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The friendship with my PP has changed me

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by , 04-23-2012 at 06:06 PM (693 Views)
In December 2011 I watched a documentry on US prisons. I decided to write to a prisoner, chose a prisoner who was jhaving a birthday on that day. A month went by with no reply but then I received the moste appreciative letter I had ever received followed by a card that made me cry.

I am not sorry that I started writing to my PP. In so many ways he has changed my life. The mail service between South Africa and the US take on average 2 to 4 weeks. I wait in antispation all the time.

Since writing to my PP he has been moved to another correctional facility 3 times and it really concerns me. He last letter sounded so frustrated with the system and generally unhappy. I know prison is a harsh place and I feel so helpless. I write often, somtime evry second day as I am worried that he is in desparate need of outside communication and may be dissapointed when he doesnt receive mail.

I am still trying to figure out how to deal with my own emotions. I know he has made mistakes but I also know that he is a good person who just made the wrong decisions at the time. I can truly say that I am emotionally involved and that it has been a true blessing as he through his letters has shown me that there is good in every person, we just have to want to see it and we will.

I have made a friend for life....someone I can share my everyday experiences with, guide me, support me emotionally when I need it and appreciate me for wh I am. That combination is rare even with friends that are not in prison.

My advise to all is make a difference and write to a prisoner and will change your life!
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  1. the blue star's Avatar
    Hi hunnie, reading your blog has made me feel so good. I have written to several inmates recently, (I am a newbie) and until today only one had replied. His letter was warm and friendly and he sent me a poem that he had written just for me. Do I feel special .... you bet I do. I feel so grateful that this guy has decided to allow me to move into his space, humble in fact and I know that we are going to get on so well. Second letter away by return of post.

    Sadly, my first write to my first pen pal who is on death row has not gone so well. I wrote him three times over the past five weeks, and was just losing hope of ever hearing from him, when today the post man left his note on my door mat. Oh God, what a difference in letters. My poor friend is having such a rough time on death row and has just appealed his sentence again. The last time was in 2006. His letter started so well, with lots of lovely and funny comments, and then God bless him, he sounds so sad. I wouldn't keep an animal in the conditions that he is living his life in, never mind another human being.

    I will continue to write to him, if I get a reply it is a bonus, but nothing will stop me from trying to make this guys life almost bearable. Thank you so much for your blog, it has given me even more determination to write and support a prisoner on death row. I know I can do this, I am a strong old doll, and everyone deserves to be loved.
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