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Samuel Ryan's Profile
Age: 43
Location: NJ
Total Blog Entries: 1
Inmate Blog Entry:Wednesday, July 17 2013
Inmate Blog Category:Christian Life

I’m a Christian whose humble faith in God has only strengthened me on my journey inside of the Plantation of New Jersey State Prison. Where personal attacks, harassment, betrayals, revenge, jealousy, rejection, unclear goals, and injustice are perfectly natural in this unforgiving Plantation. Although the word of God is alive and works to change people’s lives within the walls of this Plantation! Thessalonians 2:13, His word will work in those who believe in him. Therefore on my journey of learning, teaching, growing in God’s word in an unforgiving world, I’ve experienced tough blows, yet I continue to hold a burning belief in the goodness of others even under present circumstances. Scripture says be patient in your troubles; Love one another warmly as Christians and be eager to show respect for one another. I ask those who believe in the word of God, “How much do you love yourself!? On a scale from one-to-ten, ten being the highest!?” Remember as Christians we should be helping each other who’s in need. It’s through our works that we are judged by God. For scripture says, “When, Lord did we ever see you hungry, or thirsty, or a stranger or naked or sick or in prison and we would not help you! The King will reply, I tell you whenever you refused to help one of these least important ones you refused to help me.” Matthew 25: 44-45 My journey continues… God Bless

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Rene Rivas Jr's Profile
Age: 37
Location: TX
Total Blog Entries: 7
Inmate Blog Entry:Wednesday, July 24 2013
Inmate Blog Category:Prison Life

You know? As I’m setting in my cage I’m wondering would you like to trade places for one day? I mean, I’ve often wondered what a normal life would be like, and I’m sure you wondered at times what a prisoner’s life may be like. So if you’d like to know what I live like, feel like and think like, just fly me a kite. I’ll be glad to be your tour guide. I’m sure you’ll then realize your life is much better than you thought. Unless you know, you wake up to death, destruction, and the smell of tension in the air so thick you can feel it? Then you may relate. But if you’re free you’re better off than me. Trust me! Just do me a favor, look at me, what do you see? A bad guy, maybe a druggie or bad company? Odds are that would be expected of me. Truth be! I played all them positions in this game they call life. But I’ve paid my dues, and still today I’m paying for something I didn’t do. I’m serving 20 years for something I didn’t do and I’ve not given up. So neither should you on any problems you’re passing through. So remember, life is painful for us all. But the weak stop to complain and the strong just carry on. I’ll tell you what. If you truly want to see how good you have it, just ask me. So if possible fly a photo, and a kite, and you’ll make this prisoner’s night. Much love n respect, Face

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Tony Haro's Profile
Age: 42
Location: CA
Total Blog Entries: 1
Inmate Blog Entry:Thursday, August 15 2013
Inmate Blog Category:Spirit

“Ready? What about our spirit-what does our soul talk about?” “Eve” These bible wars or the zombies that are not allowed to eat of the tree of life—before I go on I prefer you write me the old fashioned way, with pen and paper. Please no e-mail, please. I would rather see your character and electricity on paper. At first I was not sure what blog meant? Sounded like blob to me so I was like, wait a minute, I’m not a blob! Also I want to say,, rest assured there is no type of secret codes in this blog only my authentic point of view. I apologize ahead of time to any delicate souls I offend or what the flesh and bone cannot see! After reading the Holy Bible more than 4 times I’ve cast all hope of this form called flesh and bone. A moment in time…these powerful families in the Bible, and names—words—words, the beginning, we are spirits. In this race I wonder these power spirits bullets of God, the cherubim’s--the highest level any elevators can reach. Even at first, the names sounded like UFO’s to me—someone may say what is this Holy Bible for anyway? Those words are for eternity! Once you truly believe this, you are righteous! I’ve scared a lot of my pen pals away by talking too dimensional—no longer giving too much energy to “the flesh and bone”! Because, I am spirit! My art gallery is dimensional—the 13th piece of art work, the true star of everything, speaks for itself. The King of Kings—with all due respect and honor, I ask the Son of God, Jesus Christ, to please give me permission to talk to his Father as I eagerly await for my adoption. Being true to myself, and making the best of this wind, that he has loaned me. We are a moment in time, can anyone get these last few seconds back? Who plays this time anyway? For the flesh and bone? The Devil? The master of sounds, who moves in waves! Trip—we are under water, surrounded by an ocean we cannot see. Put on a shark made of Ephesians 6:10—the word—don’t let yourself get drawn by electric technology—the 4th drawing, the dimensional cube! This powerful book called the Holy Bible has many folds—an elevator of sorts. The 5th drawing, these powerful words are alive and true. In the future, we meet spirits—famous people will be ordinary people. Because there is only one true star—the 13th drawing…so the 14th drawing plays it turns with the 17th drawing—my mind prepares for this realm. This invisible ocean, we cannot see, or do you really think this flesh and bone lives forever? American has her war paint. Holds on to her spirit! The 8th drawing, the 11th drawing has made her sound! Now the cherubim’s have to get involved! Releasing the same form of powerful thunder—combining the 9th and 12th drawing—respecting and loving the words of eternity. Please don’t allow, Ephesians 6:12, steal that innocent childhood wonder that is allowed to enter “The Kingdom of Heaven”! Pick your colors back up and fight the good fight….Good Luck Everybody! THARO

