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Madrigal, Adrian
Mayo, FL | 21 | N/A
Caucasian | N/A

My name is Adrian and I love to get in touch with pen-pals to write each other and hopefully keep our friendship. I love to listen to music in my alone time and write to my friends. Can't wait to hear from you.

New profile posted on 4/23/2014

Smith, James
Carlisle, IN | 21 | Straight
Caucasian | N/A

I am 21, I like to read and work out. I read anything that's educational. I enjoy Plato. I am looking forward to communicating with new people. I have been here for four years.


According to the Indiana Department of Corrections, it is illegal for an inmate in their custody to solicit for funds. Reference: Indiana Code 11-8-6-1

New profile posted on 4/23/2014Willing to write overseas penpalsBirthday coming up on 4/28

Telfer, James
Glenville, WV | 51 | Straight
N/A | Other

Greetings To All!!

My name is Jim and I'm seeking pen pals as friends. I enjoy writing to friends and family, either via email or simply old-style snail mail, because it gives me a great deal of pleasure. If you are looking to share in a special kind of friendship with a desire to communicate on the finer things in life such as family, God, wants and dreams, then please pick up your pen and drop me a few lines because we all know that 'no one' likes to be lonely. Being incarcerated encompasses loneliness, as you can imagine.

I'm a bright, good-looking 50-year-old, who loves sports, warm conversations, lifting weights, working out, classic cars, auto racing, outdoors, leathercraft work, reading the Bible, and making people smile.

I will respond to all mail received. I will email or call anyone who seeks the same. I love to explore and our conversations can be loose, serious, casual, organize, and exacting.

You are only a stamp away from meeting someone very special. I hope to hear from you soon.

Your new friend,


New profile posted on 4/22/2014Willing to write overseas penpals

Baker, Bruce
Herlong, CA | 46 | Straight
Multi-racial | Christian


Allow me to introduce myself….My name is Bruce. I'm a healthy and fit 46, athletic build, with tons of energy. I'm from New Orleans, I enjoy traveling, going to different events (Super Bowl, All Star Weekend), comedy shows, going on cruises, and mature outings to relax and reflect on life. I like to have fun, play and watch sports, and I listen to a variety of music---I keep it grown and sexy! (smile)

I am educated, confident, a good listener, optimistic, honest, spontaneous, down-to-earth, and I like to make others laugh. I will release from prison in September 2015!

OCCUPATION:  Certified personal fitness trainer.

HISTORY:  I'm ex-military, but for a long time I lived my life answering to no one, committed to nobody except myself. During this period in my life, I considered the world mine for the taking. But I've come to realize, while serving this 17 year sentence, that the greatest tragedy in life is living without a purpose, no direction, and with no plan!

SEEKING: Single/divorced mature women of all races for friendship. I'm praying to attract the right woman who is in complete accord with me; that's educated, spiritual, affectionate, honest, independent, with a sense of humor--Be real, be you, be faithful, be loyal, and be true! If you are that woman; reach across the miles and make my dream a reality--because we can build something (special) that is airtight, waterproof, built in a stainless steel box, and can't be penetrated by nothing or no one!

New profile posted on 4/22/2014Willing to write overseas penpalsInmate is looking for work upon release

Molina, Richard
Iowa Park, TX | 29 | Straight
Hispanic | Catholic

Hey, how's it going? I'm glad you taking the time to give my profile a look. So, why don't I introduce myself some… My name is Richard but friends call me Rick. It is my pleasure to meet you on this site. (smile) I'm a single man from south Texas and I am looking to meet some new friends from all walks of life.

Obviously I have made some mistakes in life. I own it and view it as an opportunity to learn and grow stronger. Life is a process, isn't it? I'm straightforward, open-minded, optimistic, positive, passionate, energetic, and transparent are just a few things about myself. But you can easily find out for yourself… Feel free to ask anything at all.

