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Adkins, Rodney
Gould, AR | 42 | Straight
Caucasian | Christian

Hello my name is Rodney. Thanks for taking the time to read my profile.  I hope you and I will become close friends. I have been incarcerated for decades. Almost two-thirds of my life. Spend most of my time alone. Rarely see the sky or outside.

I'm fit 5'11 220 pounds. I enjoy intense exercise, praying, and reading a

Willing to write overseas penpals

Bailey, Christopher
Forrest City, AR | 39 | Straight
African American | Christian

If I had the opportunity to introduce myself in person, I probably would greet you with a warm and confident smile, make eye contact with a flirtatious glance, and formally introduce myself with a sincere handshake. Unfortunately, I’m unable to make that form of introduction so please allow me to acquaint myself verbally with the hopes that I’m able to s

Willing to write overseas penpalsLegal profileInmate is looking for work upon release

Baker, Daniel
Little Rock, AR | 37 | Bi-sexual
Caucasian | Baptist

Dear Friend,

I hope things are very well in your life. Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Daniel. I am from Little Rock, Arkansas, however, my domicile for several years been confined within a supermax prison. Here I am alienated and cloistered from the outside world. I am often engaged in psychological warfare as it is very destructive and imminent force on the menta

Willing to write overseas penpalsInmate is looking for work upon release

Bisbee, Donny
Marrianna, AR | 42 | Bi-sexual
Caucasian | Non-denominational

Dear friend,
Life is an arduous journey filled with obstacles.  Friends can help one another navigate those obstacles.  Having close friends to share ideas with, as well as life’s ups and downs, can make a big difference in how we feel about ourselves and the world around us.  This is especially true for those of us who are incarcerated.

Willing to write overseas penpals

Brandao, Angelo
Forest City, AR | 36 | Straight
N/A | N/A

Hello, my name is Angelo. Thank you for having interest in my profile. I appreciate your good taste. Hopefully, this is the start of new beginnings for the both of us. I'm a straight forward guy. I don't believe in playing immature childish games, lying, deceiving, nor taking advantage of people. So, if this type of behavior is normal to you, please log off my profile immediately.

Willing to write overseas penpals

Burnam, Bryant
Forrest City, AR | 42 | Straight
African American | N/A

Hello lady,
I’m looking for friendship.  A friendship where we can appreciate each other, evaluate each other and learn about each other as the days pass us by.  It’s a lot that I would like to say that my words are limited.  I’m hoping to meet a woman who sincere, honest, open-minded and caring. Honesty, trust and loyalty ar

Profile changed on 4/26/2017Willing to write overseas penpals

Carter, Ronald
Forrest City, AR | 33 | Straight
African American | Christian

I’m interested in a woman that can understand the definition of woman and would love to communicate with a real man.  I’m 6'2 tall, weigh 215 pounds with brown eyes and sometimes I wear my heart on my sleeve.

Only if you’re serious abo

Willing to write overseas penpalsBirthday coming up on 5/23

Clifton, Robert
Wrightsville, AR | 35 | Straight
Caucasian | N/A

My name is Robert Clifton and I’m serving a 14 year sentence in an Arkansas prison.  My flat date is 8-8-27, so I could end up doing time until then.

I’m looking to find friendship and possibly more.  Having someone to correspond with can bring that little ray of sunshine to my life.  I’m a very o

Collins, Brian
Forrest City, AR | 37 | Straight
African American | N/A

Dear Someone Special,

I want to share this amazing fact with you that I have finally discovered. When there is more joy in a relationship it seems to be more positive and stronger. When you’re outgoing, trustworthy and compassionate in your relationship, it’s extremely hard to go wrong. You know today, a woman is meas

Profile changed on 4/7/2017Willing to write overseas penpals

Cortinez, Andrew Cody
Newport, AR | 30 | Straight
Caucasian | Pagan

Hi, my name is Andrew Cody Cortinez. I am a 29-year-old white male. I go by Cody. I am from Little Rock, Arkansas. I enjoy long walks on the tier and cell lighted dinner of Ramen noodles.  NO, just kidding! I hate all of those things!  I try to laugh. It keeps me sane.

I am a country boy, I love fishing and hunting. I can spend all day out

Willing to write overseas penpals

Bell, Ronita
Newport, AR | 39 | Straight
African American | Non-denominational


My name is Ronita Faith Bell.  I am 38 years old, originally from Detroit, Michigan.  I consider myself to be an open minded, down to earth compassionate woman who unfortunately made a bad decision at the young age of 18.

At one point or another, everyone has made a few bad decisions and mistakes in life and I strongly believe that everyone deserves a s

Willing to write overseas penpalsLegal profile

Cook, Sierra
Newport, AR | 22 | Straight
Caucasian | Catholic

Blonde Haired, Blue Eyed Beauty!

Open the door and peek inside as I share a little about myself; vivacious, spontaneous, outgoing, and full of laughter and zeal for life.

I’m 22 years old, 5’9” tall and weigh 130 pounds.  My hobby is photography; being in front of or beh

Willing to write overseas penpals

Crow, Nancy
Newport, AR | 69 | Straight
Caucasian | Christian

Down 27 Years and Counting

Before prison I was blessed with an excellent Liberal Arts education.  Now 68 years old, some believe it is the memories of my childhood, growing up in the heart of the big thicket of Texas- those fondest memories, percolating through my being for 63 years that made me a wildlife artist in 2011.

I lea

Willing to write overseas penpalsOriginal art

Dale, Julie
Newport, AR | 38 | N/A
Caucasian | Christian

I suppose that you would like to know a little about me but before you go any further, I ask that you proceed with an open mind. It takes someone who is nonjudgmental to be able to see beyond my past indiscretions and my current circumstances to the woman that I truly am. I have a vivacious and outgoing personality. I love the outdoors; I enjoy hiking, canoeing, cam

Profile changed on 3/13/2017Legal profileInmate is looking for work upon release

Smith, Cindy
Newport, AR | 44 | Bi-sexual
Caucasian | N/A

My name is Cindy Smith.  I'm 43 years old.  I like music, movies, walks in the woods or by water, mud riding, camping, floating on the river, horseback riding, reading a good book, snuggling by the fire or in front of the TV, bonfires, caving (going into caves and looking around), fishing, dancing, riding around, traveling, playing with my dog and 2 cats, BBQ, cooking, playing

Willing to write overseas penpalsLegal profile

47 Inmates | Viewing Results 1 - 10 | Viewing Page 1 of 5
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