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Matthew's Poems

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An Instant Attraction

Her loveliness,
That’s what caught my eye at first glance,
What word can best define my reaction to her appearance?
An intoned phrase from within began to sing,
A chant,
“Beautifully brilliant, remarkable radiant, uniquely ultra,”
A cadence,
A cadence which prompted me to say:
“Only if you could wear my eyes right now,”
The real trap of her beauty was its irresistibility, its sight, its character, its
Moral elements,
They say the most beautiful things in the world are the most useless- not her,
A language of its own as her vanity speaks the same volumes as words do,
Her loveliness,
Without question I see if for what it truly is, for what it truly is,
Unarguably, irrefutably,
~ The flower of virtue.

Matthew Grady 6650145
Fort Madison, IA

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