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  1. Another mass shooting
  2. Rich hunter goes to Africa to kill innocent animals.
  3. Thought this was sad but interesting.
  4. Anyone seen this...
  5. charles Manson Found Dead
  6. Boston Marathon bomber sentenced to death
  7. Vaccinations in California
  8. The Man's Pill author Carl Djerassi passes away
  9. Terrorist attacks in Denmark
  10. What the...? 14 pound baby!!!!!
  11. Move over Ferguson... We're killing police in NY now...
  12. Shooting outside school
  13. Bill Cosby big time jerk.
  14. Obama Addresses the Nation about Illegals.
  15. You will not make Australia home
  16. If you're bored and have the time
  17. Dame Professor Doctor Marie Bashir
  18. Scotland
  19. Penpal is already out - sent a first letter
  20. Shooting in Texas leaves six dead
  21. Apple iPhone recharger recall - Europe
  22. Another school shooting in the USA (Oregon)
  23. "200 girls are missing in Nigeria so why doesn't anybody care?"
  24. Note in a bottle
  25. The South Korea Ferry Disaster.
  26. Amanda Todd
  27. Two-year-old on trial for attempted murder
  28. 4 Dead and 16 Wounded in shooting at Fort Hood Military Base, Texas.
  29. Missing Malaysia plane.
  30. Ukraine
  31. 'Well, it is men raping girls. Which is natural.'
  32. This is making the new even in Australia - I just can't believe it
  33. Bushfires
  34. Killing 4, No jail
  35. Racism and Coca Cola ad (Super Bowl)
  36. Verdict in on Amanda Knox...
  37. Everyday sexisim
  38. Katja Rosenberg meets and fogives rapist
  39. This Man is My Hero
  40. Detention officer goes to trial in inmate's beating death in NC
  41. Climate Change
  42. Nelson Mandela
  43. Drones delivering prison contraband
  44. Teens attack innocent people just for fun...
  45. This sort of rocked me.....
  46. In today's crazy news..
  47. Malaysian woman fights back when two guys try to rob her! Go girl!!
  48. Former prison worker steal from inmate fund
  49. Bad storm in Great Britian and along European coast, today.
  50. Kind of hilarious...on a couple levels
  51. Father Walking Across US for Awareness on Gay Bullying is Killed
  52. WTF is the world coming to??
  53. Russia predujest agains gay couples! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr
  54. WHAT THE F ?????????????????
  55. Mom who held down 4-year-old son so step-father could rape him in prison visiting room
  56. Family says dog tipped them to abusive babysitter
  57. I'm angry, chocked and disgusted!! 8 year old girl dies after her WEDDING NIGHT!!!!!
  58. Dollar Robber
  59. Stabbing at Houston Area High School
  60. 51 percent of kids in NSW jails are Aboriginal
  61. gifts ideas for inmates
  62. Who knows a place called "Arukula"?
  63. Federal Mandatory Minimum Drug Sentencing to be reviewed
  64. Billy Slagle, death-row inmate, hanged in Ohio
  65. Release of California Inmates
  66. This woman is AMAZING!!
  67. Love is Love..........now even in the USA :)
  68. Shattered
  69. Paula Cooper Free... the power of forgiveness
  70. Beavers lighting fires...and other Canadian problems! :)
  71. Woohoo Got my first letter back!
  72. Bad Journalism ~ Good story?
  73. Coronation Day
  74. No Food Stamps for Anyone Convicted of a Violent Crime
  75. 10 year anniversary of Oregon's jail disgrace
  76. Is this a good idea or not?
  77. People I feel a sadistic urge to squish :)
  78. Judge that sent kids to prison for kick bacsk sentenced to 28 years
  79. New Zealand to become the 13th country in the world to allow Gay Marriage.
  80. Shame on us!
  81. Tongue firmly placing a pinch of salt in the cheek.
  82. Solitary Confinement for Kids
  83. Threes bombs explode in Boston during marathon
  84. With the US having more prisoners than China I thought this was an interesting read.
  85. Rainbows never find their end in the antipodes
  86. I am at a loss to understand.
  87. Kudos to facebook re: hate speech
  88. Portland's April Fools Joke
  89. Spring said hello with 30 cms of snow and a 100 car pile up
  90. Colorado DOC Executive Director Murdered
  91. Anyone looking for a new penpal?
  92. By holding hands, we can save lives.
  93. Shaar'ia Law? Nasty Hooligans?
  94. Indigenous communities cop it tough
  95. HMP Aylesbury documentary repeated
  96. this story! hero child saves sister, rescued
  97. Mississippi Abolishes Slavery. Finally.
  98. Cruise Ship Fail
  99. Meteorite falls down in Russia
  100. Police: Sex offender who escaped near Dallas told cell mates he wouldn't go back to prison
  101. Texas teen sues parents to stop them from forcing her abortion
  102. Authorities to Determine if Remains Are of California Fugitive
  103. Now we can move on.
  104. It's official!
  105. Need More of THIS In the World
  106. Victims in Delhi rape case are to blame, defendants' lawyer says
  107. Russia to halt US Adoptions
  108. Yet More Bad Shooting News
  109. Monotheism declares war on itself
  110. This is happening too often
  111. It must be a no-news-day. !!
  112. When will we ever learn?
  113. Oregon Tragedy... and love
  114. 11 Year Old in Portland Robbery Attempt
  115. Dumbest Jailbreak ever?
  116. No-one could have possiblymissed this tragic story.
  117. RIP Dame Elizabeth
  118. Inmates Say Guards Forced humiliation tactics
  119. update.in case i go again?????
