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Inmate Blog Entry: Tuesday, August 23 2016

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Age: 36
Location: Lancaster, CA
Total Blog Entries: 1

When you look around and at these relationships we can see a lot of people only want to be around when the sun is shining; which means when there is no storm on the horizon. Something like when a person is in prison without any bright light to shine through, only cage bars with dark walls to look forward to. As you sit here and read my words to move you some way, you already know that I am within the storm, but you have an open mind to want to reach out to someone when they are down. That says and means a lot to people like myself which we can respect in a real way. But then you have those individuals who come in your life and knew the life that you lead, but the sun was shining bright so they embrace every part of your being until the storm came through and they were gone, like the movie: “Gone With The Wind”. Do people lose their self for immediate sensation? Why do we lose our loyalty for a brighter present? My guess is a lot of us haven’t been taught to stick around and some of us learn when we become much older and wiser from experience. To really understand what it really means to have a friend’s back (loyal). I’ve received it with wisdom, and from doing time and seeing how dudes were treated and left for dead in here and out there in society. Everybody wants to be loved, but a lot of these people do not want to work hard at loving others. I guess they prefer the easy way only to be there when there are clear skies. My thoughts for y’all. Do what you say you going to do and mean what you say. I say what I mean and mean what I say. Yes all relationships are like a job you have to work at it every day so it can be fulfillment to all parties involved.

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