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Andre Mauldin's Profile
Age: 39
Location: IL
Total Blog Entries: 2
Inmate Blog Entry:Tuesday, April 29 2014
Inmate Blog Category:LEGAL ISSUE

June 25, 2012, the United States Supreme Court ruled mandatory life sentences unconstitutional for those whose offenses occurred before 18 years of age. They stated this violated the Eighth Amendment; Cruel and Unusual Punishment. Illinois Supreme Court has followed this ruling on retroactivity. Currently I continue to persistently fight for my innocence. I'll be presenting evidence proving to the court the sentence was not only severe when I received it as a child, but that I am innocent as well and should be released. Thanks to the advocates, support groups, and religious leaders, thoughts and prayers were an appreciated cause of action. In an unjust world those forgotten need justice. The transition into society will be a welcome challenge to reestablish myself to living what life is. Lord willing, blessings will overcome the obstacles I'll be facing with finding jobs, financial security, etc. Those with knowledge of opportunities available of those incarcerated returning to society, please provide. Searching for trade schools, job training, and employers willing to hire those who've been long rehabilitated, returning to society. It hasn't been determined when these resentencing hearings will be, between now to six months. I look forward to the things that are most important; family and living a life as God intended. I'll find a way when there is none to succeed at my hopes, dreams, and desires, it is an unforgiving world. I would love to guide or mentor in any capacity I can, those who lack guidance and judgment, as I once did.

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Antonio Blanchard's Profile
Age: 40
Location: IL
Total Blog Entries: 1
Inmate Blog Entry:Thursday, May 1 2014
Inmate Blog Category:INNOCENCE

On February 7, 2008, while in handcuffs I was beaten, kicked, and choked out by several police officers of Chicago’s 4th District Police Department. I would later be convicted and sentenced for a crime I did  not commit. Every day I look for a platform so that I can produce the documents that will prove my innocence. If you can provide any assistance, please contact me through the address posted on this website. (Please see picture labelled A for 1 view of my injuries.) An Innocent Man

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Richard Scheibe's Profile
Age: 41
Location: MN
Total Blog Entries: 2
Inmate Blog Entry:Monday, May 5 2014
Inmate Blog Category:Thoughts

Ever felt like a fish out of water? Or perhaps though you stuck out in a crowd simply because you were different in some way? If you came from a part of society that considered intelligent, educated conversation the norm and suddenly found yourself surrounded by, or even living under the same roof as those who could care less about it, how would you act? Would you be true to yourself, or change your way of thinking to conform and fit in. I pose these questions honestly as my means of collecting feedback from those outside the walls of incarceration. Your thoughtful insights and opinions are most welcome, regardless of your position and will be considered objectively in a nonjudgmental, respectful manner. Thank you for your sentiments! I look forward to reading them!

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Jason Miears's Profile
Age: 26
Location: TX
Total Blog Entries: 1
Inmate Blog Entry:Friday, May 9 2014

Expressing myself can be hard for me. But writing somehow relieves negative tension. Day after day the same routine occurs. The constant repetitive nature of prison can drive you insane. I am thankful that this website has brought me to meet a few interesting people, and receive some nice pictures. I am especially thankful for the people who are non-judgmental and open spiritually to new beginnings. I am always open to making new friends, and never judge someone by their past alone. The lifestyle in here is sometimes hard for people to relate to, and I love when there are people who can sympathize with practices in prison they have never experienced. I love nature and am always first out when they call outside recreation. Despite popular misconception, my prison does not call it that often, even though the law says they are supposed to. There can not be much compensation for the loss, but I do say receiving letters and pictures in the mail makes me feel just a little bit "free". Again, I thank the people who take the time to write. Jason

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Rudy Paderez's Profile
Age: 33
Location: CA
Total Blog Entries: 1
Inmate Blog Entry:Saturday, May 10 2014
Inmate Blog Category:FRIENDSHIP

At times I find myself thinking, who came up with the word friend? Friends can be honest, have your back, care about you, and love you. Some could turn out to be hateful, envy you, turn their back on you, and become enemies!!! Why is that?? It's just a chance we take to find out the definition of a real friend.Are you willing to take that chance? I am. We should never allow those who have hurt us, turned their back on us, or let us down, get in the way of having a chance to meet someone we can trust, who will listen, and be there no matter what the circumstances are. We always have to keep a strong mindset and stay focused when facing all the challenges that life brings us. At the same time, be the ones who friends can trust.