Things of interest to me in no particular order are books (history, scientific, self-help), pretty much all sports, music (country, rock, R&B, jazz), outdoor life (fishing, both hunting, hiking, camping, etc.), arts (photography, drawing, paintings), entertainment (comedy clubs, jazz clubs, theater, etc.), reading newspaper/magazines (USA Today, Time, Sports Illustrated, etc.), and a ton of other things!

But what about you?  What interests you in life? Whatever your interest or thoughts, I definitely look forward to the opportunity of getting to know you. So don't be shy and let's give this pen pal thing a try!

Until then, have a beautiful day.

Your pal,

Rick M.

New profile posted on 4/22/2014Willing to write overseas penpals

Moseley, Jr., Clyde
Oakwood , VA | 25 | Straight
African American | N/A

Greetings to everybody who is taking their time out of their day to read my profile, thank you. My name is Clyde Moseley. I have been locked up since I was 18. I'm 5'9" and 205 pounds. Sometimes it gets hard being locked up and a man needs someone he can talk to and trust. I'm not looking for a girlfriend or nothing like that, just a friend to talk to and learn things from and maybe we can build a relationship that can take us further.

I'm into same race and interracial relationships; being locked up at a young age took a lot of learning experiences from me, so I would like to know how true love feels. I would like to learn how to make a woman happy and appreciate her for the Queen she is. So my heart is open to anyone who is open to me, as long as your heart comes with trust and loyalty, because without that, no relationship will last.

So if you want to know more about me, please write me and I'll tell you whatever you would like to know.

Thanks for your time and I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon.


New profile posted on 4/22/2014

Tunstall, Chris
Oakwood, VA | 40 | Straight
African American | Spiritual

First of all don't be deterred by the conviction. I'm a surprisingly normal person with a great heart despite my current situation. I'm simply seeking correspondence for female companionship. Race is not a factor. Understand this, I'm not out to fleece anybody out of money or con anybody in any capacity. I feel I have to say this because I realize under the circumstances, a person's motives are always seen as suspect.

I'm also not looking for a wife or a serious relationship. Primarily because I'm a realist and I realize the chances of it happening through this avenue. I enjoy writing, I love reading, and I'm a sucker for a good romance novel. I'm also a music fanatic.

I've been in here since I was 17 so it goes without saying that the last thing I have this time for is games! I go up for parole every year, so hopefully my turn is coming soon.

Only sincere responses please.



New profile posted on 4/22/2014

Johnson, Roderick
Waynesburg, PA | 38 | Straight
African American | Muslim

Hey, what's up!?  I'm a loving son, brother, and father, to four wonderful young adults. I'm looking to meet new friends and associates to build lifelong bonds with… I’m big on loyalty, honesty, and realness. Not about games or drama. I'm 37 years of age, single, and was raised in New York City, the Bronx.

I'm looking to meet people who will be consistent in writing, sharing pictures, and possible visits. I’m very family oriented and like to help people in any way possible.

Your height, weight, race, age (over 18), don't mean anything to me, ONLY your sincere, real, genuine motives. I look forward to hearing from you and getting to know you; especially if you are Muslim so we can build on this beautiful Deen. Insha Allah I will hear from you soon.

My interests are reading, writing, watching movies, taking long walks in parks, traveling, bowling, swimming, boxing, playing pool, cooking, riding bikes, white water rafting, and so many more.

I am also looking to meet someone who is good with computers and can help me set up a website as well as get my novel published, entitled "Lust No One (Her Deadly Passion)". Also possibly help me with my case in getting the attention that is needed to expose the police corruption and the media involved… So if you are good online, knowledgeable about law, are a journalist; or know how to get a book published (even e-books), I hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you! Get at me… And last but not least, see me in F.E.D.S. Magazine Issue  17 Volume 4

New profile posted on 4/22/2014Willing to write overseas penpalsLegal profile

Jones, Nicholas
Joliet, IL | 23 | Straight
African American | N/A

I'm looking for a nice woman, no matter the race or age, that is looking for friendship and maybe more. I'm loyal, faithful, fun to talk to, and fun to be around. I sing, write songs, and can draw just about everything I see. I'm very humble and I love to read educational books.

