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  1. The Last Time..............

    On this date last year I was released from prison for the last time. I have given my life to Christ, I work in ministry, I have always wanted to help others and now I do.. I have so much to be thankful for, family, friends, life is good.
    The one thing I have to vent about is this. My ex girlfriend is way more beautiful now than she was when I went in. like the older she gets the more beautiful she gets.. Do looks matter? Yes if you get honest with yourself they do. That doesn't mean much ...
  2. Glory!!

    As I draw near to My graduation from Teen Challenge adult centers. "Feb. 2nd" and a year to the good in the street no drugs no alcohol no cigarettes. No women!!! Ive had massive amounts of dental surgery, a vasectomy, No pain meds. It keeps getting better. Thanks to my pen pal I no longer have that lonely feeling all the time because I can email her anytime I need to talk. The hard part is not developing romantic feelings for her. Life is awesome when we just seek God. His word says seek ...
  3. trying to find the right pen pal to write

    i have wrote a few pen pal only got two back one has stopped writing me at all i guess because i couldnt put money on his books and the other one i havent received any more letter in over a week but there could be a reason for that. its kinda seems like am either not finding the right pen pal to write or starting to think there something wrong with me
  4. how do u know if you should wait for a letter or moved on when someone has stop writing you

    just curious when u should find another pen pal to write when this pen pal has stop writing to you
  5. Promoci?n / Promotion

    Buenos Dias
    En el D?a de hoy OMDVoip est? promocionando un producto para todo aquel que le interese y sea de su agrado
    Este producto es: Llamadas desde EE. UU. A Colombia o desde cualquier parte del mundo, te brindamos la oportunidad de que llames a tus familiares en Colombia o cualquier parte del mundo, a trav?s de una l?nea local (USA.) y la contestan en Colombia tus familiares.
    Para que a trav?s de servicio puedes comunicarte localmente a un costo muy econ?mico.
    Para ...
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