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  1. How can I get a faster reply?

    Hello, everyone!

    I'm from Brazil and I have used to contact 4 prisoners. It is a good website, and they print and send the letters every 4th and 20th of each month. 3 prisoners I wrote before April 4th, so I got an email from them saying that they would send my letter on April 4th, and the 4th prisoner I wrote after April 4th and before April 2th so I got an email from them saying they would send my letter on April 20th.

    But it's been a month and ...
    Tags: death row
  2. Im new to this.

    Hi Everyone!

    So im new to this whole penpal thing most of my friends and family that ive told think im bonkers for wanting to write to a prisoner instead of someone in the forces etc.

    I have sent out 4 e-mails to 4 different prisoners to see if I would actually get a reply. I know they get sent on either the 4th or the 20th. I sent mine on the 5th march 2016 (so they would be sent on the 20th) how long does it take to get a reply? Im from England so I know ...
  3. hello, Im new..

    Hi, Im new to this forum and a bit of a techno dinosaur. I'm from London, England and have two DR PPs. I've had a letter from both but although I wrote back to seperate prisons, I've not heard from either for newarly 4 weeks. My photo wasn't that bad surely!!! can anyone suggest why this could be. thanks
  4. Sending money from UK via Jpay???

    Hey, so I'm kind new to this forum thing. I have had a DR penpal for a couple of months now and he has never asked for money but I know it is quite expensive for him to write to me sometimes. So I was just going to send him a bit of money via Jpay to cover the costs, I know there is the fees to pay for sending money depending on how much you send but will my bank account just automatically convert the UK pounds to US dollars or will I be charged extra because of that?? I hope that makes sense! ...
  5. Hello all

    Hi everyone, I,m new to this site. I have been writing to an inmate in the USA for nearly 9 years and we have become great friends, sharing stories, experiences and updating each other with what we have been doing, I really enjoy our friendship and I hope we can meet one day.
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