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My name is Tommy.  On October 12 2003, my wife was murdered and on Oct 13 2003, I was arrested for a crime I didn't commit. The eye witness description of a 120 lb. man 5'5" tall does not match me. I am 285 lbs., 5'10" tall. He was asked, could it be a guy 285/300 lbs. He said no.

The DNA evidence is blood on my wife's bed which is about 10-15' from the tub where she was water-boarded and drowned. The blood was female blood and not my wife's. The hair in the tub where my wife was water-boarded was not my hair. The roommate has changed her alibi 5 times and the same eye witness that said a green truck, like my truck, also said the red car that belonged there was also there. So the roommate was at home.

At the second trial, the roommate's side job as a baby sitter changed the time she left so she would have a better alibi by saying she left around 10 am. But at the first trial she said she left at 8:30 am. When she got back home, the roommate and the roommate's side job lied to protect the roommate from being charged with murder.

Please help me so the state does not kill an innocent man. I am looking for a pen pal and someone to investigate my wife's murder to clear me and prove my innocence.

My appeal attorney beleives there is a repeat of the structual error from 80503d 28D and I pray the court will see the same.  (CC-0501499.80)                                                                                                                                                           Criminal Court of Appeals #CR-15-1087

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Location: Atmore, AL Age: 52 Orientation: Straight
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