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Gilroy Johnson's Profile
Age: 32
Location: CA
Total Blog Entries: 1
Inmate Blog Entry:Friday, September 30 2016
Inmate Blog Category:

Hello All, As always I open with the extention of my utmost respect and regards to the most beautiful and courageous of creation (you). Through these few words I’m hoping to meet new friends from all walks of life. Some of my interests are reading, writing, drawing and poetry. Enjoy the two pieces. Before making hasty generalizations about a man, first take into account the conditions in which he has prevailed… His ability to maintain his belief not only in victory but also in times of pain.

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Jason Ramey's Profile
Age: 40
Location: VA
Total Blog Entries: 1
Inmate Blog Entry:Saturday, October 1 2016
Inmate Blog Category:

I have a habit of reaching back into my past. For some reason I felt that my happiness, my success, my experience of love laid hidden in the people, places and things of my former life. Sadly mistaken, they say insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. As I attempt to rekindle old relationships, revisit old places and relive portions of my former life in the heat of an old war story. It was a shocking smack of reality to discover how crazy I really was. Crazy because I really believed that I would find beauty in something that was in my path to imprisonment. Instead of achieving the satisfaction I convinced myself I would find I was openly reminded of past hurts and failures. As I trudge through the toils of life in my determination to reach success. I learned that the past is not meant to be a burden weighing on your shoulders. The past is what brought me to my knees in the first place and did nothing to support me in my struggle back to my feet, so I would be insane to place it back up there expecting something different. So the past is meant to be left at the point in your journey when your knee hit the ground because that was life’s way of telling you to let go; however, not to be discredited, discarded or dismissed as an insignificant portion of your existence.

My past led me to failure indeed, but it was a unique failure. The type that made me recognize that defeat is not the pattern I want painted on anything in this empire I have so blindly but relentlessly been constructing. This failure led me to a struggle that built and strengthened and molded a man whose greatness will expand and exceed the capacity of his past, will conquer every challenge his present presents him with, will push forward to the future because the future is the only thing grand enough to house this man, so goodbye to the past; the past now that is only a memory of something that introduces me to a beautiful struggle which groomed a man to be reintroduced to the world: My name is J and I am the future!

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Kurt DeMello's Profile
Age: 67
Location: MA
Total Blog Entries: 1
Inmate Blog Entry:Tuesday, October 11 2016
Inmate Blog Category:

Hi BARBIE GIRL!! I am a single, white male, 66 years old, 5’5”, 147 pounds, blue eyes, bald on top with salt-n-pepper hair on sides with a pony tail. I was born 9-23-1950, average looks. I am seeking a single, white female, ages 27 to 69 years old, 5’3”-5’7”, cute in her own special way, 108 pounds to 149 pounds with “bright, bright, yellow blonde”, lemon yellow blonde hair, way below shoulder length, long totally straight hair, straight (1970’s hairstyle), very, very long; also strawberry blonde, long, very straight hair. I am looking for genuine friendship, pen pal, devoted partner, true blue, genuine friend, or if possible in future, if mutual chemistry exists. Looking and searching for my “special” blonde cutie pie dreamboat. My “Dream Girl”!!! Come true, who I can treasure always, are you her?? Please respond, write back, send photo, I will do the same. Remember girl!!! “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”!!! Write soon!!

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Gunner Foster's Profile
Age: 26
Location: OR
Total Blog Entries: 1
Inmate Blog Entry:Tuesday, October 11 2016
Inmate Blog Category:

Rehabilitation Of Offenders And Canines I am currently working as a dog trainer. We rescue dogs from animal shelters. The dogs we get are abused, hurt, sick or about to be put to sleep. We help them, nursing them back to health then we train them in canine good citizen. It takes time and patience and a lot of hard work. We find them safe homes. I’m so happy to be part of this program. ~ Gunner Foster

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Leslie Haun's Profile
Age: 53
Location: KY
Total Blog Entries: 3
Inmate Blog Entry:Tuesday, October 11 2016
Inmate Blog Category:

This past year has generated a total of 7 responses. A couple proselytized their religious beliefs. One had a twisted attraction to those who have committed violence. A couple more were students doing research. I hope that my input helped them? And then there was one from Germany that I very quickly felt an intense and deep connection with. Sadly, previous experiences with inmates who sought gain at the expense of others made this person unable to believe in the TRUTH, leaving us both at a great loss! I, of course recognize that the limited and unempathetic responses are the result of my statistical and obvious unappealing attributes. I’m over 50, I’m in prison with nefarious and embellished press releases and I have quite a few years remaining. I still have one sincere pen pal and for that, I’m grateful. I have suffered extremely for my pursuit to bring justice and humanity into our prisons. I am most disappointed that there were no concerned responses to this subject. If only the tax paying public realized the TRUTH the whole TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH…So, if you’re reading this, even if you aren’t interested in me, you still NEED TO KNOW!! Yes, prisons are an unfortunate necessity. However, those in charge of our “criminal justice” system aren’t interested in crime prevention, they, themselves are THE BIGGEST CRIMINALS OF ALL!! I am very passionate about many things, but I simply have no platform to share and express vital information that may, just may even save you or some loved one in the future. What do you have to lose?