So to the ones that like what they read, write and get to know me.

New profile posted on 4/22/2014

Lovings, Raven
Beeville, TX | 23 | Straight
African American | Other

What's good!!!!!  Hope and pray you and your loved ones are in the best of health, mind, body, and soul. Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Raven Lovings, Jr. I don't like that so most people call me "Lil Raven". I'm 23 years old, from Houston, Texas, about 5'8", with light brown skin and weigh 165 pounds. I work out daily so I have what you would call a nice body. I also have a lot of tattoos sad to say, but none on my face. I'm somewhat handsome as you can see, so I'm trying to keep my clean image.

Anyway, I'm in jail on a five-year sentence for aggravated robbery and on my way home and looking for a nice female to write. Someone I can write and get to know before I come home in five months. Hopefully meet up with too!! I go home 7-29-14. I'm single with no kids, I'm very honest, outgoing, love movies, and spending time with my loved ones.

So if you like what you have just read, feel free to take the opportunity to get to know me better.

I was only 18 in my picture, now I'm 23 and look more mature. Also, I am RESPONDING TO ALL LETTERS!!!

P.S.  Shout out to all the cougars!!!

New profile posted on 4/22/2014Willing to write overseas penpalsInmate is looking for work upon release

Franklin, Tammy
Fond Du Lac, WI | 40 | Straight
African American | Other

I am seeking a relationship with someone that is not judgmental, who is honest and has a sense of humor. I need someone who is going to be there for my emotional needs, one who would be willing to put a smile on my face even when times are not so great. I'm searching for that special someone to make my world brighter and show me what good love feels like. I'm tired of searching. I want someone who can move my heart and treat me right. I'm ready to open my heart to new possibilities. Trust me, I'm a good girl at heart and I promise not to disappoint.

I am 40 years old, single, I have no children, and I am very loving and outgoing. I love music, reading, and writing, but the thing I love most is being dedicated to the ones I love and having their best interest at heart.

I love fashion and would like to learn more about interior decorating and upholstery so I am able to make my home a castle for my king.  Embrace me and let's make magic together… don't leave room for any guessing.

New profile posted on 4/22/2014Willing to write overseas penpals

Vice, Tammy
Marianna, FL | 41 | Straight
Caucasian | Non-denominational

41 year old SF seeking friends to correspond with. I am an open minded lady who would consider herself liberal but can still appreciate old fashioned values. I have no children but do have two nieces that I adore. I am family oriented. I enjoy family and friend gatherings such as cook outs, picnics, holiday functions, etc. I love to cook and even enjoy housekeeping.

I am a very understanding and patient person. I am also a good listener who genuinely cares about others. A few of my hobbies include cross stitch, reading, card making or just about any craft. I am a very creative person. I love music of all kinds as well as poetry.

During my incarceration I have completed several self-help and educational classes. I have really tried to turn my incarceration into a positive learning experience and let it help me to be a better person upon my release. I would like to continue my education and maybe one day work with women and children who have suffered domestic abuse.

I hope that you are as honest and sincere as I am and that we can get to know one another. Please include your return address on the outside of the envelope to insure I receive it.

Race and age is unimportant.

New photo posted on 4/22/2014Profile changed on 4/22/2014Willing to write overseas penpals

Hughes, Christina
Aliceville, AL | 37 | Bi-sexual
Caucasian | Spiritual

“United States of America vs. Christina Hughes..." and now here I am an inmate of the federal bureau of prisons and what I truly want is to hear from you. So, what can I say that will make me stand out among the other ladies?

