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Brandon (Damali Ajani Kamara) Caples's Profile
Age: 35
Location: NC
Total Blog Entries: 2
Inmate Blog Entry:Monday, August 11 2014
Inmate Blog Category:Quotes

Quotes to Live By “Everything looks impossible for the people who never try anything.” “Time is only wasting, so why wait for eventually.” “Everybody is going to hurt you but you have to find the people that are worth hurting for.” “You block your dream when you allow your fear to grow bigger than your faith.” “You choose to allow problems and obstacles to overwhelm you.” “You come to love not by finding the perfect person but by finding and learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.” “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.” “Confidence comes after a little experience but experience doesn't happen without a little confidence.” “We make our greatest mistakes for love and they are the only mistakes we would choose to make again.” “Life is choice.” “You can't build a reputation on what you are going to do.” “Time you enjoy wasting was never wasted.” “Every day is conquerable by its hours and every hour by its minutes.” “The best way to predict your future is to create it.” “If you're not being who you're called to be it's a slow dream.” “If you choose to do nothing then you're making a choice.” “Life isn't about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself.” “You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them.” “An idea is meaningless unless it's put into action.” “You never know when a miracle will happen.” “Do the things that frighten you.” “Be the architect of your life.” “The loss of life is only great to those who chance it.” “Our dreams are often glimpses of our lives.”

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Ramsey Venner's Profile
Age: 39
Location: NV
Total Blog Entries: 1
Inmate Blog Entry:Tuesday, August 19 2014
Inmate Blog Category:

This is my July 2014 update for the curious who don’t know me, as well as the faithful that want to know what I’ve been up to. This year a little past halfway done has been good. Check that. This year is turning out to be awesome. I started 2014 with a hand written rough draft of a story I consider a snapshot into the fast life and the idea that I needed to get my manuscript seen by someone because I think it’s a hell of an entertaining story. Anyone else would probably want to just get it out there and hope for the best but I believe in creating my own luck so that approach was never gonna work for me. I put my head down, got to work and when I was done, I reached out to my friends and family and asked for help in getting it out. By March 2014 after countless stamps, letters, phone calls, inquiries, reads, re-reads, edits, additions, deletions, rewrites, and re-re-writes it’s finally done. My first novel No Loose Ends is a published reality currently making its debut at online retailers (, and in a handful of brick and mortar stores across the country. I’m juiced, it’s a big deal, but don’t take my word for it check me out at , Straight Stunt in No 34, The San Francisco Bayview newspaper or read the reviews on Personal victories aside I’m the proudest of my amazing daughter who is starting school this year by taking A.P. classes and possibly joining a sports team. Finally maybe…I’ve got my fingers crossed. She said she’s keeping an open mind. By and large, learning to persevere through all of the adversities being locked up throws at a man is my biggest update. Despite the worst parts of prison being all around me, I haven’t stopped pushing forward, I refuse to be defeated, I’m still standing. I write about it all on my blog ( Every day above ground is a blessing. Make the best of the 24 hours you’re blessed with. Shout out to my Table 5 family as well as my real family. Thank you! R. Venner

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Oliver Gruenenfelder's Profile
Age: 42
Location: OR
Total Blog Entries: 1
Inmate Blog Entry:Thursday, January 29 2015
Inmate Blog Category:

I believe in the many conspiracy’s the federal government and our military is involved in. I also believe that anyone who does not believe there is other alien life in the universe is just plain ignorant. I am a firm believer in alien life forms existing. Take Christians they believe in God who is not of this world and the heavens “Alien” “Not of this world” I mean pull your head out of you a—people. WE ARE NOT ALONE IN THE UNIVERSE.

