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Javier's Poems

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 Patiently I wait “2” hear a precious word or “2”. 

Something to let me know I have entered your mind.
I hate the position I am in, yet this gives us time to learn our minds. 
So when we are in front of each other we won’t be blind. 
Allow my words to take away your pain, kiss away your tears. 
Let my thoughts run through you as you learn to understand me. 
Let’s open our minds, learn to make love with pen and paper. 
My words bringing ecstasy as they stay with you internally. 
I hope my thoughts are not too strange yet my passion has no fear. 
Each breath I breathe is energy that builds up throughout the years. 
Are you my release?  To who that doesn’t fear I’m one you won’t regret.

Lost in a system of a prison doing time,
It takes all I can to keep a piece of mind. 
A moment of weakness can come at a great cost,
Much gained respect can quickly be lost. 
We learn to cope and deal with each passing year,
On the outside we appear hard but inside we shed tears. 
We stand strong and always stay true, with each passing year,
On the outside we appear hard, but inside we shed tears.
We stand strong and always stay true,
With each passing day it’s harder to do.
Living the prison life that I would love to forget,
I will always be holding back, tears of regret.

Javier Medina 01966551
Kenedy, TX

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