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Abo, Michael
Umatilla, OR | 37 | Straight
Multi-racial | Christian

Hi, my name is Mike. I enjoy listening to music, drawing, sports, mainly combat sports (mixed martial arts, wrestling). I was a professional mixed martial arts competitor before being incarcerated. I also enjoy working out, reading, and helping people. I am very outgoing and assertive at times. I am very open and honest.

I am looking for a pen pal. If interested please write

Profile changed on 1/30/2016

Aguilar, Stephan
Lakeview, OR | 34 | Straight
Multi-racial | Native American

Hello and thanks for stopping on my page. My name is Stephan Aguilar and I am 6’3” with brown hair and eyes and a great smile. I’m smart, driven, capable, handsome and funny. I hope to find a smart, fun and sassy girl as fun as I am to correspond with for my last year incarcerated and possibly longer.

I love hav

Inmate is looking for work upon release

Allee, William
Ontario, OR | 33 | Straight
Caucasian | N/A


Many of the poor choices that I’ve made in the past took place while in the company of negative people and influences.  Therefore, I joined this site in hopes of finding some new friends.
I certainly do not want my crimes to define who I am.  I grew up in Salem, Oregon and Las Vegas, Nevada.  I

Willing to write overseas penpals

Allrunner, Chad
Ontario , OR | N/A | Straight
Native American | N/A

Please stand by.  My profile isn’t posted yet so has put this one up for the time being. My profile will be along shortly, but you don’t need to wait for it.  Please—write me today!

Thanks, and please check back soon for my real profile.

New photo posted on 1/21/2016Profile changed on 1/21/2016Willing to write overseas penpals

Alvarez, Maximiliano
Umatilla, OR | 25 | Straight
Hispanic | N/A

Hey, my name is Max Alvarez, I’m 24 years old. Thank you for visiting my website. I’m looking for friends to get to know before my transition to the streets. I’ve been incarcerated since I was 17 years old so I don’t know a lot about not being behind bars. So hopefully I can find friends that can help me out with the transition back to societ

Willing to write overseas penpals

Anderson, Brian
Baker City, OR | 40 | Straight
Caucasian | Non-denominational


I am 6’ tall and a fit 220 pounds.  I am a very positive and upbeat person.  I enjoy the outdoors, hunting, fishing, camping, etc.  I love having fun with family and friends.  My favorite toys are jet boats, sand rails and snowmobiles.  I am also a very serious and loving person, with a big heart when needed.

I am looking for a lady to

Willing to write overseas penpalsInmate is looking for work upon release

Andes, Michael
Ontario, OR | 40 | Straight
Caucasian | Christian

I see you peeking! I am excited that you found me, I almost got away. Now that I have your attention there is something I would like to mention.

My objective for posting this profile is to meet someone who wants to have a cool conversation, lots of laughs and to learn more about each other. I am seeking a pen pal to share some th

Profile changed on 1/1/2016Willing to write overseas penpals

Applegate , Daniel
Ontario, OR | 26 | Straight
Caucasian | Christian

Hi, my name is Daniel.  I’m looking for new friends.  I’ve been all over.  I’ve a lot of love for people from all walks of life.  I’m willing to write overseas (especially Europe).  I’m 25.  I’ve been through a lot in my short life but my years have left me to possess the mind of one much more experie

Willing to write overseas penpals

Archer, Arden John
Pendleton, OR | 51 | Straight
Caucasian | N/A

My ex-cellie and I are in this photo, he has moved forward with his life in a new home. (He’s smiling, can you tell?) I have been fortunate enough to have participated in a great program designed to rescue shelter dogs for placement in supportive homes to live out their days in peace; his journey home is complete; this is a labor I have a great love for and I hope to one day accomplish

New photo posted on 1/4/2016Profile changed on 1/4/2016Willing to write overseas penpals

Arreola, Eric
Salem, OR | 28 | Straight
Hispanic | N/A

I consider myself a genuine, outgoing, passionate person who loves to laugh and create laughter. I am a man with many imperfections that make me far from insecure but instead more confident.  What I am looking for in my life right now is a female companion, someone who is willing to put it all on the line if need be despite what others may think. While I do not

