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Pabst, Corey
Chillicothe, OH | 26 | Straight
Caucasian | N/A

Hi, I'm Corey and am a good ole boy born and raised in Merritt Island, Florida, also known as the Space Coast. I've experienced a lot in my short life, so not much surprises me and I'm a "go with the flow" kind of guy. I'm 5'10" got brown eyes and brown hair and tattoos. I like to spend time with family, go camping, enjoy movies, m

Willing to write overseas penpals

Pacheco, Christian
Corcoran, CA | 35 | Straight
Hispanic | N/A

My name is Chris and I’m from Lynwood, California, located in Southern Los Angeles.  I’m incarcerated in California State Prison for several mistakes I made in the past.  I don’t let it bring me down.  I make the best of this life and use this time to better myself in every way possible. I stay occupied

Profile changed on 8/29/2017Willing to write overseas penpalsLegal profile

Pacheco, Guillermo
Danbury, CT | 37 | Straight
Hispanic | Christian

Hello Ladies,

My name is Guillermo. I’m writing this service to get a pen pal and meet ladies. I’m looking for friendship and someone to write.

I’m finishing up a 4 ½ year bid I presently have 1 ½ years left. I’m doing my time here in Danbury, Connecticut.

Willing to write overseas penpals

Pacheco, Matthew
San Jose, CA | 34 | Straight
Other | Christian

My name is Matt. I'm a 1st generation Portuguese-American, 5'10" tall, and 220 pounds. Because I've been created with unfavorable features, I sweat hard to keep this physique challenged and in shape. I'm honest, humble, compassionate, and always willing to help someone out. I enjoy a good laugh too.

I'm h

Profile changed on 8/9/2017

Padilla, Antonio
Tehachapi, CA | 35 | Straight
Hispanic | Catholic

Today I put in my bid to all you ladies of the world, for all who come across my profile. Do receive a big hello and smile.

I’m a young man in my early 30’s with a laid back personality, giving myself a shot of hopefully finding good people and interacting with them through this correspondence. I’ve heard that t

Willing to write overseas penpalsLegal profile

Padilla, Daniel
Avenal, CA | 27 | Straight
Hispanic | Christian

Hey, what’s up everyone! I’m a 27 year old seeking friendship to help me pass the time. I have a great sense of humor, a good listener and would love to get to know you.
A little about me: During the day I try to take advantage of every moment by attending college and working out to stay in great shape and am a hell of a handball player. I also w

New photo posted on 8/14/2017Profile changed on 8/14/2017Willing to write overseas penpals

Padilla, Jaime
Corcoran, CA | 38 | Straight
Hispanic | Christian

Well hello there, I'm a single Latino native of Los Angeles. Age 37, 5ft 11 inches tall, and 200 lbs. Incarcerated since 2003 and searching for a female over 21 who's ready to brighten up this jailbird's day. I'm considerate, compassionate and always there to hear you out.

There really are true feelings that can b

Hasn't received any mail

Padilla, Raul
Pinckneyville, IL | 21 | Straight
Hispanic | Catholic

Hey, my name is Raul but people call me “Lil A”.  I am from Chicago, Illinois, 21 years old with a strong mentality.  On this service I am looking for a unique friendship; someone special to communicate with on a strong basis.

Usually, I enjoy listening to music, drawing, playing soccer, reading books, worki

Profile changed on 8/30/2017Willing to write overseas penpalsLegal profile

Padilla II, Pablo
Kenedy, TX | 32 | Straight
Hispanic | N/A

Hello World…I've realized something about friends in my 31 years of living; it's that they are few and far between. Like me, you've probably been through it with frauds and fakes in friendship and in love. It's time to turn a new page, shed a new petal. Why not do it with me?

Rather than boast any of my accolades I'll keep it simple. I'm a loya

Willing to write overseas penpals

Padron, Dwain
Rosharon, TX | 37 | Straight
Hispanic | Other

Inside Me

It’s great to meet you. Getting to know me will be an adventure, new experiences and some good laughs.