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John Bosse's Profile
Age: 38
Location: CT
Total Blog Entries: 1
Inmate Blog Entry:Saturday, May 10 2014
Inmate Blog Category:TREATMENT

Monday 3-17: The marching stopped outside my door. Gloved, they stand in helmet, gas mask, Kevlar, and bearing a riot shield. Captain B. shouts: "Get on your bed face down with your hands behind your back or chemical agent will be deployed!" A suffocating cloud rushes through my trap door. It's either give up or die, so I soon lie down. The door pops and--in a swarm of combat boots--they're upon me. I can breathe now, but that's because they’ve wrenched me onto the floor. Fists explode against my head--stunning haymakers. Seeing spots, I scream. They slam my face down, attempting to bust my teeth on concrete…my nose gets it instead. After rushing me to Inpatient Medical, I'm shucked naked and strapped to a bed. Four bloody rivulets mark the injection sites they don't bother to gauze over. Unconsciousness comes mercifully… I was in solitary for a week. Still refusing Risperdal. Last night I filed a preliminary injunction to stop these forced drugging's, but the next injection time draws close and I fear they’ll come again. For my adamance against my living with a cell partner, they labeled me 'inflexible' and 'paranoid'. Doctor lied in report, saying I was hallucinating. Custody has joined forces with some mental health staff-- trying to get me to live with someone. Last Tuesday's roommate refusal infuriated the captain. There will be repercussions. 3-27-14

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Rene Rivas Jr's Profile
Age: 36
Location: TX
Total Blog Entries: 6
Inmate Blog Entry:Tuesday, May 13 2014
Inmate Blog Category:LIFE

Listen, could you tell me what you see as you look at me? I ask simply cause you can learn a lot from me. Seriously! Well at least the consequences to follow if you decide you want to live a life as me, and that's the life of a "G". See, for living life as a "G", it got me this 20. So I'm not sure what you see or think of a person like me. Yet I can tell you I'm paying for all I (used to be). Even though I'm not guilty, my past history is what got me, and judged me. So trust me, your bad choices done today, will haunt you somewhere along the way. I'm living proof of that day. It's sad and lonely to live this way. You know? Every day I wish and hope for a simple letter to be sent my way. Yet most days, no one flies any photos or kites my ways and that makes me feel diminished in value in many ways. So if anything allows me to be an example of any, and all bad choices made, and know that everyone eventually pays for all their doings of yesterday's. And as they say, many choices made today are often one’s you will regret the next day. So make them one’s you can live with tomorrow, before it's too late. So I hope you enjoy spending time with this inmate. Spending time with you was great! ScarFace

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Jorge Salinas's Profile
Age: 30
Location: TX
Total Blog Entries: 1
Inmate Blog Entry:Sunday, May 18 2014
Inmate Blog Category:LIFESTYLE

