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Inmate Blog Entry: Monday, April 25 2016

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Eric Lee Tedana's Profile
Age: 42
Location: Abilene, TX
Total Blog Entries: 1

Are you free? On the surface this should be a simple question, straightforward, black and white. Yes or no? However, not every prison has razor wire fences or iron bars. Some prisons are mental, others are emotional and some are spiritual. There are economical, intellectual and social prisons; prisons of every shape, size and color. Yet all these prisons have something in common. In fact you could say they share a key, a key to release, a key to relief, a key to freedom. What is that key? It’s a word that has gotten a bad rap. At first glance this key seems to lead deeper into the dungeons. I understand, I have walked this path of darkness a long time. Yet sometimes darkness can show you the light. At times I wanted to quit. However, I reminded myself, “I already know what lies behind”. So I pressed on, using this key to open doors that stood in the way and kept me caged. The key? Submission. By owning my flaws, accepting responsibility for my actions and working within my limitations – I’m learning to deal with reality on reality’s terms. Submission is not surrender. It’s a shade of freedom. Yet some locks require more than one key, others require a combination. Yes, there are all kinds of locks and all kinds of prisons. So let me rephrase my initial question and instead let me ask, “What shade is your freedom?” Let’s create concurrently.

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