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“…But if I thou live rememb’red not to be,
Die single, and thine image dies with thee.”
-- William Shakespeare

Hello! Can you relate with the desire of reaching the pinnacle of success??? Do you agree that achieving that pinnacle involves determination, patience, and a lot of hard work? If so please continue, because we already share something in common – Life!

Allow me the opportunity of sharing my story with you, of how I've come to terms with the true meaning of life and perseverance. I believe you’ll find my journey interesting, and would appreciate any feedback you have to offer.

Many of us work extremely hard toward reaching our goals – some get there, some don't. Either way, life demands perseverance if we are to ever reach that level of accomplishment. For me, it has taken a path through trial and tribulation to truly understand that… In the past I always chose the fast and easy route, failing to listen to the wisdom of patience my father had taught. Instead, I participated in rebellious activities which watered gossip seeds; young and confused at the time, I thought the attention warded me remembrance, when in fact the final result was a trip to a place where one is forgotten – prison.

During my journey within this sinister place, my desire for success begin to blossom; with plenty of time to think deeply I was just mapping the success I dreamed of -- complete with any obstacles I could face. After some introspection and soul searching, I noticed many strengths within myself.  Thing was, what good would it all do, unless I unleashed its power? I wondered how I could accomplish that while confined with little support -- and further yet, once released back to a judgmental society with a criminal record?! A piece of the puzzle was missing, and it was up to me to find it. And then, in the strangest of ways, I did.

One evening while paging through legal documents, I came across a mug shot of myself at the age of 17. As I observed the soft features of a lost and misunderstood young man, tears begin welling in the corners of my eyes. Five minutes later I said to myself, “I owe that boy... Failure is NOT an option!” It was then, when I knew what I had to do, so I stood up and stared at my reflection in the polished steel until I could forgive myself of my failures, and end the excuses. Although there was/is still work to be done, I felt a wave of pride for finding what I failed to see for so long – Acceptance!

Since then I’ve accepted the fact that I may not be able to rewrite the past, but I can -- and will -- always write my future. Today, I am now an author of a couple short stories, poems, and a YA novel. (smile)

Although I'm still behind bars, I stand hopeful that you and I could become friends. If you have read this far, I believe you have a sense of compassion. It would be an honor if we could set sail on a journey where we could share quality thoughts and experience. But first, I'd like to apologize for the chaos, disrespect, and destruction I've caused in the past. My actions may not seem like they’ve directly impacted you, but in a world to which we share, every decision made -- whether good or bad -- impacts the lives around us. Please try seeing beyond the bars separating us with an open mind. Just because I'm in prison -- or the past may reflect some negatives -- doesn't mean I don't care – ‘cause I've always cared… I just had funny ways of showing it. I promise I won't bite! LOL

Alrighty then, feel free to write anytime. Share your dreams, thoughts, and ask any questions you may have. Beyond some contraband; paper clips, rubber bands, etc., I don't have much to hide. LOL  I never said I was perfect. (smile) I'm a dork, I know.

Well have a great rest of the day, and remember this: Good people and leadership inspire hope -- Challenge yourself to display the leader within you! Take care…

“Elegant, beautiful, soft whispering breeze,
An iris peers, into my soul it sees…
Rainbows, sunshine, a man sailing at sea –
A wonderful person, adventure, and dreams!”

--Noah Polega

P.S.  And no… I don't talk like they do in Fargo – Yah der hey!

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Latest Release Date:2018Incarcerated Since:2006Incarcerated For:See Crime

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