I am pretty, intelligent, funny, full of energy, and affectionate. I am sporty and active, but I enjoy curling up with a good book and spending quality time writing you.

Fishing, camping, making love and must being outdoors are favorite activities of mine. I enjoy skiing, motorcycles, 4x4’s and race cars. I look just as sexy driving as I do riding. I really like all kinds of music; I may be 2-stepping to country one minute, dropping it like it’s hot or head banging the next. If the beat is right, I'm moving to it.

I have an associate’s degree and continue to educate myself whenever opportunities arise. My plans are to use my education and my love for exotic animals to work in a zoo or animal sanctuary.

I'm spontaneous and mischievous at times, that's landed me in some trouble but I don't dwell on the negative. Life is full of challenges and adventures.

Now I would like to know about you. What puts a smile on your face? Tell me your stories and I'll tell you mine and we can create some together.



New photo posted on 4/22/2014Profile changed on 4/22/2014

Sanderson, Viloi Michelle
Dayton, TX | 54 | N/A
Caucasian | Christian

Impartial honesty requires no defense. I love tractors, tractor pulls, car races, river rafting! I'm fun and love to laugh! All I've ever wanted is to be nice to people and them be nice to me, a fair exchange. I'm a woman who wants to be loved and to love.

Philemon 15.

Please write,


**Please note that there can be no return address stickers (labels) on the envelope or your letter will be returned to you!

Profile changed on 4/22/2014Willing to write overseas penpalsLegal profileInmate is looking for work upon release

Espinosa, Megan
Wilsonville, OR | 26 | Straight
Caucasian | Catholic

Hi, my name is Megan. I’m an energetic, friendly, open-minded woman. I have a couple years left to do and need positive and open-minded, friendly people like myself to write me. I am seeking friends who are interested in getting to know a woman who has made mistakes but who has many great qualities. My past isn’t who I am. I’m relationship-shy but am willing to see where a friendship may go.

I enjoy drawing and love studying many different types of art. I also love music, cooking, cleaning, cuddling and traveling. I also enjoy making people laugh and I’m a very passionate person about life and the things I love. I can be hilariously silly at times but I know when to reign it in to a more mature, serious level. I like giving and receiving gifts and have a very playful personality.

Thank you for taking the time to read my profile and I look forward to hearing from you!

New photo posted on 4/22/2014Profile changed on 4/22/2014Willing to write overseas penpals

Roberts, Jennifer
Wilsonville, OR | 37 | Bi-sexual
Caucasian | Non-denominational

Hi there!

My name is Jennifer.  I’m a fun, friendly, outgoing woman looking for some interesting conversation.

I’ve found that exercise keeps my mind off of the negativity that’s so prevalent in this environment.  I do my best to stay in shape by jogging, doing aerobics and yoga.  I see no reason to become a victim of my circumstances so I stay involved in positive activities and take advantage of any educational programs available.  A person can either rise above the negativity or they can become part of it, thereby losing sight of the bigger picture outside of these walls.

I was born on November 8, 1976 so I’m a Scorpio.  I definitely have some traits of that sign.  Honesty, loyalty and compassion are very important to me.  I will support a friend in all that they do and will never turn my back on them.

I’m looking for people to correspond with who can stimulate my mind.  It doesn’t matter to me whether you’re male or female, young or older, attractive or not and sexual preference doesn’t concern me.  As long as you’re honest, genuine and open-minded I’d love to get to know you.

New photo posted on 4/22/2014Profile changed on 4/22/2014Willing to write overseas penpals

Morin, Dusty
Gatesville, TX | 39 | Bi-sexual
Caucasian | Baptist

Hi, I'm Dusty. I'm looking to meet new people to add into my brand new life. Friendship is very welcome. Who knows what the future may hold. I love the outdoors, water, and the art of laughing. I made a mistake, and I'm paying for it. Although I'm not my mistake.

