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Inmate Blog Entry: Wednesday, October 19 2016

Inmate Blog Category: Life

Hector Santiago's Profile
Age: 40
Location: Norfolk, MA
Total Blog Entries: 1

I was recently blessed with a great opportunity through "Partakers" to take a Paralegal course from Black Stone Career Institute. I am blessed with a chance to advance my studies and build on my degree. I look back and recognize how far god carried me. God received me as a broken child, and molded an educated man. I trusted, even when I thought I couldn't, and I have been rewarded for it. My heavenly father continues to rebuild and strengthen me. Through my faith, I can finally see my own face in the mirror, and I am proud of who looks back at me. Too many people attempted to shame me for the actions they committed against me when I was a child. Yet God allowed me to use my shame and trauma as fuel for my growth and strength. I refuse to allow the flaws or bad circumstances in my life, either by my own hands or others, to break me or hold me down. This system took me in as an uneducated, drug-addicted teenager. When I am released, I will leave as an educated, stable man. I faced my demons and I stopped running. Can you possibly relate? Have you ever felt discouraged or broken? Willing to share? Do you need words of life and encouragement? I offer my friendship, and I would like to know you if you offer the same. I will respond. (Proverbs 18:24)

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