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Inmate Blog Entry: Thursday, October 20 2016

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Austin Brown Jr.'s Profile
Age: 42
Location: Hagerstown, MD
Total Blog Entries: 1

Let me start with, Wish’n all who read dis, A peace of mind, contentment of heart & over all wellbeing. I’m on my way back 2 court, wit high hopes of attain’n a sentence modification, which will automatically bring me up 4 parole!! So I seek all da prayer I can get right now. I insperience dat I’m destined 4 great things N da future so I keep da Fiya (fire) burn’n & Being. Our lower realm is unqualified 2B da guiding force of our lives. So I encourage all who read dis 2 do az I do: Reach Higher & transcend da “B.S.” dats pleg’n our environment. Da Root cause of da “B.S.” is “Constricted Awareness of Self”…How can U change, make better or even Luv sumth’n which U hav no detail’d knowledge of??? If U cnt Love urself, then how can U properly Love anyone else? Or humanity az a whole? Every 1’s so quick 2 judge harshly & so quick 2 beg 4 mercy wen their caught up N their mistakes. There’s no where 2 hide frm ur own conscience & we all reap wat we sow N dis world. Face reality head on & avoid da illusion of Chasing Pleasure without 1st establish’n a solid foundation N Inner peace. Dis is a valuable lesion dat I’ve learn’d N my life. It’s realization dat motivates me 2 reach N2 da core of my Being & pull out my very own, true potential. 1 Luv…

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