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Caamano, Adrian
Dixon, IL | 39 | Straight
Hispanic | Catholic

I’m a Puerto Rican man who loves to dance, be outdoors, and spend quality time with his mate. I love to show affection to my woman at all times. A rose, a line from a poem, or that special touch from my heart. I cook, workout, enjoy a variety of music, and educate myself every opportunity I can. All I want in my life is to find happiness with a lovely woman wh

Profile changed on 4/3/2017Willing to write overseas penpals

Caballero, Oscar
Woodville, TX | 32 | Straight
Hispanic | Catholic


Here you find me pushing this pen with passion as I put a little something to send out in the wind. I know you don’t know me and I know I just came out of the blue. Alone in the land of the lost I try to reach out hoping that I can find a pen pal that can help my mind escape from agony. I also know and understand you m

Hasn't received any mailWilling to write overseas penpalsLegal profile

Caballero, Rolando
Hondo, TX | 21 | Straight
Hispanic | N/A

I am a 20 year old, attractive, athletically built, Hispanic man from San Antonio, TX.  I am currently incarcerated in TDC for 5 years.  I have been gone since October 3rd, 2013!  I will be seeing parole very soon.  I am single, no kids.  I am seeking friendship with someone who’s spontaneous, open minded and self- sufficient like myse

Willing to write overseas penpals

Caban, Sandro
Mt. Sterling, IL | 42 | Straight
Hispanic | Non-denominational

Hello, my name is Sandro. I am a 5’9”, 200 pound, 42 year old Puerto Rican Gemini. I am currently very close to finishing my Associate’s Degree with the goal of obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work. My passion is to work with high risk youth. I believe I can turn my past experience into a purpose by sharing my testimony and helping ot

Hasn't received any mailWilling to write overseas penpalsLegal profile

Cabell, Dimitrai
Marion, IL | 34 | Straight
Multi-racial | Spiritual

Hi, my name is Dimitrai.  It would be nice to find a woman with a beautiful spirit to talk to and learn about and share some smiles with, and maybe more.

Being in prison has made me grow a lot as a man but I still have plenty to improve on.  Hopefully this experience will bring someone into my life with positive vibes a

Profile changed on 3/31/2017Willing to write overseas penpalsBirthday coming up on 5/25

Cabot, Justin
Pine Knot, KY | 44 | Straight
Caucasian | N/A

I am a 44 year-old white man with hazel eyes, weighing 185 pounds and 5’9” tall.  I am serving time for a Bank Robbery that occurred in 2008 with a projected release date in 2020.  I feel that I am a person with a good heart, soft touch, and sensitivity with a comical approach.

I’m looking for some fem

Cabrera, Michael
Huntsville, TX | 27 | Straight
Hispanic | Christian

Hello everybody!  Thanks for stopping by to read my profile.  My name is Michael.   I’m 26 years old, a Hispanic male born and raised in Houston, Texas.  I’m 5’6” tall, weigh 158 pounds with a tan complexion.  I am in prison for DWI, so I’m a trusty and considered low security.

Willing to write overseas penpals

Cadena, Cosmo
Represa, CA | 38 | Straight
Caucasian | N/A

Hello! My name is Cosmo, yes that’s my real name. I grew up in a very eccentric family and have lived all over the western United States and Hawaii. I consider northern California home but also lived in San Luis Obispo county by Pismo Beach for some time. I was very wild when I was younger. I came to prison with life as a teenager for my 1st and only time. In

Cadena, Jaime
Buckeye, AZ | 38 | Straight
Multi-racial | Christian

Hey now!

My name is Jaime and I’m serving a prison term here in Arizona.  My home state is California, but Arizona has been my second home since 1996.   I’m just searching for a friend whom I can laugh with, talk to, you know, share stories, etc.

I am a person who is

Willing to write overseas penpals

Caffey Jr., Harvey
Grafton, OH | 41 | Straight
African American | Baptist

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and view my profile.  Well, the reason I am here is in search of meeting positive people from all nationalities and race of life whom I might be able to share advice, smiles, and laughter with.

Just a little about myself; I am 6'1” tall and weigh 265 pounds. 

