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  1. My new Roomate

    by , 09-25-2011 at 07:05 PM
    So my mom and I have taken in this man. He does work around the house and in return we feed him and let him stay in the spare room. He's a really nice guy, very talented with a guitar and conversations with him are never hard to come by.

    I just everheard him say that he spent time in prison. Is it weird that I now feel more of a connection toward him? I mean last year, if this had happened I think I would be scared and want him out of my house. Except now I know the truth about inmates. ...
  2. How do u know if your penpal is playing with your mind

    by , 09-25-2011 at 01:38 PM
    Hello all hope everyone is having happy pen paling just wondering if there is a sure sign your pen pal is not on the up and up any opionions would be appreciated ty
  3. dont know what to do

    by , 09-23-2011 at 06:52 PM
    Im a pen pal with a woman that is serving life in prison for murdering her husband. She has a daughter that is 12 now and she hasnt heard a word about her daughter since she went to prison in 2007, no one on her side of the family knows where her daughter is supposedly, so she asked me to see if i could find her and i did find her daughters name at her churches website. I want to tell her i found her daughter and that she is in good care with a good family but i dont know if i should. I dont ...
  4. Once again, NO MAIL!

    by , 09-22-2011 at 12:52 AM
    I should definitely have a letter by now. I'm not sure if I should worry or not. It's possible that one letter didn't get through, due to the drawing with nudity in it. I sent another letter after that though so I don't understand why there is no mail from my pp! I hope he's okay and that I haven't ****ed anything up. I guess I will send out another letter and hope something comes soon! Ohh this sucks I miss my pp!

    Come on Mail Gods, throw me a bone!
  5. New to this website

    by , 09-20-2011 at 12:25 PM
    In bed, on my laptop browsing the forums and I found this blog. I'm not feeling well today, I spent most of the night vomitting and in the bathroom. My stomach virus is still bothering me today..thank God I'm not at work and today is my day off from work. hopefully this pay day loan will be deposited in my bank tomorrow, i did it online late last night and i hope & pray its not a scam!

    I need to write my boo. He already has a letter on the way and a few new pics of me, He's trying ...
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