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Perez, Isaac
Canon City, CO | 34 | Straight
Native American | Christian

First I want to thank you for your time.  I am welcoming you to share this time with me.  I am from Denver, Colorado.  My qualities are unique.  I am a very spiritual intellectual, mature, professional, leading, and exciting man.  I am understanding and open minded.  I remain teachable, so I may be enlightened.

I am a man of integrity and morale.  I place my trust and faith in my higher power, God.  I am optimistic and encouraged in adverse situations.  I have been using this time of incarceration as my motivation for building a successful future once I’m released.

I do a lot of independent studying and communicating with positive community leaders, so my transition back home will be without failure.  I am prepared for the opportunities that are beyond this prison.  I am inquiring positive, healthy friendships, that are honest and sincere.  An open dialogue conversation without judgment of right or wrongs, but to be influential in making better choices in our everyday living.

I look forward to hearing from you.  I would like to share more about myself.  In this dimension of time, I place no limits in my capabilities.  I would rather be the current myself, than go with the flow.  So thank you for your time, I will be waiting to hear from you.

Gifted Love,

Isaac Perez

New profile posted on 8/27/2016Willing to write overseas penpalsLegal profileInmate is looking for work upon release

Perez, Javier Antonio
Lamesa, TX | 42 | Straight
Hispanic | Christian


For a long time now I’ve contemplated doing something like this, exploring with hopes to meet people and make friends.  I am 42 years old, 5’ 8” tall, and weigh 185 pounds.  You can see what I look like from the two photos posted. 

I’m single but have two children, a son and daughter, as well as a granddaughter, whom are my world.  I’ve been gone for 6 on a 10 year sentence for Robbery, burglary and evading arrest.  We can’t change the past, only make a difference in the present and future. 

This incarceration has helped me to view my mistakes for what they were, poor choices!  However, I can’t dwell on that, instead I’ve learned and have taken responsibility by accepting the consequences for those choices.

So far, I’ve taken the initiative to not only educate myself, but to grow immensely, both spiritually, mentally and physically.  I’m currently enrolled in college classes working on my Associate’s Degree in Sociology. 

Optimistic describes me the best, but I’m very laid back, and not afraid to speak my mind.  I love writing and reading as well.  I’m looking forward to hearing from you and hopefully learn about you, your story.  Of course there’s more, so much more, to mine. 

However, I’m limited here, rest assured that as soon as I hear from you, I will respond immediately, no matter who you are or where you are….Peace & Wisdom Be Yours Always.

“Personality can open doors, but only character can keep them open”

New profile posted on 8/27/2016Willing to write overseas penpals

Warren, Steven
Wallkill, NY | 40 | Straight
African American | Spiritual


I’m looking for someone genuine that I can vibe and become friends with.  Physical attributes are superficial, yet complementary to the natural beauty that comes from within.  Your inner qualities are what makes you unique and defines your individuality.

About me:

I’m mostly the laid back type.  I have a magnetic personality, a sharp sense of humor and I’m a good listener.  I’m also very loyal, honest, understanding, caring, open minded, spontaneous and affectionate.  I enjoy reading, playing chess, as well as exercising.  I like sports, basketball, football, boxing, having fun and cooking.

I appreciate a woman who’s intelligent, (book and street smart), down to earth, understanding, receptive, compassionate, out-spoken and easy to talk to.  A woman who’s loyal, honest, confident, has swag, a good heart and strong will.

If you’re interested in building a genuine friendship, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.  I hope to hear from you soon.  “Beside every man, there’s a great woman.”



New profile posted on 8/27/2016Willing to write overseas penpalsLegal profile

Bell, Raymond
Adelanto, CA | 40 | Straight
Caucasian | Pagan

My name’s Ray Ray.  I was born and raised in Southern California.  However, I relocated to Spokane, Washington 11 years ago.  I work in the steel industry and am a certified welder by trade.  I’m a tattoo artist and piercer also. 

I received 12 and a half years for conspiracy with the intent to distribute meth.  I’ve been down for 6 and a half years now.  Prior to my incarceration I went to an inpatient and out-patient to help with my addiction.  I also was going to college to be a chemical dependency professional.  I’d like to help people with their addiction.

I enjoy the outdoors, four wheeling, dirt bike riding, horseback riding, sledding, camping, going to the lake….just to name a few.  I’m up to do whatever, as long as we’re having a good time.  I tend to be the life of the party and like to make people laugh.  I try to have fun no matter what.

I like all kinds of music, punk rock, heavy metal, alternative, and country.  I try to take classes that will help me upon my release.  I like to read historical fiction novels, draw, work out and play handball.

I want someone to share some laughs with, exchange photos and pass some time getting to know one another on every level.  If you would like to get to know me, sit down and write me.  Feel free to ask me anything, I will respond to your questions.  Please send a pic of yourself so I know who it is I’m talking to.

