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Inmate Blog Entry: Thursday, May 22 2014

Inmate Blog Category: LOVE

Judah Watkins's Profile
Age: 30
Location: Menard, IL
Total Blog Entries: 1

Love In Theory What is love? Ask that question to 10 different people and you'd most likely get 10 different answers. Or some sort of cliché we've all heard 1000 times. Most of us attach it to some sort of emotion or some experience we've had in our life time and some of us… Well we don't believe in love at all. Whatever your belief is, or lack thereof, you are absolutely correct. Because the truth is, love has no definite definition. Love is particular. We only know what love means to us as individuals. In theory most of us have never and will never experience true love. I believe the only path to true love is to find that someone (if he or she exists) that shares the exact same definition of love as you. The journey seems impossible, but yet we embark upon it instinctively, with conviction, with passion, and without direction. It's a journey filled with highs and lows that drives us blissfully insane. It is a necessary journey to find 'the one'. The one that will bring joy, sacrifice, pleasure, and vulnerability. The one that brings honesty and boldness, safety and security, shamelessness and sincerity. And that same one will bring insecurity and distrust, anger and sorrow, uncertainty and unavailability. He or she will bring pain and throughout your journey they all will. But that 'one' is the one worth suffering for. In my opinion being in love and being crazy are one and the same. Love is insanity, it is doing the same thing over and over, praying, hoping, wishing for that 'one' that is the different result. You might ask, how would I know? I wouldn't…it's just a theory. Sincerely Blogged, Judah

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