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Acevedo, Mark
Coxsackie, NY | 23 | Straight
African American | N/A

Wassup Ladies,
First off, I want to be genuine as I possibly can when I say this, “I hope you’re looking for something real”.  If so, my heart, soul, and full attention will be on you through the words you are reading.  I’m no fantasy  but I’m sure I can make yours come true.  This is a once in a lifetime exp

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Adams, Anthony
Elmira, NY | 26 | Straight
Multi-racial | Christian

Hello ladies my name is Anthony but everyone calls me Nate. I am born in Canada, raised in New York. I am very outgoing. No matter where life puts me I am bound to make new friends. Even though I am incarcerated presently, I have a positive outlook on life and my future. I try to spend my time in here staying busy doing things like crocheting which I taught myself w

Willing to write overseas penpals

Alexis, Malachi
Elmira, NY | 28 | Straight
African American | Catholic

First off, thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my profile.

I have been incarcerated going on six years and during that time I have grown and matured as a human being.  I always strive to be a better person than yesterday.  I’m c

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Allen, Edward
Stormville, NY | 41 | Straight
African American | N/A

I am 39 years young, healthy, fit and very energetic. I was born and raised in the Bronx, N.Y., but traveled quite a few places.  I completed high school and attended college for a little while. I speak a little Spanish, versed in sign language and in the process of learning Chinese.  I have a few trades under my belt, but my most used skills are masonry a

Willing to write overseas penpals

Amay, Paul
Stormville, NY | 32 | Straight
Hispanic | Christian

I’m looking for a friend who can help me feel happy in my life and brighten up my dark days!  Someone that doesn’t judge me but instead brings me happiness. 

I’m a person who loves to read the Bible and accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior here in these walls.  I became a new person with new goals

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Andrade, Napoleon
Otisville, NY | 35 | Straight
Other | Other

Hello, I'm a young man looking to find a special WOMAN to get to know. I'm a very athletic guy. I was a successful trainer and MMA fighter.

If you’re a lady looking to start a friendship write me.

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Archer, Brett
Wallkill , NY | 39 | Straight
N/A | Spiritual

I was born and raised in the West Indies. I enjoy music and traveling (traveling is on pause for the moment). So, music and writing are my hobbies of today. I've been in prison for 8 years now and every friend I thought was loyal have yet to be seen or heard, but they fail to realize that my release date is far sooner than they expected.

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Arnold, Marcus
Otisville, NY | 46 | Straight
African American | Christian

Hello, my name is Marcus Arnold. I’m 6’5” tall, I weigh 230 pounds, slim build with long dreads. I’m looking for a friend that’s willing to build a great relationship. I like to have fun. My sign is Aquarius, very understanding and caring person. Just because I’ve done bad things in my life doesn’t make me a bad person. I ju

Ayers, Michael
Romulus, NY | 36 | Straight
African American | Christian

I am a 36 year old athletically built African American bachelor.  I am looking for a female pen pal; race, age, creed, and or religion are non-factors. I am open to a romantic relationship.

I am caring, attentive, energetic, and funny. I do not have any place in my life for drama. I am easy going and have always appreciated

Profile changed on 3/28/2017Willing to write overseas penpals

Azor, Cory
Stormville, NY | 24 | Straight
African American | N/A

Dear Mystery Lady,

I hope that your day has been blessed and that my profile gives it that little something extra that will make you remember today with a smile.

I have no doubt that on your end you’re wondering what I’m about…so to begin, my name is Cory. I’m in searc

New photo posted on 3/1/2017Willing to write overseas penpals

Ball, Angela
Bedford Hills, NY | 32 | N/A
Caucasian | Non-denominational

Born June 14, 1984, high school graduate and 2 years of college, I am not a member of any organized religion or religious practice but I do believe in a “higher power”. My passions: art, animals, horticulture, cooking exotic food and the great outdoors. I would like to communicate with like thinking individuals.

I had

Case, Nicole
Albion, NY | 30 | Straight
Caucasian | Christian


My name is Nicole and I am looking to meet people who share common interests.

The funny thing about life is that it’s full of mistakes and lessons.  It is how one conquers

New photo posted on 3/8/2017Profile changed on 3/8/2017Willing to write overseas penpals

DeClerq, Courtney
Albion, NY | 29 | N/A
Caucasian | Methodist

Mother of 2 children who made a mistake and ended up incarcerated. By using my time wisely, trying to get my GED and learn other skills to make my future better for my kids and family. Seeking friendship; I think the world is better when we have friends.

Harvey White, Quanasia
Albion, NY | 21 | Bi-sexual
African American | Christian

I'm optimistic and outgoing, sometimes companionship is well needed. A letter brightens an inmates stay in such a dark place like this. I'm hoping to meet people who are willing to accept me for me and not my record.

Profile changed on 4/29/2017

Hayes, Ebony
Bedford Hills, NY | 34 | N/A
African American | N/A

My name is Ebony. Before I begin this, I would like to ask God to let this go into the best hands that it can.  I am only looking for friends to talk about all of this pain that I keep inside of me, because there is no one to talk to in here.  I can only hold so much inside, so I am praying for that friend to come and “talk”.


Birthday coming up on 5/28

Hinds, Kendra
Albion, NY | 29 | Bi-sexual
N/A | Non-denominational

Hello to anybody reading this; my name is Kendra Hinds.

After doing 2-1/2 years in prison I am finally going to be released Jan. 2017, and max date is August 2017. Through this experience I have learned that a good friend is priceless, and while I may not have entered prison with a true friend, I would like to leave with a real f

Pagli, Stacey
Bedford Hills, NY | 45 | Straight
Caucasian | Christian

Hi, my name is Stacey. I'm looking for pen pals to correspond with during my time a Correctional Facility in New York, so as to share some normality with the real world and stay updated with what the news does not post. Hopefully, a friendship will blossom over time.

In my free time, I enjoy listening to music and reading.

Willing to write overseas penpals

Sollozzo, Anna
Albion, NY | N/A | Straight
N/A | Baptist

Single white female seeking companionship and friendship thru writing and visiting. I am very spiritual and also very nurturing. I love to cook and read. I also enjoy picnics in the park, and cuddling up to a good movie. I am looking forward to meeting someone with similar feelings.

Profile changed on 4/25/2017Willing to write overseas penpals

Stone, April
Bedford Hills, NY | 41 | Straight
Other | Christian

“Hey Everybody!”  I’m April and yes, I was born in April, and that means that I’m a hot and spunky Aries that’s full of excitement, laughter, spice, love and intelligence.  I am blessed to be an exotic mixture of Blackfoot Native American, and West African, which makes me sultry and sexy with beautiful chocolate skin and hypno

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Zeigler, Mariyah
Bedford Hills, NY | 20 | N/A
African American | N/A

Well as you see my name Mariyah....I’m currently doing 6 years and I’m more than half way done.

I have spent the last 4 years going to college, reading, working out and listening to home I enjoy early morning runs, Saturday morning shopping and visiting big cities....I dream of being free in Paris, sipping

Birthday coming up on 5/2

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