New profile posted on 8/27/2016Willing to write overseas penpals

Swain, Leo
Taylorsville, NC | 34 | Straight
Multi-racial | Non-denominational

What’s up?  My name is Leo Swain, I’m 34 years old.  I’m from a small, (but cool and hip), city called Asheville in Western North Carolina.  I’m a Cancer.  I’m down to earth, positive, motivated and open minded.

I’m spiritual, but not too religious.  I enjoy reading, music of all types, sports, the outdoors, working out and I also love animals.  I’m looking for anyone to correspond with, relate to and hopefully become friends, eventually….

So with that being said, please feel free to write.  I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you….Peace

New profile posted on 8/27/2016Willing to write overseas penpals

Thurman, Sr., Sean
Corcoran, CA | 46 | Straight
Caucasian | Spiritual

Hey there! Hi there! Ho there!

Fellow pen-palers, I invite you to give me a once-over, perhaps from there you may want little ol’ me as a pen-friend.

Tidbits about myself, I’m a Yankee-Doodle, yes, undoubtedly a native son of the free world. Sadly, I’m now a homesick castaway forever marooned behind these jagged shores of the “Island of Misfit Toys.” With my best foot forward, I cast this digital bottle in hopes it will be found by someone whom, as myself is open to making new friends. To clarify, I’m seeking friendship only. Seeing how I’m a people person with a caregiver nature, I find some relief, likewise purpose, while connecting with friends via snail mail, phone, and visits.

In spite of imprisonment, I’m still a gentleman so no need to fret over stereotypes.  I’ve remained true to myself and core values.   I still dance to the beat of my own drum (watch me get down!).  More importantly I’m open and honest.  My humanity, compassion, and empathy are well intact.  Moreover, I say with confidence, no treasure map is needed to find the real me. When it comes to my flavors in life, I appreciate the diversity and uniqueness in people from all walks of life. I find quirky, artsy things delicious.  I have eclectic taste for many things, such as music and movies to name a couple.

The last 9 years in the free world I was primarily a stay at home dad for my daughter and two sons. That was the time I was the happiest (sigh). While in here I’ve taught my self how to read and write (improvement still needed). I participate in self-help groups and I’m even an AVP Facilitator.

Instead of continuing to razzle-dazzle you about myself, I’m thinking how better it would be if you discovered that for yourself by our interacting and exchanging ideas. Needless to say, the ball is in your court.

Either way it goes, may your mailbox always be that gateway to adventure and all of the blessings that pen-paling brings. 

TTFN (Ta Ta For Now)


New profile posted on 8/27/2016Willing to write overseas penpals

Shaw, Brandon
Iowa Park, TX | 33 | Straight
African American | Christian

Allow me to speak directly to your most inner being where superficial mass doesn't exist. I aspire to get to know you in ways you've never shared with anyone. I am charismatic, humorous, spiritually inclined, optimistic, and understanding. I am attracted to confidence and intelligence.

My past times are reading and playing sports. I listen to all genre of music. I believe in God and I believe that women are the greatest creation on the face of this earth! I've waited for Ms. Destiny to reveal herself but now I realize I have to search for her because she's out there waiting to be found by me.

Life is complex and so is love but to live without love can only be defined as existing; so I pose the question “Are you ready to set your heart free?” Birds and butterflies are nice to see but a woman willing to love is what makes a man complete. Will you share your thoughts your goals, dreams, experiences, joys, pains, and desires? I won't hold back; twelve years has already passed by me. Do you believe that dreams can come true? Do you believe you deserve to be happy? Well I do too.

I know your letters will be a blessing unto me. I promise you every time my pen touches paper I will place a smile on your face and uplift your spirit in every way. I have no fear of getting to know you so don't be afraid.

May God Bless.

New profile posted on 8/27/2016Willing to write overseas penpals

Hintz, Taylor
Adrian, MI | 27 | Straight
Caucasian | Catholic

Taylor is looking for someone to write to and develop new friendships with while he's incarcerated.  He has another year or so before he goes up for parole and given his location (a few hours from home), he only has visits once per month from family and friends…so having a friend to email with helps keep him motivated and focused on his future.

Taylor is a smart, outgoing and a fun person. He's taking college classes while he is incarcerated and he has his own business that he wants to get back to when he gets out.

If interested in getting in contact, the quickest and best way to communicate is via  Please be sure your contact information is in the body of the message or he won’t be able to write you back!

(Written by friend/family member)

New profile posted on 8/27/2016Willing to write overseas penpals

Porter, Louis
New Haven, MI | 30 | Straight
Multi-racial | N/A

Just making it short and sweet for you ladies…just looking for someone to correspond with.  There is so much more about me than what I am putting in this introduction. If you want to know, you have my information, write me to find out. I will be waiting.

