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New York's Most Rotten

His life and liberty, the Police took from him.
Who's gonna advocate his cause,
Because the whole system flipped on him?

Another young youth, set up, and arrested.
His innocence disregarded, and molested.

A corrupt enforcement.
Of a system that he's lost in.
A false confession, that's been forced too often.

An eyewitness to true lies.
That swear to God, that they never lie.
A wink on the sly.
From a detective on homicide.

Shocked, and scared.
Burned alive by his Mamma tears.
Too close to come near.
But his fears,
Are already there.

The correctness of corrupt politics.
The public loved, and swallowed it.
The truth of his innocence didn't sell news,
So they abolished it.

Made to look like a nightmare.
A psychopath that don't care.
Society' worse fear.
So what, he didn't do it,
Who said life was built fair.

How much more,
Can the Constitution endure?
Since when is it a right to get your head bashed
against a locker or wall?

Pushed to the edge of his craziness.
How long can he handle it?
Murder was the case, but his will to resist,
Still exist.

To protect and serve, set him up, and delivered him.
Hard stares and glares from a jury that ain't feeling him.
And since they didn't acquit him,
The sentencing Judge finished him.

The ride was rough.
He endured every bump.
He's trying his best, but his truth ain't good enough.

He's become more than a conviction that's at stake.
Another number shipped upstate.
Not a textbook case,
For a Lawyer to evaluate.

No longer a man-child,
More savage, then manageable.
Twisted out of his mind,
Is how prison will hand him back to you.
That's if he's lucky enough to survive the unthinkable,
He's so tired of being sick and tired,
At times he's ready to expire.

Hand to hand, with no law degree.
His will to survive is his legal team.
In his dreams, he never bleeds.
One man's fight against the world for his liberty.
Who can see the scared boy on his knees,
Praying for victory.

He pleads his appeal by the hourglass.
The Judge, and D.A. laugh.
Puffing on cigars that were given by a Madman.
The very same Madman,
Made a Madman,
Because he got a badge in his hand.
They were working together,
Now you understand.

Decorated and celebrated.
For terror tactics he incorporated.
Following the law as he stated.
Was a waste of time, and overrated.

A legacy of the horrible.
Veteran Detective found dishonorable.
It's far from a few.
The D.A., and the Judge too.
Did you sit on the jury?
Cause it could have been you too!

His best years are now behind him,
But he fights hard to find them.
His heartbeats hopelessly, so he crushed and grind it.

He was once made of flesh and blood.
Someone that needed a firm hug.

Every now and then, it seeps into his mental,
The evil that men do.
Two brothers torn apart from the same womb,
That's been left in a shamble.

He remembers the face of an angel.
The foulness they may true.
The loss of a Brother so painful.
It strangles.
He's feeling estranged, and he's loss his best angel.

His innocence is hesitated.
As his freedom got castrated.
For a crime that he couldn't commit,
Even to his most hated.

In prison he sits, his heart scarred and harden.
His innocent youth, long gone, and forgotten.
Services courtesy, of New York's Most Rotten.


Thomas Malik

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Thomas Malik 97-A-0117


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203 Results | Viewing Results 191- 191 | Viewing Page 191 of 203
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