise the Name of our God.
ALL: Who made heaven and earth.
PRESIDER: God has done great things for Mary.
ALL: Praise the name of our God.

HYMN: Help of Christians, Guard our Nation
(Tune: Ode to Joy – Beethoven)
Help of Christians, guard our nation,
That it be a place of peace,
Where the love of Christ unites us
And all racial tensions cease.
Help of Christians, lead us forward,
With this dream in ev’ry heart:
To create a place of welcome
Where injustice has no part.
Help of Christians, chosen patron,
Of this fair Australian land,
You have shown a way to follow,
True to all that God has planned.
May our lives like yours be faithful,
May our loving be as true,
Till we see our God for ever,
Who has done great things for you.

PSALM Ps 34:2-7
Antiphon: My soul proclaims the greatness of God.
I will never stop thanking God,
with constant words of praise.
My soul will boast of God;
the poor will hear me and be glad.
Join me in praising the Lord,
together tell of God’s name.
I asked and the Lord responded,
freed me from all my fears.
Turn to God, be bright with joy;
you shall never be let down.
I begged and God heard,
took my burdens from me.
Glory to you, Source of all Being, Eternal Word and Holy Spirit,
as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be,
world without end. Amen.

PRESIDER: We praise and thank God, through Mary, for the many gifts we have
and appreciate as Australians.
For peace in our country (Pause)
The beauty of our country and its weather (Pause)
Our standard of living (Pause)
Freedom of religion (Pause)
Our youth (Pause)
Our parents and families and the values we inherited (Pause)
For our multicultural nation (Pause)
For our indigenous brothers and sisters (Pause)
For all that Mary MacKillop inspires in us (Pause)
PRESIDER: Help us to grow in our gratefulness and keep calling us back to the living out of these Christian values which we treasure.
PRESIDER: Let us pause now to open our hearts to receive and embrace what today will bring….
PRESIDER: Trusting in God who cares for all our needs we pray together, Our Father….

Mary, Help of Christians, watch over us with love.
Intercede for us with your Son, to bless Australia,
so that we can be people of peace –
people who love and respect each other,
and people who love and respect our land, Australia.
We make this prayer through Jesus, your Son. Amen.



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