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Inmate Blog Entry: Saturday, February 1 2014

Inmate Blog Category: LIFE

Patrick Cotter's Profile
Age: 31
Location: South Walpole, MA
Total Blog Entries: 1

LIFE-- I learned that life will spring hard times on you "without warning" and as much as you attempt to prepare and be ready for them, it's almost impossible. I would say simply impossible but I strive to believe that nothingz impossible. But how can someone plan for the unknown, unseen.... It's simply trying to conquer an opponent that is not only invisible but "never was" until "it's been". Our only option is to walk with our heads held high and smiles on high beam. No one person's life will be exact with another's but the experience will sometimes be compatible, but never the same. Similar doesn't come close to the person's thoughts, emotionz, and ability to cope. So we as people can only give a shoulder to lean on, hoping that it will be accepted. Preparation is something you can only hope coincides with the up-and-coming ups and downs. Constantly we overlook small things that impact us in a major way. A smile and not the action of it but the warm feeling it fills your soul with and its ability to defrost a cold state of mind or situation for even those few precious moments. Life is worth all we come to learn on the journey. The "highs" sometimes don't mean as much. Enjoying and living for the good times that sometimes we forget how strong the best times made us. "But that's life." Swayzee

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