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  1. Hurricane Irma

    Dear Friends,

    We had some downed trees, downed power lines and cable, a missing fence, and a leak in our storage room. In short, we are definitely in the lucky group of those affected by Hurricane Irma. We apologize for all of the delays. We are all back to work tomorrow and will be getting caught up. Sorry for our absence. As always, thank you for your support!

    Adam Lovell
  2. new to this!

    Hi! i'm very new to this, and just sent off my first two letters the other day. I asked a friend who has had quite a lot of experience in writing inmates...and she said that a lot of inmates lie on their profiles on here? I understand that I should be warry regardless..but i'm kind of nervous now, wondering what i've gotten myself into lol. I'm not trying to be negative or anything, but I would love some advice!
    Tags: advice
  3. First letter to third.

    Just a few days ago I went to check my mail and long behold I seen someone wrote back. I was quite happy about this. That was till I opened it and read it.
    It was quite x-rated and highly suggestive about sending this person funds for this and that. I can't begin to understand what it's like for someone who is behind bars but I can only go off of videos and such that Iv'e been watching on youtube. Not saying that all places are like that, but it gives me a little vision into it. So, i kindly ...

    I was just about to lay down when I heard a loud knock at the door. Who could that be at this time of night? I wasn't expecting anyone. ...was i?
    I slipped my feet back into my house slippers and headed down stairs. at the front door, flipped the switch for the porch light but it did not turn on. flip. flip. nothing.
    i looked out through the peep hole but could see nothing in the moonless night.
    "Who is it?"
    A shadow...
    I could only see a thief in the ...

    Updated 11-08-2016 at 02:45 PM by 25929-039

  5. I hope you know what you are doing

    I hope you understand what you are doing. I hope you understand what it means to get a letter while incarcerated.

    My name is Matthew Kubien, #25929-039. I was once locked up at !.C.C. Lewisberg, PA. I.C.C. stands for Intensive Confinement Center. They are all closed down now. When I was in there there were 3 in the country. 2 for men and 1 for women. They were boot camp prisons. voluntary programs for first time non-violent offenders. It was hard. my "team." the ...
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