Willing to write overseas penpals

Baszler, Kameron
Wilsonville, OR | 34 | Bi-sexual
Caucasian | N/A

Ladies and gentleman, if you’re looking to meet a charming, fun, loving, energetic, down to earth lady, then I might be the girl for you to build a friendship with! I’m easy going, open minded, funny and kind hearted. I’m loyal to my friends and love my family. Underneath my smile I have good morals and values. I’m generous, ambitious an

New photo posted on 1/11/2016Profile changed on 1/11/2016Willing to write overseas penpals

Brownlee, Tonya
Wilsonville, OR | 21 | Bi-sexual
Caucasian | Spiritual

I'm looking for anybody, from anywhere of at least 25 and up to write me. Loneliness is a disease to me and I hope to get the chance to fulfill that for someone who may (or may not) be alone like myself.

I'm 5'3", 130 pounds, athletic and I have great teeth!

I am very open-min

Willing to write overseas penpalsInmate is looking for work upon release

Clyborne, Summer
Wilsonville, OR | 35 | Bi-sexual
Caucasian | Christian

Hi, my name is Summer Clyborne. I’m born and raised in Salem, Oregon. I’m a very outgoing person. I’m easy to get along with.

My hobbies are working out, long walks, writing, dirt biking, and boating. I’m an outdoors kinda girl.

I’m looking for some new positive p

Willing to write overseas penpals

Crabtree, Mercedes
Wilsonville, OR | 21 | Straight
Multi-racial | Christian

“Pressure bursts pipes but it also makes diamonds”…

Hey I’m Mercedes. One thing I know is that it gets lonely in here. I’m not looking for anything special, just someone I can get to know. It is impossible to live without failing, some people big, some small but their failure doesn’t define th

Willing to write overseas penpalsLegal profile

Crawford, Kimberly
Wilsonville, OR | 48 | Straight
African American | Christian

Psst…Are you paying attention now?

Welcome to my world!

My name is Kimberly and I’m searching for friendship from any country, race or religion.

I enjoy the outdoors, being active and good conversation. I have a wide range of taste in music, but I particularly like REB. I like all sports especially pro football and basketball an

Willing to write overseas penpals

Crow, Angel
Wilsonville, OR | 25 | Straight
Other | Other

Hi! My name is Angel Crow, I’m 25. I consider myself a good girl who got mixed up in a bad crowd. I’m easygoing and I like to get along with my surroundings. I’m energetic and enjoy staying busy.

I’m looking for a fresh start and new beginning with someone who’s understanding and generous. I would like a relationship that’s honest and uninhibite

Willing to write overseas penpals

Danielson, Shandi
Wilsonville, OR | 24 | Straight
Caucasian | Christian

Hi, I’m Shandi,
And as you can see I’m in prison.  I’m not happy I’m in here but I believe there’s a reason and a purpose behind everything that happens in life.  So instead of letting it hold me back, I’ve decided to grow from this experience and hopefully you would like to be part of that.

Willing to write overseas penpalsLegal profile

Dooley, Ashley
Wilsonville, OR | 24 | Bi-sexual
Caucasian | Non-denominational

If you're looking for someone to put a smile on your face and a little excitement in your life, then you can't go wrong with me!

I am a spunky country girl who loves to live life to the fullest by trying new things at least once, if not twice. 

I enjoy hunting, fishing, camping and dancing. I also li

Willing to write overseas penpals

Dowty, Autumn
Wilsonville, OR | 37 | Straight
Caucasian | N/A


They say that when you really get used to a place, you start dreaming in the native language.  The other night I dreamed that I need to be successful in all that I do. Not exactly fluent English, but I knew I was in America, where the real language is living the dream and success.

My name is Autumn, I will be releasing February 2016. I have don

Inmate is looking for work upon release

Elliott, Susan
Wilsonville, OR | 31 | Bi-sexual
Caucasian | N/A

 If you’re reading this then maybe I stuck out to you and you will take the time to get to know me.

I am very open-minded and honest.  No subject is off limits.  I am looking for a person who is interested in helping me do my time.  There are a lot of ways that one could help me out.  If I were being honest I would admit that I get lonely here.

New photo posted on 1/2/2016Profile changed on 1/2/2016Willing to write overseas penpals

441 Inmates | Viewing Results 1 - 10 | Viewing Page 1 of 41
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