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Phillip Boldon's Profile
Age: 37
Location: TX
Total Blog Entries: 4
Inmate Blog Entry:Wednesday, August 28 2013
Inmate Blog Category:FRIENDS

FOOD FOR THOUGHT….despite the isolation and loneliness, prison has been a huge learning experience. Not only do you discover a lot about yourself but you also learn who your real friends are. Everyone is your friend and there for you when times are good and you are partying but then it’s a different story when times get tough and you are in a jam. I’ve learned the hard way that everyone who smiles in your face really isn’t your friend. Especially when drugs are involved. 95 percent of those you call friends are really just associates of convenience. Only a small handful are actually genuine and will be there when you need them. Remember that when you put those associates ahead of your family. Instead of listening to mine I let the drug and money and power that came with them cloud my judgment. I should’ve known better than to get involved with them but I did anyway. Never could I have imagined that association would possibly cost me 30 years of my life. Now my future rests at the mercy of an appeals court. It’s a cold cruel reality I wake up to everyday. So choose your friends and associates carefully because in the end the people you surround yourself will help define who you are and possibly your future. You don’t want to learn this the hard way….spoken from experience.

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Jeremy Rolfes's Profile
Age: 31
Location: OH
Total Blog Entries: 1
Inmate Blog Entry:Wednesday, August 28 2013
Inmate Blog Category:THANK YOU

Hello Ladies….I want to say “thanks” to everyone who is reading my intro; although I would like to give you a huge “thank you” to those who have taken the time out of their day to send letters, pictures and cards! You women just don’t know how much a piece of mail means when one is doing time! To some guys a letter or a card helps make the day(s) much brighter. I’d like to send a few shout outs to some cities in which people have written from: Columbus, Dayton, Bronx, Byesville, Dubois, Milwaukee, Circle Pines, Parma Heights, Cleveland, and all over West Virginia! It’s been a lot of fun writing and corresponding with everyone…not to mention…all of you ladies are gorgeous!! Furthermore, for those that would love to have a good conversation waiting in the mailbox when you come home, contact me through the address located on my home page or through…Have a nice day! “J”

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Rene Rivas Jr's Profile
Age: 37
Location: TX
Total Blog Entries: 7
Inmate Blog Entry:Wednesday, August 28 2013
Inmate Blog Category:Prison Life

Listen, ever wondered what prison life makes one think and feel like? Ask me! I’d tell you what it’s like. I’ll tell you what it feels like to be given and taken time. I’ll tell you what….how I manage to stay somewhat sane behind bars and locked doors. Or how, I keep going and coping with thoughts of not living anymore. Or how I’ve prevailed after being crushed, broken, shattered and torn apart. See these photos don’t show that part of me or how I’ve fought a cocaine addiction that flat-lined me and caused me two heart surgeries, a pacemaker and a defibrillator to be installed in me at the age of 25. Nor do these photos show how I lived a true gangster’s life and that’s why I’m confirmed and living a lonely segregated prison life. I’ll be glad to tell you all you’d like, even how luxuries and material things mean nada in my life! I’ll even tell you all the hopes and dreams I had in life. I’ll even tell you what I hope to find and make mine. So make my day and drop me a photo and a line and be a friend of mine. Or just drop me your opinion on this profile of mine. No address is fine….I just need you to take up this prisoners time. Maybe your lonely and feel like hearing an uplifting comment or a penthouse letter. Or whatever…lol I’ll be waiting….Your Scar Face

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Andre Mauldin's Profile
Age: 40
Location: IL
Total Blog Entries: 2
Inmate Blog Entry:Monday, September 9 2013
Inmate Blog Category:FREEDOM

