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Inmate Blog Entry: Tuesday, May 16 2017

Inmate Blog Category: More About Me

John Green's Profile
Age: 39
Location: Rosharon, TX
Total Blog Entries: 1

When did another man’s mistake become my mistake? When did I become him or them to you? Did I cheat on you or disrespect you? Did I hit, stop loving, trusting or talking to you? No, I didn’t at all. So when are you going to stop viewing, judging and passing me by as I’m him? Why are you so caught up in his negative light, like a deer scared to move on? Scared to trust, love or even be a friend again. When did you give people or situations that power over you? I advise you to take back that power and move out of that negative light that is casted upon you. Stop punishing yourself, be a friend again! I had to myself with the mistake I made in life. I had to ask forgiveness from God, people, family, friends and also forgive myself. I’ve been punished for my mistake. I’ve grown, matured and gained more value in this corner them with freedom. Have I viewed my mistakes to see where I could do better, no I haven’t. I viewed it as a lesson learned. It has helped me gain a GED, associate’s degree, trades, etc. It has helped me to see what is right and to be a real man. Good people make mistakes, named me one that hasn’t? It’s a saying, “you didn’t just get clocked”, so you learned from it. I have also. So why can I shake this other man’s mistake? He messed up, he isn’t me and I’m not him. Can someone tell me what it takes whether you are local or overseas? Why doesn’t the church write me, interesting and good people, new friends and my future? This isn’t my world, I am not caged beast and please don’t look at me as one. I am H.I.M. (Handsome Important Man) but I’m not him that will be back. Green

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