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Greetings from Death Row!

I have lived in isolation since arriving at Texas Death Row in April 2003. The solitude becomes unbearable. I am reaching out to people to develop meaningful friendship to help lift the shroud of darkness I live under. Some topics that hold my interest are philosophy, politics, sociology, history, science, religions of the world, mythology, sports, the outdoors and life in general.  I basically love to learn. Therefore I welcome anyone that desires to write. Personal views on the death penalty do not matter to me, we are all different, so we hold various beliefs. What matters is that I am a human being just as you are. From that point we can build a friendship.

I was sentenced to death at the age of 19. It has been a hard transition to go from facing my whole life ahead of me, to facing death. That is why I am reaching out to you. I live an idle existence derived from being housed in a single man cell. I am allowed no TV, internet, or even physical contact. The key means of evading the stress caused by this environment is reading books and writing letters. The days do not provide much to look forward to. Receiving mail is truly the most exciting part of each day. I am open to write anyone. Age, race , gender and religion does not matter and has no bearing on a potential friendship. What matters is that you are honest and sincere.

The profile picture of me… was taken right before I was arrested. I was 18 years old. The other pictures are from visitation. As can be seen, visits are done behind glass and we talk through a phone. There is no contact. I chose that picture for my profile, as it shows me while free to show that I am more than just some inmate.

I am held prisoner on Death Row for two murders I did not commit. Corrupt prosecutors, pathetic police work and appeal lawyers that tried to help cover up the local prosecutors corruption….those are the reasons I am still here.

In 2008 a co-defendant came forward and admitted to the secret deals given for his testimony. He was promised five years, yet told my jury he was facing death. He is free now. Another co-defendant recently admitted to getting a deal, which he had remained silent about for eleven years! The third co-defendant was never arrested. While waiting on my trial, he sexually assaulted a 14 year old girl (twice) and was caught with a large amount of marijuana and various traffic violations. He never spent one night in jail. The police failed to investigate two critical crime scenes. There is NO guilt relevant DNA. No fingerprints from me. Five people have come forward that my co-defendant bragged about getting away with murder too. Advanced ballistic testing shows that I could not have been the shooter.  The state says that I am ‘legally barred’ from appeal relief, all because my previous lawyers failed to do their job. I am trapped in an insane legal web.

It is very difficult, lying in bed wondering if I will live or die. It is like living in the twilight zone! That is why I am looking for sincere people.  I have enough stress from the state! I do not need any more due to games. When writing me, it is important that my name and prisoner number assigned to me, be written clearly and correct. This way I can receive your letter with no problems. Please send your letter to the address below.  Also when writing, remember to include your return address and your country. All emails are printed by the mail room and hand delivered. Texas does not allow me to send JPay emails back. If you do write with please include your return address, or I will not be able to respond.

While on death row, I have used the time to focus on my creative skills. 

From writing poems, one of which I share with you in the poetry section of this site. To writing songs. The first song that I wrote has been produced and published. It is entitled "Death Row". The focus of the song is my life story. Two versions of it was produced. A shorter version for the radio and the full length version. 

I listen to a wide range of music. While the song Death Row is a Hip Hop song, I listen to mainly Country, Rock, Blues, & a mix of other genres. My interest in Hip Hop is more of the older styles, as sadly, it seems that most of the new stuff is focused only on excessive materialism and the sexual objectification of women. Since the releases of my first song, I have written another Hip Hop song, Country song, and am working on a Pop song and dance track. 

It is important that I use the idle time I have to my advantage. While school can feel like a prison. Prison can be a school. I could sit here and wait on these people to either kill me or give me a fair trial. Though I choose to educate myself, expand my creative talents, and attempt to leave a positive impression on the world. 

Being innocent does not mean the state will not kill me. It has happened before, far too many times, in this country’s history. While I cannot control my fate completely beyond fighting in the courts. I can control the legacy I leave behind, if it come to the worst. That is what helps to fuel my creativity. 

It also is why I attempt to educate people and help them to see the world from different angles. I do this with the Loud and Clear blogs posted on my website. ( is a blessing, as it allows me to reach people all over the world. While sitting in a single man cell in Texas death row.) Which is why I enjoy writing to people of all ethnicities and or religions. (As long as the person does not attempt to force their religion on me.) 

I just always ask that people treat me like a normal guy. Yes, I am in an abnormal situation. Though this place does not define the man that I am.

For information about me and my case, please visit Thank you for reading my words. Take care, smile, and always strive for all that you desire.

Fear is a brake you must overcome.

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Clinton Young #999447
Polunsky Unit
3872 FM 350 South
Livingston, TX 77351 USA

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About Clinton
Astrological Sign: Cancer Marital Status Single Seeking Prayer Partners: No
Correspond Overseas: Yes Race: Caucasian Sex: Male
Date of Birth: 7/19/1983 - 33 Religion: N/A Sexual Orientation: Straight
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Hair: Brown Seeking Education: No Profile Started On: 6/1/2014
HomeTown: Longview, TX Seeking Legal Help: No Profile Ends On: 10/1/2016
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Earliest Release Date:N/AOn Death Row:YesServing Life Sentence:No
Latest Release Date:Death RowIncarcerated Since:2001Incarcerated For:See Crime

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