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Graciela Cortez's Profile
Age: 43
Location: CA
Total Blog Entries: 1
Inmate Blog Entry:Friday, February 6 2015
Inmate Blog Category:Prisoners

In this world, people are held prisoners in many different ways. There are individuals who are prisoners of their fears, complexes, limitations, bad relationships and/or addictions. There are those who are prisoners of the need to have "more": more money, property, power, fame, sex, etc. Oh, but that's not all! There are still people who are prisoners of the taboos, beliefs, or customs of the cultures where they are born/raised. Then there is my type: those who are prisoners of flaws in the legal system of the USA; A country that in the eyes of the world, is supposed to have the more "efficient" justice system. I'm living proof of the contrary. Right now, however, my focus is on telling you that I can, in a way, relate to all of you who are prisoners in some way. I have conquered imprisonment by understanding that while my body is being held prisoner behind the walls of this prison, my mind, heart and spirit will forever be free. I have the freedom to express what I think and what I feel on paper and then share it with the world. I invite you to find a safe and healthy way to free yourself from whatever is holding you prisoner. Feel free to share your thoughts and feelings with me. I'm here for all prisoners of the world. Write me at the address provided please.

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John Nemo's Profile
Age: 47
Location: MN
Total Blog Entries: 1
Inmate Blog Entry:Sunday, February 15 2015
Inmate Blog Category:Facility Change

Hello! Something pretty amazing has happened to me! After being at Close custody facilities for over 23 years, I was transferred to a Medium prison on January 14, 2015. This is a huge step on my journey to rejoin society. I feel like my positive attitude and behavior is being recognized and rewarded. Now the burden is on me to prove that I deserve this opportunity. My primary goal is to complete the sex offender treatment program here. I am already confident I will never re-offend, but this will give me some important insight and tools to help ensure that never happens. I am committed to seeing it through, despite having no illusions that this will be a fun experience. Other important goals include completing my college degree, taking more vocational training and preparing for my Lifer Review in 2018. Also, a few people have left me no way to contact them when answering my ad. An email, via Corrlinks is awesome, but my state doesn't currently allow me to email back. That’s supposed to be changing when Minnesota switches to Jpay sometime in 2015. Until then, I need and address for snail mail. Others have provided addresses that return mail as un-deliverable. Please check that your address is typed out correctly. I answer everyone who contacts me as I know how much it hurts to reach out to someone and get only silence. A new facility. A new world. Hope there are no slugs..

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Darryl Pierce's Profile
Age: 33
Location: CT
Total Blog Entries: 1
Inmate Blog Entry:Wednesday, February 18 2015
Inmate Blog Category:

I hope all is well and you are in the best of health and spirits. To someone that didn’t know me I’d describe myself as authentic, open, honest, caring, sincere, non-judgmental, goal-oriented, and loyal and say that the rest you can form your own opinion of who I am. But for the purpose of our correspondence, I’ll say a few more things, I am a very well rounded man who likes to laugh and enjoy life, however, if I find a person to be trustworthy, I will be a bit more forthcoming. I am very loyal and pleasant to be around. I have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and I also am a deep thinker, outside of the box creative. I am not going to attempt to “sell myself” as I think that should we exchange letters, in time you will make a determination on who/how I am on your own. My leisure activities include writing, music, reading, basketball, and watching movies. My intentions are to find someone who I can communicate my deepest thoughts and experiences too without judgment. A console, someone to reach out to when I am lonely or discouraged. I’m also looking for another perspective toward life. In the interim, should you wish to be pen pals, but all means, I would enjoy the conversation. Perhaps you can fill me in on your interest or better topics of discussion I am open to corresponding by letters, email, and phone. God bless.

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Jaime Garcia's Profile
Age: 32
Location: TX
Total Blog Entries: 2
Inmate Blog Entry:Saturday, February 21 2015
Inmate Blog Category:

I never give up. With the life I’ve lived, even behind bars, I wake up every morning and thank God for every second, every heartbeat and every breath. My dad is still alive and kicking and proving everyday how much stronger he is than even I gave him credit for. My mother, being true to the women in her family who came before her and the blood that runs through her veins, seems to only get stronger and work harder by the day. Not to mention her stubbornness! Speaking of stubborn, I can’t help but to think of my sister. HaHa! Beautiful, intelligent and hilarious when she wants to be but as stubborn as Rush Limbaugh. Did I mention she’s beautiful? Ha. And last but only least in stature are my beautiful and smart nieces and nephews. Not a day goes by in my life that I don’t look at the pictures of them that I’ve surrounded myself by and understand how important it is I stay focused and push on. There are a lot of small and large things that go into my determination to succeed and be free, but none even a fraction as important as my family. So for those of you who care and especially for those of you who don’t HaHa…you can never count me out.