I'm loving, caring, open, and honest to a fault. I want more outta life than I've allowed myself to have. I want to meet someone who has a need and a want to live life. If you ask me something, expect an honest answer, even if it isn't what you like. I hold family and friends close to my heart. So please join the people close to my heart.

Who knows what pen and paper may create? Take a chance, it just might be worth it (smile.)

Smile Today.

New profile posted on 4/21/2014Willing to write overseas penpals

Grady, Heather
Memphis, TN | 43 | Bi-sexual
Caucasian | Christian


My name is Heather, and I am a retired RN from the south. I am serving a 9 ½ year sentence for criminal simulation, computer hacking, ID trafficking, and other computer-based crimes. I'm a single mother/grandmother, and look forward to starting my life over the “right” way when I leave here.

I am a Christian, and have interest in meeting a Christian penpal who also believes in family values. I am a couch potato at home, but can feel just as “comfy” in an evening gown and heels. I love to smile and laugh, but have a serious side when I need one. I  believe my partner should make our decisions, but I'd want to be consulted. I know that's how God intended.

My favorite ice cream is peppermint. My favorite colors are pink, red, and black. I am a “girly girl”, but can get as “crunk” as a gangster. I stand for honesty, loyalty, and family. I don't drink or use drugs, but enjoy a cigarette on occasion, and pipe tobacco smells so good....

Well, in a nutshell I'm a true blue, “Ride-or-Die” kind of gal. I'll help you dig the hole, but I may be telling you about yourself the whole time! (smile)

I can't wait to chat!

Write me soon,



New profile posted on 4/21/2014Willing to write overseas penpals

Brown, Octavia
Ypsilanti, MI | 50 | Bi-sexual
African American | Christian

Hello Friend,

I'm rolling out the “red” carpet for “you” in the most sincere of greetings. (smile). My name is Octavia, I enjoy beauty in all forms. I live life as it unfolds before my eyes with the passage of time.

I have a charismatic, magnetic, well-adjusted personality. I'm genuine, honest, faithful, loyal, and respectful. I'm a good listener, team player, and am available whenever you need me for something.

Be prepared to laugh, I sport a keen sense of humor. Laughter truly is the best medicine. I believe you just have to kick back and laugh at the lighter side of life, otherwise we would go crazy! (smile)

I'm seeking someone who's down to earth, nonjudgmental, open-minded, well-rounded, kind-hearted, and who's character will stand alone. Someone who will treat me as an equal and a priceless human being. Someone who will not sell me out for material or personal gain, casual sex, politics, prestige, fear, hate, jealousy, money, or a combination thereof. The only “real” currency of nature is the relationship between two people.

I have met many people throughout my life's journey. Some have walked a mile, some 5 miles, some further. All I need is that special someone to walk the rest of my journey with me. What matters is that some things have to be “believed” before they can be “realized”. Are you that special someone? Are you ready to fulfill your destiny? Together we can stand the test of time and excel beyond our wildest dreams. You won't be disappointed.

New profile posted on 4/20/2014Willing to write overseas penpalsLegal profileInmate is looking for work upon release

Valdez, Vanessa
Aliceville, AL | 39 | Bi-sexual
Hispanic | Native American

I am a Hispanic (Native American) woman doing time. I am in search of someone to correspond with. I am a beautiful woman inside and out, and want to find a good friend to help me do my time. Someone who doesn't judge me for my past mistakes.

I enjoy working out daily. I deeply believe in keeping in good physical condition. I enjoy kicking back, watching football, listening to music, and my favorites are oldies, R&B, and some country. I enjoy getting to know others and be new people. I am open and honest and full of life.

I want to find someone who is spontaneous and willing to try new things. Life is too short and I don't want to waste another second. I've wasted enough.

I only have a short time left and I hope to find someone to start it with now. Good friends are hard to come by. Right now that's what I really need.

Hope to hear from you soon.

New profile posted on 4/19/2014Willing to write overseas penpals

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