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  1. In Holy Week

    by , 04-01-2012 at 09:15 PM (Getting to grips)
    "On the third day of my new employment, I was sitting on my bed reading my bible. I had now reached Nehemiah. I felt very sorry for him and understood why he wept and mourned when he heard about Jerusalem in its great need and could do nothing about it. He was a sort of butler and had to obey his employer just like I did, I thought. Then I turned to the second chapter. 'But he did go on,' I exclaimed aloud, and got up, a strange elation within me. 'He went in spite of everything!'
    As ...
  2. Words of The Day

    by , 04-01-2012 at 04:01 PM
    Choosing the Right Friends

    Father, help me to develop a godly relationship in my life. Give me discernment concerning the friendships I make.

    I realize the wrong friendships can be a destructive force in my life. Reveal to me any relationship in my life that is codependent, and give me insight to correct or end that relationship.

    Lead me to friends who love You and have a close relationship with You. Let me to be sensitive to the needs of my friends and ...
  3. Love Is...

    by , 04-01-2012 at 03:58 PM
    Love is unconditional
    Love is emotional
    Love is serene
    With all it brings
    Love can hurt
    If one is curt
    But love can heal
    When it is real
    As long as you open your heart
    And your love is pure
    You will get everything you endure
    All that you embark
    Love is pain
    Sometimes you may want to cry
    Well dry those eyes
    Cause I'm here to say
    Come rain or shine
    I'm here to take the pain away ...
  4. gift from a pen pal!

    by , 03-31-2012 at 09:16 PM
    One of the pen pals I am writing to knows how much I love running, made art work of a lady runner running with a wine glass/ on a park path, it was really amazing, I loooved it, I just thought I would share it, amazing how talented some of these guys are and how they clue into your passions and interest Amazing gift!
  5. Ok soo I have been writing my pen pal and talking to him a lot, wanted to send him money ? bad idea?

    by , 03-31-2012 at 09:10 PM
    I have been talking e mailing my pen pal, his birthday is coming up?? I asked him if I could send money??? People tell me never to do this?? 20 30 dollars to much??? I asked him how much he would like if we could talk more both phone and e mail??? I dont know?? has anyone else done this???? is it stupid or should I have never offered??? just wondering...thought it would be a nice birthday present?? and his minutes run out so fast..
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