Now that I’m close to going home, I know that I’m stronger because of my past and excited about my future. Because of my incarceration at a young age some may not believe the lessons I’ve learned on the streets of Houston and more so,

Hasn't received any mailWilling to write overseas penpalsLegal profile

Pacheco, Christina
Goodyear, AZ | 43 | Straight
Caucasian | Christian

Zodiac Tiger Seeking Friends

Tigers are born optimists who make daring plans and apply endless energy and purpose in carrying them out. They like to lead exciting and adventurous lives, full of thrills and spills and they are attracted to danger like a moth to a flame. Blessed with luck and good fortune, I will conquer all manner

Write Kim today!

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Padgett, Kim
Greenville, IL | 44 | Straight
Caucasian | Lutheran

I am looking for someone to talk to and connect with while away from family and friend, in hopes the connection can grow and mature into a long lasting friendship.

Padilla, Desiree
Gatesville, TX | 26 | Bi-sexual
Hispanic | Catholic

I love to joke around and have fun. Laughter is the music of the heart and I let mine saying. South Texas sweetheart who loves outdoor activities, bacon, and writing poetry. I'm always up to try to things; you only live once. Mistakes happen, but you just have to roll with the punches. I'm not judgmental by any means. Everything I do, I do it with a passion.

Pagli, Stacey
Bedford Hills, NY | 45 | Straight
Caucasian | Christian

Hi, my name is Stacey. I'm looking for pen pals to correspond with during my time a Correctional Facility in New York, so as to share some normality with the real world and stay updated with what the news does not post. Hopefully, a friendship will blossom over time.

In my free time, I enjoy listening to music and reading.

Willing to write overseas penpals

Paiz, Sharon
Dublin, CA | 36 | Bi-sexual
Hispanic | N/A

Hi, my name is Sharon. I am 36 years old. I am born and raised in California. I am 5’4”, brown eyes, brown hair. I have four beautiful children. My family is from Central America, Nicaragua. I enjoy reading, especially books to educate me. I’d rather read a book than to watch TV. I love cooking and baking. I am always eager to learn something new.

Willing to write overseas penpals

Panks, Jennifer
Ypsilanti, MI | N/A | Straight
Caucasian | Non-denominational

Please stand by.  My profile isn’t posted yet so has put this one up for the time being. My profile will be along shortly, but you don’t need to wait for it.  Please—write me today!

Thanks, and please check back soon for my real profile.

Papin, Angelene
Gatesville, TX | 45 | Bi-sexual
Caucasian | N/A

Here is a little about myself; if you choose to correspond with me, you will definitely get to know more about me. I'm open to meeting new friends, and would enjoy corresponding with successful, open-minded, thoughtful individuals. I'm optimistic, educated, and I have a degree in graphic design and love what I do. My zodiac sign is Libra, and I live life one

Willing to write overseas penpalsBirthday coming up on 10/4

Parish, Shawnea
Lincoln, IL | 33 | Bi-sexual
Caucasian | Christian

I enjoy being outdoors and wish to travel but have never been out of Illinois :(. I love to swim, draw and laugh. The world would be a dry place without laughter. I love to make others happy; it puts peace and joy in my heart. My favorite color is…All of them!!

Smiling contest…Go… :)

Profile changed on 9/3/2017

Parker, Sonya
Gatesville, TX | 41 | Straight
African American | Christian

Boss D.I.V.A.
I'm what you've been waiting for. So don't look any more.  I'm the kind of woman that doesn’t mind showing my emotions, or showing that I have a big heart, nor am I afraid to cry. That shows that my soul and heart is soft and beautiful. I'm a down-to-earth woman, very affectionate, loving, outgoing, and softhearte

Willing to write overseas penpals

Parkhill, Michelle
Swainsboro, GA | 38 | Straight
Caucasian | Christian

My name is Michelle Ferrari Parkhill and I’m flawlessly funny. I’m originally from New Jersey and have been in the south for 3 years. I’m looking for some entertainment, excitement and for someone to surprise me, which is novel. I’m unique and not scared of much. When life throws me skittles and says taste the rainbow, I throw back M&M&rs

Willing to write overseas penpals

485 Inmates | Viewing Results 1 - 10 | Viewing Page 1 of 44
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