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  1. This just can not be happening. I'm too sensible for this!!

    by , 07-01-2012 at 08:21 AM (Friendship and Advice Wanted Please.)
    Oh girls, and guys I am in such a pickle. I am new to this site and you have all been great and helpful recently. I am 55 years old and fairly worldly wise, but I think I am going into early senile dementia lol

    I have been writing to a PP for three months now, my original one from another site, and I think I am falling in love. This guy is so charming, writes me poetry with every letter. Shares his heart with me, although not his crime because I have said I don't really want ...
  2. hiiiiiii

    im new hiii ppl
  3. He wants my phone number

    by , 06-27-2012 at 05:27 AM (Friendship and Advice Wanted Please.)
    Hi guys, it is your pesky newbie pickling your heads again lol I have started to write to a 2nd PP and have only written one letter. He has replied with two letters declaring his love for me, it is just so over powering, and he has asked for my phone number, which I will decline when I reply to him. At first I wasn't going to reply, but I do understand how lonely he must feel. Can anyone give me a few tips of handling this relationship, and could you tell me are phone calls paid by the receiver. ...
  4. Looking for a relationship

    I wrote a letter to a woman that has the most beautiful smile I have ever seen. She is incarcerated in the same town that I live in and I wrote to her and let her know a lot about me, the type of person that I am my likes and dislikes...etc. I also was upfront in letting her know that despite her confinement and the circumstances that brought her there, she is still a human being and deserves to be loved too. So I flew a kite her way and I let it be known that I am looking for a possible Mrs Wright, ...
  5. Cultural Diversity Issues in the Correctional Education Classroom

    My position on cultural diversity in correctional education and learning is to create a learning environment that is safe, respectful, and encouraging. I work in a cultural diverse environment and I have found that by understanding and respecting the beliefs of others helps to create a more peaceful atmosphere. However, as a future correctional educator it is my duty to not only to educate inmates but to be their mentor. This is possible by developing my awareness of cultural diversity in the ...
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