I would like to say that blogging is new to me. Any comments, thoughts, or ideas for future blogging and the improvement of this blog will be seriously considered. I want to give people some insight into my world.... I will start off by talking about the type of environment I'm currently situated in. I'm in a secluded cell block known as separate segregation (or) administrative lock-up. It's a small area consisting of 12 cells, 1 shower, 1 dayroom, and 1 Rec. yard. It is an administrative segregation (AD.SEG) based environment, but with stricter rules. It is designed to be a high risk place filled with High Profile prisoners; escape artists, violent offenders who have a history of assaulting officers, hostage takers – things like that. There are two guards working back here at all times and they have to make rounds every 15 minutes. That's on top of being surrounded by video cameras. There are cameras in the dayroom, in the rec yard, in front and back end of this hallway. No cameras inside the cells or the shower. We have no access to television or phones. Our only means of communication with friends and loved ones is through mail and visitation. Any time anyone back here needs to be escorted anywhere, a ranking official has to be present. Only a rank allowed to open our food slot, and nothing gets done if a ranking official is not available. Every prisoner's situation is different, so the administration has implemented certain types of restrictions on everyone. In m y case, whenever I'm escorted anywhere, I'm under tight restrictions. I'm places in two sets of handcuffs (behind my back), one pair is secured with a black box which is locked in place by a small chain and a padlock. I also have to wear leg irons. One of the policies that I really have a problem with is the one of having to move from one cell to another. Once a wee I will be moved to another random cell. I have to pack my property, then the guards will take it away and pass it through some type of scanner/x-ray machine to come it for any sort of contraband. Minutes later, after I get my property back, I will go about my business of cleaning up the cell that I just got moved into. I believe it's a health hazard to get moved around like that. Especially after moving behind somebody who doesn't take the time to clean up after themselves. Anyways, these are just some of the things I have to deal with. Just to give you an idea of my living conditions. Again, any suggestions, comments, or ideas about my blogging will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for all your time, Freddy.

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Judah Watkins's Profile
Age: 28
Location: IL
Total Blog Entries: 1
Inmate Blog Entry:Thursday, May 22 2014
Inmate Blog Category:LOVE

Love In Theory What is love? Ask that question to 10 different people and you'd most likely get 10 different answers. Or some sort of cliché we've all heard 1000 times. Most of us attach it to some sort of emotion or some experience we've had in our life time and some of us… Well we don't believe in love at all. Whatever your belief is, or lack thereof, you are absolutely correct. Because the truth is, love has no definite definition. Love is particular. We only know what love means to us as individuals. In theory most of us have never and will never experience true love. I believe the only path to true love is to find that someone (if he or she exists) that shares the exact same definition of love as you. The journey seems impossible, but yet we embark upon it instinctively, with conviction, with passion, and without direction. It's a journey filled with highs and lows that drives us blissfully insane. It is a necessary journey to find 'the one'. The one that will bring joy, sacrifice, pleasure, and vulnerability. The one that brings honesty and boldness, safety and security, shamelessness and sincerity. And that same one will bring insecurity and distrust, anger and sorrow, uncertainty and unavailability. He or she will bring pain and throughout your journey they all will. But that 'one' is the one worth suffering for. In my opinion being in love and being crazy are one and the same. Love is insanity, it is doing the same thing over and over, praying, hoping, wishing for that 'one' that is the different result. You might ask, how would I know? I wouldn't…it's just a theory. Sincerely Blogged, Judah

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Jason Walker's Profile
Age: 35
Location: DE
Total Blog Entries: 2
Inmate Blog Entry:Saturday, May 24 2014
Inmate Blog Category:Technology

Every time I turn around there's a video somewhere showing delivery personnel mishandling packages that they deliver, or videos displaying people stealing delivered packages off of lawns, etc. How hard would it be for someone to create a mobile application that would help solve such negative situations? If a mobile application were created in a way that allowed trustworthy neighbors to bid on receiving packages on behalf of their neighbors, after a neighbor (purchaser) set a maximum payable fee, I'm pretty sure that a mobile application would be popular enough to be profitable, especially when one takes into consideration how many packages are delivered every day. The software, features, etc that would be needed to allow FedEx, UOS, and USPS to participate effectively with such a mobile application wouldn't be too difficult to create, and I'm pretty sure that all of them would sign on. However, it would be nice if they would create such a mobile application on their own. I would've explained such a potential mobile application in more detail (reverse bios, GPS tracking/Notifications, etc.) but I'm pretty sure you get the gist of such an idea. There are too many questions present in every day life for opportunity not to exist. They key to finding and exploiting such opportunities is first to contemplate the question and possible answers, and then to be brave enough to act upon your most powerful conclusion. FAITH OPENS DOORS!

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