New profile posted on 8/27/2016Willing to write overseas penpals

Preston, John
Ontario, OR | 31 | Straight
Caucasian | Baptist

John is a very intelligent, handsome guy that is very family oriented and loyal to his family and friends in his life. He has a great personality, loves music, and is a fun-loving person. He has always been a very good-hearted man that unfortunately had a substance abuse and drinking problem that came about as a result of his ADHD and depressive condition.

He had moved to Oregon from Texas with a friend to start his life over about nine years ago. All went well until he met a girl that had unaddressed emotional and substance issues of her own. This relationship is what led to his legal problems and incarceration. Due to Oregon's Measure 11 law he received a minimum 60-month sentence.

He is handling prison life as well as can be but is very lonely. Most of his correspondence is with his family and his days are dragging by. He has settled into his current surroundings fairly well and has a job at the prison where he earns a little money. John has a 7-yr old son that lives in Oregon and he misses him greatly. He would like to hear from any female that would be so inclined to write to him as a link to what is going on in the outside world, and to have something to look forward to--a letter!

He is waiting and looking forward to hearing from you…he is a pretty decent author and also likes to draw pictures.

(Written by friend/family member)

New profile posted on 8/27/2016

Wombles, Tamara
Waseca, MN | 31 | Bi-sexual
Caucasian | Non-denominational

Hello, my name is Tamara and I’m 31 years young.  I’m an easy-going person and very down to earth.  I was born in Cincinnati, Ohio but I have also lived half of my life in Kentucky.  I consider myself to be a city girl and also a country girl; I enjoy both ways of life.  To know me is to love me. 

What I’m seeking out of meeting someone new is a friendship.  Someone who can be encouraging and uplifting.  Someone who can put a smile on my face and in return I could do the same.  It can get lonely doing time when you away from your loved ones.  I’m interested in seeing who responds to my profile. 

I have a good sense of humor and love to have fun.  I love to do anything that involves my sons.  Some of the things I like to do are going to concerts, shopping, camping, going to horse races, grilling out and relaxing next to a pool.  I also love traveling; I’ve been to Mexico several times but my favorite place I’ve ever been to is Mazatlán, Mexico.  English is my first language but I can read, write and speak Spanish pretty good too. 
I love music.  In English I listen mostly to R&B, Rap, some Country and some Rock.  In Spanish I listen mostly to Banda but I also like Reggeaton and Bachata.

Thank you for reading my profile.  I can’t wait to hear from you. 

New profile posted on 8/26/2016Willing to write overseas penpalsLegal profile

Gonzalez, Xiomara
Niantic, CT | 28 | Straight
Hispanic | N/A

I am looking for a pen pal, someone who is genuine, sociable, understanding, humorous and all around a great person. I am a sweet, sincere, and open minded woman. Under these circumstances I can really use an authentic friendship, someone who’s willing to correspond with me, bond with me and get to know me for me, not who I was. I have a great personality, pretty optimistic about everything. I’m open for all kinds of responses. I don’t judge and I’m not aiming at anything in particular.

I look forward to meeting you and possibly become good friends. These are some of the lowest points of my life and I appreciate you taking the time to view my profile. I hope that my ad stands out to you. I look forward to hearing from you!


New photo posted on 8/26/2016Profile changed on 8/26/2016Willing to write overseas penpalsOriginal blogs

Hodge, Natasha
Topeka, KS | 40 | Bi-sexual
Other | Muslim

I’m an American born Haitian single mother of two daughters. My interests and hobbies are of a wide variety.  To name a few are motorcycles, movies, music of all genres, travel, cooking and baking from scratch, swimming, bowling, fishing and miniature golf.  Social drinker and don’t smoke.  I prefer small, intimate gatherings to large, loud crowds. I love to laugh and try not to take myself too seriously. 

Seeking mature, caring friends of all ages and races.

New profile posted on 8/25/2016Willing to write overseas penpals

Williams, Tanisha
Ypsilanti, MI | 34 | Straight
Other | Other

I’m on this site to assist myself in not becoming a product of this environment and I need real world people in all places for that.  I’ve seen women arrive in this jungle one way, who allowed this place to turn them another, negatively affecting their thinking or way of life.  I’ve also seen women lose all their hope and attempted or have successfully ended their lives.

I’d like to stay sane, civil and respectful but it’s VERY difficult in this place.  I try to receive things that uplifts me toward my future.  Being that I long to own businesses, I read things that’s resourceful for that goal.  I don’t have any subscriptions but I real magazines other people put out after they’re done, even though sometimes pages are missing or cut out.  I read what I can in magazines like Entrepreneur, Travel, or exotic type home ones.

Anyhow, I don’t get much mail!  Because I’m attractive everyone who visits my page assumes someone else has contacted me and that’s just why I don’t get any responses.  If you’re on here please don’t assume!  Go ahead and contact me.  It’s not an accident you are here in the moment.  Contact me…Okay?! 