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Nicole Bradley's Profile
Age: 40
Location: CA
Total Blog Entries: 7
Inmate Blog Entry:Tuesday, February 24 2015
Inmate Blog Category:

I saw the parole board 11/20/14 and I was denied parole for 5 years. I really thought I was going to be granted parole. And so did my family. I’ve really been going through it since my denial. I’ve been crying so much. I’ve been having a hard time adapting. My biggest fear is that people in my life will become impatient to me. I’m not looking for a romantic relationship because I need to focus on my freedom. I can’t afford to worry whether someone is jealous, possessive, or unsupportive of my friends. I need men and women in my life who’d write me and who only seeks friendship with me. I need lots of mail. I also need someone to send me stamps, and to print stuff from the Internet for me. I need supportive and encouraging people in my corner who will help me in my goals of obtaining freedom. Someone who won’t judge me, who loves nature, values honesty, and who loves to write a lot. My family told me to work on my 5 year plan so I can go home by my next hearing. I’m going to groups and classes and trying my hardest to stay disciplinary free. I go to “beyond violence” classes, and I started 12 step classes.

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Terry Gonzales's Profile
Age: 34
Location: CA
Total Blog Entries: 1
Inmate Blog Entry:Thursday, February 26 2015
Inmate Blog Category:

I know you may wonder what it’s like to walk in my shoes and although you’d have to write me for specific details, I thought it’d be nice to give you a basic idea of what my day’s about. I usual wake at 5 o’clock and after washing up, I clean my living quarters and get ready for breakfast. I then do a short meditation and read a little bit since mornings are the quietest time of the day in prison. I then dedicate myself to an hour or so of physical exercise. It’s important to do so, especially in here. It allows me to free myself. After that’s done and I’m fresh out of the shower, the rest of my day is pretty much open. I may write, do arts and crafts, watch TV, talk to my friends etc. After dinner though is the most important part of the day: Mail Call! Having someone to write to is so important, fun, relaxing… There are not enough words in the dictionary to explain it. If I receive mail, my mood instantly skyrockets and I begin responding. Then I begin to unwind and prepare for bed by watching some TV and thinking over the day’s activities and preparing for tomorrow. I usually read some type of sayings, proverbs or other mental fruit before resting, because it enables me to sleep nicely and wake up fully prepared the next day.

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Joseph Lee's Profile
Age: 34
Location: TX
Total Blog Entries: 1
Inmate Blog Entry:Friday, February 27 2015
Inmate Blog Category:

(Blog 1) It’s hard to stay in touch with my family after being away for 16 years. You all know how it is out there, it’s a hustle keeping up with everything and easy to overlook someone in my situation. I’m trying to find help from someone willing to add blogs, pictures, messages, and poetry to my facebook page so that I can keep my family posted on how I’m doing. If you think that you can be dedicated and it’s in your heart to help me, then write me and lets start, because this is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Thank you! (Blog 2) How many people sincerely get on this site looking to find someone to write? I gotta ask because I know I’m not a bad guy. The worse thing about me is that I’ve been in prison since I was a id. But I get mail like I’m not even on this site. I’m just throwing this out there because I wanna hear from and meet more people. But you gotta write me. And yes I know, writing sucks sometimes, but also I am able to call you. And if we like who we meet through writing, I will pay for my own calls to chop it up with you. So hit me up because if I could, I’d hit you up. (Blog 3) Do you like Taylor Swift, poetry, tattoos, and slim dudes with nice attitudes? If so, write me, you have nothing to lose….

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