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Inmate Blog Entry: Tuesday, May 2 2017

Inmate Blog Category: My Life

Maurice Redmond's Profile
Age: 46
Location: Grafton, OH
Total Blog Entries: 1

Peace to all of us… I appreciate this opportunity to share my blessings. I wish to seek the pleasure of meeting people regardless of race, adult age, or creed. I believe that we all deserve a second chance. It’s not the state of mind that leads you into prison, but the state of mind you have when you leave prison. Bad decisions detained us, but they don’t define us. I share words of my heart to speaking a language that at times is not understood, unless one whose soul is a mirror image of my own. There’s no way to describe compassion that transcends space and time. We walk under the same sky, we rest under the same Moon. Greatness exists in all of us, but life in its trials to derail us sometimes, and we act contrary to the goodness we come from, but I understand Love; we are human, not perfect, but authentic. Greeting reacquainted with the world, people, and establishing your place in it, takes time. And through “time” we often get what we don’t want, and want what we don’t have. For this reason, knowing who you are and what you stand for makes the difference between living and dying. There’s no room for being biased, judging equals selfish, and selfish places “self” first. Love is not getting everything you want… how you want it… when you want it. True Love starts within and overflows onto everything you touch. Before you seek the right person, you have to become the right person. We can grow from each life-experience, get a better understanding of circumstances with each other and ourselves. After all, it’s the words between the words that are Spirits speak. So as I offer a piece of my air, acknowledge our most powerful virtues… Patience, love, and forgiveness.

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