I’m so excited to meet you. 


New photo posted on 8/25/2016New profile posted on 8/25/2016Willing to write overseas penpalsLegal profile

Martin, Traci
Pewee Valley, KY | 37 | Straight
Multi-racial | Baptist


When you look at my caramel skin, my inquisitive alluring eyes and my smile that barely suppresses the laughter and joy I love to share….Tell me…Do you see me?

I challenge you to use your heart and see me for who I’ve become versus just another female inmate/convict.  Prison either makes you a bitter or better person.  I’ve become the latter of the two.  Life is one big learning experience and this has given more than it’s taken from me.  For that, I’m grateful.

I’m compassionate, optimistic, patient, generous, forgiving, honest, affectionate, nonjudgmental and 100% REAL.  I’m very independent and unafraid of any challenge life may throw my way.

Above all else I’m seeking a man who knows the value of a good woman and respects, loves and honors her as such.

I value honesty, loyalty and integrity in anyone but I expect to find them in a potential suitor for sure.

I’m not materialistic.  I am no one’s doormat, whipping board or robot so users and abusers need not respond.

My future plans are to open a dance studio that will teach diverse dance and fitness classes.

I’m a dancer, exerciser, cook and much more!  I love traveling and rain and snowstorms.

I’m afraid of creepy, crawly, slimy, slithering insects and any animals that can eat me! (smile) Thus, guess you can say I only get along with dogs and cats.

Some could say I’m dreamy but I see my future as big and bright as the sun.

The only question now is:


Profile changed on 8/24/2016Willing to write overseas penpals

Babb, Latisha
Las Vegas, NV | 37 | N/A
Caucasian | N/A

Naughty In Nevada

I’m an adventurous, outgoing, free spirit, never been married (maybe one day), loyal, trustworthy and fun.

I enjoy sports from both perspectives, cooking, music, reading, spending time with my loved ones and a romantic at heart. I will try just about anything once as I’m ambitious and enjoy a challenge and give all of myself in everything I do.

I have a loving, kind, big heart and an endless and intensely passionate nature. Having been hurt in the past I am seeking friendships with genuine, loyal, trustworthy people who value friendship and family like I do, who are willing to accept my flaws and all.

I look forward to meeting you, please include all of your contact info so that I may respond to you.


New profile posted on 8/23/2016Willing to write overseas penpals

Snell, LaDora
Ypsilanti, MI | 31 | Straight
African American | Protestant

I am a beautiful 30 year old young woman looking for a friend to communicate with. I enjoy reading, writing and watching sports. I also enjoy watching comedy and action movies. You can email me on jpay or write me.


New profile posted on 8/23/2016Willing to write overseas penpals

Barnes, Sherie
Lincoln, IL | 29 | Straight
African American | Christian


My name is Sherie, family and friends call me Smiley because I love to smile a lot. They say my smile is sexy on me. I’m a very loving, caring, sweet and down to earth person. I love having fun, going out, trying new things. Race doesn’t matter because I love all people. I have a lil girl who is 6 years old, love her so much. She is my world. It hurt being away from her. By being here I have come a long ways. This place will not get the best of me. I get out next year, so happy.

I’m looking to meet new people that are on the same page as me. I’m getting myself together so I can be a better mom so I will not have to come back. Oh, but I’m not coming back. I know there’s a guy out there looking for a good woman, well look no more. I’m right here, all you have to do is hit my ad up and write me.

New profile posted on 8/23/2016

Lucas, Carey
Nashville, TN | 34 | N/A
Caucasian | Non-denominational

Hey, I’m Carey. I’m 34 years old and am looking for friends to write to help pass time.  I like to write and meet new people.  Maybe we can be friends??

I enjoy the outdoors, music, being romantic and so much more. I’m outgoing, love to see new places and travel. I love a good massage and enjoy giving them also. I’m a computer/internet/phone nerd…I am single and in search of a new beginning with a brand new start…wanting to relocate upon release.

I’m searching for companionship and friendship and love. I want to find happiness and laughter and someone I can trust and lean on when times are hard…someone to catch me if I fall…I’m looking for my Prince Charming to rescue me and take me away.

Profile changed on 8/23/2016Willing to write overseas penpalsLegal profileInmate is looking for work upon release

Strickland, Sage
Jean, NV | 25 | Straight
Caucasian | Catholic

Hello…Here I am

I’m a fun, loving, outgoing and very devoted woman.  Red hair, green eyes, with a splash of some freckles.  Born and raised in the beautiful city of San Francisco, California.

I place value in my family and life experiences.  I’m seeking an open minded, stable, mature man for good conversation, who is honest, genuine, and loves life!  New experiences and adventures!

New profile posted on 8/22/2016Willing to write overseas penpals

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