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Marlon's Poems

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Puzzle Piece #1

Is it truly the eloquent words that flow from the tip of the pen to the face of the paper, that can describe in vast detail how outlandishly we treat our neighbor? I believe it is a muddle of minds that intertwine so complex that it boggles my mind. The fear, the joy, the fleeting glimpse of emotion…before we hide it, mask it and become one with the ocean. So I ask my hand to flow softly so I may caress the face of this paper. In hopes that just a minute piece of flavor enters the heart of a hater, gang-banger, or a multi-drug addicted dope bag slanger. So many words to describe my beliefs. Is this my most natural way, grasp, let go and truly find release? I reach for my dictionary to help the flow of my soul. I open it to find descriptive words at random. Prior to this moment in my life it would be impossible to fathom. I was a prisoner of war, no ransom.

I hope you enjoyed a piece of my soul. This is only part 1 of piece 1. Write me and ask about part 2.

Marlon Smith 16904196
Tillamook, OR

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