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Cost of a collect call in a Michigan jail

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by , 07-30-2008 at 01:28 PM (5124 Views)
I have no idea it costs to accept a collect call from the St. Joseph County Jail. My fiance was thrown in there last night and he isn't calling home. He's been calling me at my house and my dad doesn't want me accepting the phone calls. Does anybody know how much it costs to talk fora minute during a collect call from a jail in Michigan. I live in Michigan and the jail is only 1 city over. I'd really like to know before I accept so many phone calls from him that when I get a job, my first paycheck goes to my dad. How much does it cost?


  1. pennylane's Avatar
    Hey, first welcome on WAP.
    Before he can call you, your number must be added on his phonelist.

    I have found this information for you: Calls to cell phones must be pre-paid either by using the "debit system" at the facility or by setting up a pre-paid account with CBS. If a pre-paid account is set-up with CBS, when the inmate makes the call, they would select collect call, even though it's pre-paid. On their end, collect calls means anything other than the debit system at the facility.

    If you are able to obtain a cell numer that is local to the prison, your calls will be $2.18, including tax, for 15 minutes.

    I will see or i can find more
  2. pennylane's Avatar
    Here you have the adress of the phonecompany:

    The provider for the MDOC/prisons in Michigan is Correctional Billing Services/CBS.

    Correctional Billing Services can be reached in the following ways.

    Phone: 800.844.6591


    Mailing Address:
    Correctional Billing Services
    P.O. Box 1010
    Selma, AL 36702

    Maybe it's an idea to send your bf a letter with all the information he needs to set up an account and that you must be added on his phonelist before he can call.
  3. pennylane's Avatar
    Me again maybe it's an idea to set up a debit account (kinda prepaid), you will neverhave "suprizes" at the end of the month with your phonebill.
    You can find info about that on the website from the company.
  4. setfree's Avatar
    the collect call fees to land lines are outages
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