For Life…..In 1992 sixteen year old Andre Mauldin was charged and in 1995 convicted of two counts of murder and five counts of attempted murder. No eyewitness identified Andre Mauldin nor was any physical evidence found linking him to the crime, other than a coerced statement (not a confession) that police and state attorneys obtained without anyone present who had this minor’s best interest in mind. Police obscured facts of gang shootout and elected to charge Andre Mauldin and two other offenders, even though evidence was present that rival gangs committed these acts. Among the victims there were bullets removed however these bullets were never admitted into evidence. Experts could have made opinions in regard to the size of the entry wounds which were consistent with small caliber on both deceased victims. The state attorney presented case of Andre Mauldin and alleged cohorts, one of which was acquitted, possessed large caliber weapons. Witnesses have stated on occasion that the victims were killed by return fire of those amongst them. In addition to this; the entry wounds abrasion collars were double the size of the actual entry wound which clearly indicates the victims were shot from close range. The States theory was that the offenders fired shots from an elevated position downward. Though the bullets traveled upward through and through the deceased victims, this angle is scientifically impossible and against common knowledge and experience. There was not an expert available to testify at trial. The proper testing by an expert would have scientifically dismissed the States theory and acquitted Andre Mauldin eighteen years ago by simply conducting a trajectory test as well as testing the characteristics of the wound size in relation to the caliber of the weapons. Several witnesses have come forward with eyewitness accounts stating the truth in regard to what took place that night as well as others have recanted the lies originally told. Andre Mauldin has since been represented pro-bono by Loevey & Loevey, and the Exoneration Projects, Tara Thompson. This firm believes Andre Mauldin is innocent and has been incarcerated too long. Now a slight move in the right direction, Andre Mauldin is soon appearing before the court for resentencing hearing for a crime in which he should not ever have been convicted. If you have taken time to read this thank you! Please support the release. Sincerely, those in support of Andre Mauldin.

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Richard Scheibe's Profile
Age: 42
Location: MN
Total Blog Entries: 2
Inmate Blog Entry:Wednesday, September 11 2013
Inmate Blog Category:Discussion

I would like to invite those interested to join in this blog to discuss relative and important current events/topics that should be a concern to us all. I would like to address a current issue that has many Americans (and the world) divided; and by that I mean divided in opinion. I believe it to be vitally important that as a civilized society we openly discuss what our countries do on the world stage. Citizens in a true democratic society vote into public office those who represent them and charge them with making the final decisions on how their country acts in the world theater. If the democratic power of the many is placed into the hands of the politically elite few, then we as citizens of such a society should be highly involved in voicing our opinions that direct our government officials into making informed decisions. Civil unrest and violence is infesting the near and middle east; in particular Egypt & Syria respectively, at the cost of tens of thousands of innocent civilian lives. I would like to pose a challenge to readers of this to contact their elected officials (if available to you) and loudly voice your opinion as to how the U.S., or its allies, should (or should not) intervene with the issues of other countries when they themselves are not credible within their own borders. I would enjoy hearing your views, since discussing these issues can lead to great ideas that may likely promote positive change.

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Greg Arnim's Profile
Age: 61
Location: ID
Total Blog Entries: 3
Inmate Blog Entry:Saturday, September 14 2013
Inmate Blog Category:Lessons Learned

I’m not really sure what a “blog” is. I’ve never blogged before. I also haven’t Googled, Facebooked or You-Tubed. My last cell phone was the size and weight of a small brick and it couldn’t tell me where I was. But there are books in the library with maps of the world for me to find your country and or city. I find my international mail takes 8-10 days each way. I love the anticipation of mail call, of word from you. And I’m allowed to collect the stamps on your envelopes. No matter how long I have been here…12 years so far…I continue to be rewarded and gratified by the resilience of the human spirit. Man’s humanity is always evident when you take the time to look. I thank all those who have helped me along in my life. Yet at times I ask myself: “Where did I learn that?” Here are some of my mantras: This too will pass. Let it go. The cares of tomorrow can wait till this day is done. I am the master of my thoughts. My favorite pictures: Picasso’s Don Quixote & Sancho Panza R. C. Gorman’s “Enthios” To the man with the purple Cadillac: I learned something important from you that day on the golf course. I honor you by following what you gave me and I share it as freely to others as you shared with me. You have not been forgotten. And I thank you.

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Chris Hicks's Profile
Age: 29
Location: WY
Total Blog Entries: 2
Inmate Blog Entry:Friday, September 27 2013
Inmate Blog Category:LIFE

Hey Everybody! I decided I would join the blogging community! So many things to blog about. So I will just post a few quotes from historians and authors. Check them out, if you like any, pass them on or comment on them. “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” Thomas Edison “Old age isn’t so bad when you consider the alternative.” Maurice Chevalier “The valiant never taste death but once. Of all the wonders that I yet have heard, it seems to me the most strange that men should fear; seeing death a necessary end, will come when it will come.” Shakespeare (from Julius Caesar) “Ridicule is more deadly than all arguments in the world.” Frederick the Great (1760) “I can fight only for something that I love, I can love only what I respect, and in order to respect a thing, I must first at least have some knowledge of it.” A.H. “Corruptissma Replubicae, Plurimae Leges” (Latin) The worse the state, the more laws it has. Tacitus “Prison…it’s only what is good in man that wastes and withers there.” Oscar Wilde “Only solitary men know the full joys of friendship, others have family—but to a solitary on an exile his friends are everything.” Willa Cathar (1873-1947) “Men are always sincere. They change their sincerity, that’s all.” Tristan Bernard “Love, friendship, respect, do not unite a people as much as a common hatred for something.” Anton Chekhov

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