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 Can Two People

What’s up 2017, so far life is silky smooth
For me…family is healthy, bless, joyful,
and happy…so why am I so sad, unhappy,
And lonely?  The number one QUESTION
Is why “you feel the same way as me?”  And
You are free!
I wonder at times what’s worse prison or
The word!  Let see:  Sad, pain, death, war,
Racism, political and at times misunderstood…
Yes, they both have things in common…but
They are viewed as two different worlds…
Can two people from these two different
worlds become friends or a couple?  Can
they understand each other?  Be happy?  Of
communicate?  Can one really be happy
with the others misfortune of affection?
Can one be happy with understanding,
Kindness, honesty, and trust?
Are we settling for what we can’t find in
Others?  Is it that we don’t know our worth?
Open your heart…Let yourself feel…
Trust the beat of your soul…put fear to
The side…Let the joy of Happiness shine
In your lonely darkness…
Believe in hope and possibility…What do
Oneself say, HMMMMM, I wonder…

Tyrone Baldwin AA2626
Imperial, CA

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