Hasn't received any mailWilling to write overseas penpals

Cabrera, Yvonne
Las Vegas, NV | 36 | Straight
Hispanic | Non-denominational

Dear Reader,

Hi my name is Yvonne. I’m looking forward to corresponding with both male and females. I would like to establish a long lasting friendship. I’m a very open minded individual. I love life & I take pride in my family and friends. I’m a very independent person. I can be relied on through anything. I’m a very charismatic woman. I also like to s

Willing to write overseas penpalsLegal profile

Calvin, Miranda
Wilsonville, OR | 21 | Straight
Caucasian | Christian


My name is Miranda. I’m currently incarcerated here at Coffee Creek due to a tragic drunk driving accident. This time spent incarcerated has made me realize life is too short, and to not take anything for granted. Upon my arrest, I was an exotic dancer, paying my way through Nursing School, in which I did not get to co

New photo posted on 4/17/2017Profile changed on 4/13/2017Willing to write overseas penpalsLegal profile

Camp, Brandy
Dayton, OH | 36 | Straight
Caucasian | N/A


My name is Brandy. I’m looking for friends to write. I have chosen because I feel it is the best pen pal website out there with the best results. I enjoy the outdoors, walking, camping and swimming etc. I love to read, write and listen to music. I find that all of these things relax my body and min

Canada, Gloria
Forth Worth, TX | 60 | Straight
African American | Other


My name is Gloria Canada. I am from Baltimore, Maryland and I am looking for friendship in a strong, well-rounded, God-fearing man. I am a very passionate, God-fearing woman. I am spontaneous, have no problem trying new things, and love to laugh. I would love to meet someone who can make me laugh and keep a smile on my face.

Canterbury, Beth
Ft Worth, TX | 36 | N/A
Caucasian | Christian

Just a little setback, on the way to my comeback.

Hello, my name is Beth. I am a fun-loving, good natured girl who loves to laugh and I have a positive outlook on life. I like read, run and workout. I keep both my mind and body in shape. I also like most music, learning and trying new things. I am currently going to school for co

Willing to write overseas penpals

Capron, Misti
Lockhart, TX | 41 | Bi-sexual
Caucasian | Non-denominational

Hello....Are you looking for someone that you can hold an intellectual conversation with? Please do not hesitate to write me.

I'm a very attractive, smart, open-minded, single white female that loves to laugh and keep things simple.  I have a great sense of humor. I am caring and very entertaining.

I'm extremely loyal, genuine, and sincere, and

Willing to write overseas penpals

Cardenas, Rosanna
Lockhart, TX | 31 | Straight
Hispanic | Catholic

Hello Friends,

My name is Roxy, I’m single, a Leo and 30 years young.

I’m looking to meet some new friends and explore new possibilities. I’m from Dallas, Texas. Guess you could say I’m a little shy and I think this would be a great way to meet people and open up.

Carlson, Leila
Wilsonville, OR | 45 | Bi-sexual
Caucasian | Spiritual

My name is Leila Carlson. I’m 44 years old, 5’8”, 175 pounds, brown hair and blue eyes. I’m looking for friendships as well as romance. I’m outgoing and funny. I love life, I’m loyal and caring. I’ve been told I’m a good friend. I love the outdoors, camping, hiking and nature. I’m a great cook, I love to bake. I&

Willing to write overseas penpalsBirthday coming up on 4/27

Carmichael, Sabrina
Tallahassee, FL | 41 | Straight
African American | Christian


My name is Sabrina Carmichael. I am looking for friends to write me some time. I am 39 years old, I love to read books, exercise, anything that is constructive. This is my first time in prison so I need someone to help me mentally get through this time and being away from my family. I don’t have a lot of friends on t

Legal profile

Carmona, Melissa
Gatesville, TX | 48 | N/A
Hispanic | Non-denominational

Sometimes bad things happen to good people but like the petals to a rose, I’m a beautiful person inside and out.  I consider myself an outgoing and open to new ideas. 

I’m seeking to build a long-lasting friendship.  If you’re interested in getting to know me better, I will be looking forward to h

Willing to write overseas penpals

821 Inmates | Viewing Results 1 - 10 | Viewing Page 1 of 75
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