  120. We cannot forget Burma/Myanmar
  121. "The British media is one of the glories of our country. They keep politicians' feet very firmly hel
  122. Man arrested over rape of 11-year-old schoolgirl
  123. "A normal family, sespite a few murders and shytte."
  124. Another Protector Fails.
  125. KFC denies it sells contaminated food.
  126. denied abortion, woman dies
  127. Oh Dear! What is the "First Gentleman" supposed to do with his life?
  129. Is this the end of the United States as we know it?
  131. 3-strikes law in California limited
  132. Vote by mail in Oregon
  133. Australia is plagued by refugees.
  134. Rikers Island/Sandy
  135. NZ & Australian members please stop here
  136. Conversion to Islam may not be a good idea if you like to take a drink.
  137. No good deed ever goes unpunished.
  138. Girl held for 3 days escapes
  139. Head of government speaks out against sexism
  140. A Heroine
  141. Today in inexplicable religious zealotry...
  142. Horrible Oregon Story!!
  143. Juvenile Lifers from another perspective
  144. Weird but hilarious.
  145. Unraveling of Convictions?
  146. Protests over anti-Muslim movie
  147. How Horrible!!
  148. 9/11 anniversary
  149. Man shot by police had NO weapon.
  150. The loony religious right courts an atheist prime minister. When she chooses not to speak to them,
  151. Way to go LAPD!
  152. Sweet 16 turns into nightmare.
  153. The USA a divided nation?
  154. Has online bullying become epidemic?
  155. release Michelle Martin
  156. Hurrican Issac
  157. One Punch Death/ consequences for actions
  158. How the mighty have fallen - first an acrimonious divorce, and now this?
  159. America too tough, or other countries too lenient?
  160. ...and today's "WTF" award goes to....
  161. Canadian prisons?!??
  162. "***** Riot" sentenced to two years in prison
  163. In the wrong state for this!
  164. COs fired for facebook posts
  165. This is how hate sounds
  166. Missing 12 yr old girl, body found.
  167. I hope that this story (courtesy of Fr Dave) is a beat-up.
  168. More Proof that Dogs Rule
  169. I'll be buggered!
  170. Saggin' Pants kicked off plane
  172. Have we really come to this?
  173. Denver shooting
  174. Felon Disenfranchisement Laws
  175. Preposterous!
  176. Carbon tax
  177. Judge orders mum cut daughters hair to lessen sentence.....
  178. Earthquake
  179. Finally
  180. Nigeria: Several blasts hit churches in Kaduna province
  181. Los Angeles riots figure Rodney King found dead
  182. The Dingo did it!
  183. What are your thoughts on this?
  184. God Save the Queen!
  185. Nazi member of the GREEK parliament assaults a member from the left party ON AIR!!!
  186. Only in the Antipodes
  187. Transit of Venus
  188. SYRIA
  189. Accused Rapist found innocent- Brian Banks
  190. Pelican Bay Inmates file lawsuit against harsh conditions in SHU
  191. Recent Canadian killers
  192. Canada police find second body part in post
  193. California death row inmate found dead hanging in his cell
  194. Father of 17 arrested after 6 kids killed in blaze....
  195. Miami zombie attack
  196. UK woman arrested on suspicion of drug smuggling
  197. Random Murder!
  198. this makes me sick
  199. Arpaio in the news again
  200. How would YOU feel if this was you?
  201. Gun control
  202. Billionaire Says Her Kids Aren't Fit for Inheritance
  203. A slice of heaven
  204. Hooray!
  205. How did THIS happen???
  206. Saudi police 'stopped' fire rescue
  207. High Court to Hear Juvenile Sentencing Laws Next Month/ Interview
  208. Interesting DNA exoneration case
  209. Teen widow shot dead home invader
  210. memphis inmates on facebook with pot.
  211. Ice cream truck of love: Justified and ancient?
  212. Sky Metalwala - I might need some help from someone in the USA
  213. Doesn't look good for democracy in Australia.
  214. Victims' groups slam prison 'time out' plans
  215. International Library week
  216. Inside Out Prison Education Exchange Program
  217. Schapelle may be coming home!
  218. Oregon Case not over
  219. Instincts should always be trusted
  220. AGAIN.
  221. Victory in Burma?
  222. What's up with this piece of work????
  223. Need to vent
  224. Execution or accident?
  225. Vale, Housewife-Superstar
  226. Another inspiring story.
  227. Interesting Huffington Post Article.
  228. Helper faces attempted murder charges?!?!
  229. Interview with the new director of the Oregon DOC
  230. Tyler Clementi Suicide Case
  231. JOSEPH KONY, do you know him? How many know of him?
  232. Please: Our people are dying as a result of gov't interference on the one hand, neglect on the other
  233. Are we raising our kids to be as thick as bricks?
  234. Tornado Victims
  235. School shooting
  236. Please?
  237. 9 year old to be charged.
  238. Aussie woman scammed Nigerians
  239. Is there and Ash Wednesday Crisis?
  240. Bad News for Speed Freaks
  241. HAHAAHAHA!! Muppets!
  242. Criminals no longer to be paid under Criminal Compensation rules
  243. Head, Hands and Feet found all over LA
  244. I'm not sure about this
  245. Close to war in the Southern Ocean
  246. A body found on one of Queen Elizabeth's many home's
  247. Not where I live!
  248. Prayers and candles needed
  249. Good luck Iraq.....................
  250. IL ex-governor gets 14 year sentence