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  1. Sadness

    I guess we never really prepare for death. I mean I know we all know it is in our future, so each day we are closer to it, but it doesn't really make it that much easier to deal with.

    I received terrible news today and it is at best unexpected. As sad as it is, as much as it hurts, there is nothing anyone can do except enjoy the final days and hope and pray it is a peaceful time for the family.
  2. Help Wanted!!

    I am trying to do some research into business schools that offer correspondence courses for a Major in History (a BA in History in think its called). I have heard that Blackstone's do the same for legal courses so i am hoping there is something similar for business. Being from England our educational system differs in so many ways to that in the USA. Trying to apply to American law schools has been bad enough, as they dont understand the way my law degree here is graded. If anyone could push ...
  3. Sharing an old Blog, "Why Do I write Inmates?"

    This is something I wrote a while back, and I thought I would share it with you all.

    Sunday Feb. 27th , 2005

    As I sit here, enjoying my morning caffeine, I am focused on two things; finishing this letter to my pal and the thoughts that keep racing through my mind as to why I write inmates. So, here I find myself, making my journal entry about those very thoughts.

    Many people, family and close friends included always ask me, “Skye, ...
  4. Sending Money

    Sending Money is an age old topic that comes up. So, I thought I would post a few pointers about sending money and what to look for.

    Honestly, this should be a personal decision for one to make. It should be something you can do if you have the means to, and if you are comfortable doing it.

    My suggestion is never start the pen-friendship off by offering to send money. This sets the expectation as to what one offers as a part of their friendship and instead of an act of ...
  5. & The Media

    I just received an email about a story that came out yesterday in the UK. I don't even remember giving this interview, though I'm sure they didn't make it up:

    This whole thing with the press has grown very tiresome. Richard Ramirez? C'mon. Yes, there is a very small portion of people who seek out inmates of notoriety for romance. We don't know those people, and they don't know ...

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