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Charles Byrd's Profile
Age: 35
Location: MA
Total Blog Entries: 2
Inmate Blog Entry:Tuesday, October 11 2016
Inmate Blog Category:

Thoughts captured and converted into words to express our essence, it empowers the beholder with a glimpse into our souls. How else would we share what is deep within ourselves? Without this mode of communication we would be left ignorant. The lack of knowledge would deprive us of mental growth. As a result, we would have a very narrow view of the world. There is much to be gained by sharing our inner workings. I have never met a person I could not learn something from. We can all contribute to each other if we take the time to share ourselves. When this happens, growth will then take place because we have enhanced our minds by experiencing something new and wonderful or brought confidence and fortified what we already knew. The world then opens up for us and is no longer limited to our own personal experiences. We will journey out to places that were barred from us through our lack of imagination. Or we will intensify the mystical world of each other’s minds melding the singularity of shared views and build upon each other’s thoughts. But alas, none of this can come to fruition until we express our first thoughts with each other. It is a scary prospect that will pay off handsomely if we embrace our fears and voyage out into the unknown. So come along with me in an adventure to experience the wonder of humanity.

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Corshaun Ray's Profile
Age: 39
Location: IL
Total Blog Entries: 1
Inmate Blog Entry:Thursday, October 13 2016
Inmate Blog Category:

~~TRUTH OR DARE~~ Some say life and living are living are the same. Life is defined simply as existence and living as alive/active. Truth is life and living is dare, what do you choose? As we go about our day abiding by various laws most are man-made. “Any fool can make a rule and every fool will mind it”, HDT. Divided into categories as follows: Authoritative, Religious and Self. As I’ve grown-up and matured, I’m more partial to the latter; SELF. Therefore, I chose Dare to go along with Truth. I cannot accept Authoritative and Religious laws as the definitive way to live my life. Because I have come to learn to see more in a fact I think I already understand. “Some men see things as they are, and say, why? I dream of things that never were and say, Why not?”- GBS. So as you stare at the ceiling from your bed, out the window or at yourself in the mirror wondering about life, ask yourself whether I want the uncompromising truth or a counterfeit version of truth. You may be surprised, if you’re honest with yourself. As a conscious act is one in which there are no present doubts and no future regrets. I conclude, that before a person can achieve the kind of life he wants, he must think, act, walk and conduct himself in all his affairs as would the person he wishes to become. You chose: TRUTH or DARE?

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Hector Santiago's Profile
Age: 41
Location: MA
Total Blog Entries: 1
Inmate Blog Entry:Wednesday, October 19 2016
Inmate Blog Category:Life

I was recently blessed with a great opportunity through "Partakers" to take a Paralegal course from Black Stone Career Institute. I am blessed with a chance to advance my studies and build on my degree. I look back and recognize how far god carried me. God received me as a broken child, and molded an educated man. I trusted, even when I thought I couldn't, and I have been rewarded for it. My heavenly father continues to rebuild and strengthen me. Through my faith, I can finally see my own face in the mirror, and I am proud of who looks back at me. Too many people attempted to shame me for the actions they committed against me when I was a child. Yet God allowed me to use my shame and trauma as fuel for my growth and strength. I refuse to allow the flaws or bad circumstances in my life, either by my own hands or others, to break me or hold me down. This system took me in as an uneducated, drug-addicted teenager. When I am released, I will leave as an educated, stable man. I faced my demons and I stopped running. Can you possibly relate? Have you ever felt discouraged or broken? Willing to share? Do you need words of life and encouragement? I offer my friendship, and I would like to know you if you offer the same. I will respond. (Proverbs 18:24)

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Austin Brown Jr.'s Profile
Age: 42
Location: MD
Total Blog Entries: 1
Inmate Blog Entry:Thursday, October 20 2016
Inmate Blog Category:

Let me start with, Wish’n all who read dis, A peace of mind, contentment of heart & over all wellbeing. I’m on my way back 2 court, wit high hopes of attain’n a sentence modification, which will automatically bring me up 4 parole!! So I seek all da prayer I can get right now. I insperience dat I’m destined 4 great things N da future so I keep da Fiya (fire) burn’n & Being. Our lower realm is unqualified 2B da guiding force of our lives. So I encourage all who read dis 2 do az I do: Reach Higher & transcend da “B.S.” dats pleg’n our environment. Da Root cause of da “B.S.” is “Constricted Awareness of Self”…How can U change, make better or even Luv sumth’n which U hav no detail’d knowledge of??? If U cnt Love urself, then how can U properly Love anyone else? Or humanity az a whole? Every 1’s so quick 2 judge harshly & so quick 2 beg 4 mercy wen their caught up N their mistakes. There’s no where 2 hide frm ur own conscience & we all reap wat we sow N dis world. Face reality head on & avoid da illusion of Chasing Pleasure without 1st establish’n a solid foundation N Inner peace. Dis is a valuable lesion dat I’ve learn’d N my life. It’s realization dat motivates me 2 reach N2 da core of my Being & pull out my very own, true potential. 1 Luv…

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Tony Stratton's Profile
Age: 33
Location: ID
Total Blog Entries: 1
Inmate Blog Entry:Monday, October 24 2016
Inmate Blog Category:

I wish I could reclaim the mistakes that lay scattered throughout my past. Loyalties and honor pushed to the boundary the shame that weighs heavy on my heart, consumes my very breath. I have abandoned or lost footing in every aspect of my life. The pain that I try and hide eats the fabric of any chance of change. Forgiveness from others may unburden the soul, but it is forgiveness of self that will release the chains that free the spirit. The need to fly above all the pain is great, the hunger for a blessing, a desire unspeakable. I could really use a hand; I bury my flaws far below the ground. Calloused hands are proof of the shovel that works to hide the pain. So if you have read this and find reason to write, I welcome your letter. I am looking for open and honest conversation. I want to meet someone that can look past that which was and is a ghost of the past. I am a good man. I fight wildland fires and have found change within. I want more than I have accepted in life and strive to better myself. I’m not one that would look to a pen pal site, yet here I am. Taking a risk to meet someone special is worth it. I hope you feel the same. Until next time. Yours truly, Tony

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