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When I was fifteen I took the life of a woman who was loved by many, including me. A day does not pass that I don't think of her and the pain I have caused to so many people. The shame was toxic to me for so many years. Living in a haze unable to grow or even recognize who I was, I became lost within these walls, content with the fact that I was probably going to die in prison. I was drunk when my grandmother passed away. It hit me so hard I went into a rage as I was locked in my cell. I even began to cry. I hadn't cried in years, these tears streamed down my face free from worry of being judged or thought to be weak by others. That next morning is when I began questioning myself and what was I doing with myself. What purpose was I serving, what am I doing with my life.

I still carry this shame but it no longer is toxic. It drives me to be better. It is a reminder of who I was and who I strive to be. The memory of what I have done and the people I've affected will be with me forever; it is a constant reminder of what type of person I was and I don’t ever want to hurt anyone ever again.

I am on WriteAPrisoner.com looking for legal assistance. I do currently have a 6.500 motion in the court. My sentencing judged over scored me on my PRV's using my arrest record to do so. There is also a newspaper article speaking about how my sentencing judge made it a practice to exceed guidelines. My current judge ordered a response from the prosecutor. This was in July 2016. I need help, someone that will be a voice for me. I want someone to fight for me, not because my issues have merit, but because they believe in me. Someone that will talk with my family and friends to see what type of person I was and who I am today.

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Location: Kincheloe, MI Age: 33 Orientation: N/A
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