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Inmate Blog Entry: Tuesday, September 20 2016

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Age: 34
Location: Rahway, NJ
Total Blog Entries: 1

“Love As I See It” “God says to love thy God with all thy heart, mind and soul. Love thy neighbor as thy love thyself”. I know that the healthiest people to love are the ones who truly love themselves. However, how is this possible when a vast majority of us are clearly uneducated concerning who we are as a human race first, an ethical representer second and a national contributor third? How can we ever begin to love ourselves or the Creator if we don’t fully understand His creations? In the world we live in today, instead of being built by greater principles the word love is thrown around like a Frisbee with no destination. It has no value in the hearts and minds of many; because even when it’s genuinely brought forth there’s a hard time accepting it due to its false presentation. I love you are not three words we say to manipulate the relationships in our lives for our own selfish purposes. It’s a pattern of devotion displayed by action; as well as the things we do to meet each other’s standards of happiness. True love is when you give the most and never ask for or expect anything in return. It is when you make open and honest communication a necessity in order to establish longevity within that union. Love at its purest inspires you to compromise for the comfort of the person you love and sacrifice your lust for what is; for the greater potentials of what can be. Now, I believe in order to grasp hold of this kind of love, one must thoroughly research their ancestors past history, culture and origin. In return, that level of research should allow you to identify with who and where you come from; building a confidence in knowing your capabilities, what you have to offer, as well as how to conduct yourself. Respectfully, King Na’eem

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