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Write a prisoner in Ohio. This is a list of all of the prison pen pals that we have listed in Ohio. Please write a prisoner today.

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Barrett, Jennifer - Columbus, OH

Clemings, Corttney - Dayton, OH

Duley, Carmella - Dayton, OH

Jordan, Kimberly - Dayton, OH

Kisseberth, Jodi - Dayton, OH

Lipscomb, Denise - Dayton, OH

Ralston, Courtney - Dayton, OH

Reynolds, Amy - Dayton, OH

Roy, Deana - Dayton, OH

Santos, Latesha - Dayton, OH

Swain, Amber - Dayton, OH

Tye, Adrienne - Dayton, OH

Wagner, Jamie Lee - Dayton, OH

Ware, Crystal - Dayton, OH

Williams, Lana - Dayton, OH


Aaron, Terrell - Toledo, OH

Abruzzino, Allan - Grafton, OH

Adams, James - Lucasville, OH

Alexander, Joe - Lisbon, OH

Alford, Darnell - Lima, OH

Anderson, Baron - Marion, OH

Anderson, Earl - Lucasville, OH

Anderson, Timothy - Leavittsburg , OH

Armstrong, Robert - St. Clairsville, OH

Avery, Christopher - Lima , OH

Babyak, Alex - Lebanon, OH

Ballard, Chris - Lebanon, OH

Banks, Geoffrey - Marion, OH

Banks, Raymone - Youngstown, OH

Bankston, Leonard - Marion, OH

Barfield, Zachary - Lucasville, OH

Barnette, Chad - Mansfield, OH

Bates, Marc - Mansfield, OH

Bennett, Lee - Youngstown, OH

Bethel, Rob - Chillicothe, OH

Betts, Brock - Toledo, OH

Bland, Gary - Lima, OH

Blevins, Brian S. - Youngstown, OH

Board, Anthony - Mansfield, OH

Boitnott, Raymond - Lebanon, OH

Bond, Jr., Keith - Toledo, OH

Bonnie, Gregory - Lisbon, OH

Bowling, Duayne - London, OH

Bowman, Brandon - Youngstown, OH

Boyd, Deonta - Mansfield, OH

Brewer , Joshua - London, OH

Brigner, Steven - Lima, OH

Brodbeck, Darrin - Grafton, OH

Brooks, Antonio - Lima, OH

Brown, Donald - Toledo, OH

Brown, Turell - Grafton, OH

Bryant, Kerry Ryan - Lebanon, OH

Bullocks, Gerald - Lucasville, OH

Burroughs, Stephen - Youngstown, OH

Burston, Javaunte - Lucasville, OH

Caldwell, Leo - Grafton, OH

Calloway, Cain - Lebanon, OH

Camara, Robert - Lima, OH

Chandler, Antwaun - Orient, OH

Chandler, Marcus - Toledo, OH

Chapman, Omar - Lisbon, OH

Chisholm, Duane - St. Clairsville, OH

Clagg Jr. , Terley - Chillicothe, OH

Cline, John - Leavittsburg, OH

Cobb, Fredrick - Lima, OH

Coleman, Clarence - Mansfield, OH

Coleman, Terrance - London, OH

Craig, Jeff - Chillicothe, OH

Crain, Christopher - Marion, OH

Culp, Stephen - Lima, OH

Cunningham, James - Marion, OH

Cunningham, Mario - Mansfield, OH

Dalton, Richard H. - Caldwell, OH

Daniels, Ahmad - Lisbon, OH

Daniels, Gregory - Lisbon, OH

Darrington, Lee - Mansfield, OH

Davis, Jason - London, OH

DeFalco, William - Toledo, OH

Dodgens, Michael - Marion, OH

Doty, Ian - Lucasville, OH

Doyle, Kristen - Lisbon, OH

Dudley, Eddie - Grafton, OH

Durah, Eric - Lisbon, OH

Edwards, Jumal - Toledo, OH

Eiland, Terrell - Marion, OH

Elder Sr., Travis - Toledo, OH

Erby, Bryant - Grafton, OH

Ertel, George - London, OH

Ervin, Wayne - Marion, OH

Esner, John - Grafton, OH

Espinoza, Bryant - Mansfield, OH

Faulker, Robert - Chillicothe, OH

Favors, Larry - Lima, OH

Florence, Christopher - Grafton, OH

Fowler, Christopher - Lisbon, OH

Frazier, Coty - Grafton, OH

Fuller, Clarence - Toledo, OH

Fuller, Deon`te - Toledo, OH

Fussell, Jim - Marion, OH

Gamble, William - Marion, OH

Gay, Erik - Grafton, OH

Genco, William - Grafton, OH

Gibson, Alfred - Grafton, OH

Gill, Phillip - Grafton, OH

Grant, Bobby - Cincinnati, OH

Greene, Sean - London, OH

Griffin, Arthur - Lisbon, OH

Grodek, Christopher - Grafton, OH

Gross, Tony - Lima, OH

Hampton Jr., Darryl - Orient, OH

Harris, Marcus - Toledo, OH

Hicks, Joseph - Chillicothe, OH

Hillman, Andre - Lucasville, OH

Hodge, Chris - Leavittsburg, OH

Horner, Jacob - Lima, OH

Horton, De'Ayre - Youngstown, OH

Horton, Dontay - Chillicothe, OH

Howell, George - Toledo, OH

Huber, Matthew - Mansfield, OH

Huddleston, Jermaine - Lucasville, OH

Hudson, David - Marion, OH

Hudson, Jeremee - Youngstown, OH

Hudson, John - Leavittsburg, OH

Hughes , John - Youngstown, OH

Hurles, Clint - Lima, OH

Ingram, Timothy - Chillicothe, OH

Inman II, William - Toledo, OH

Jackson, Jamaal - Chillicothe, OH

Jackson, Jeremiah - Chillicothe, OH

Jackson, Orlando - Marion, OH

Jackson, Quentin - Lucasville, OH

Jackson, Ronald - London, OH

Jackson , Roy - Youngstown, OH

James, Brandon - Toledo, OH

James, Kenny - Lucasville, OH

Jaros, Michael - Grafton, OH

Jenkins, Zabe - Mansfield, OH

Jividen, Michael - Chillicothe, OH

Johnson, Christopher - Grafton, OH

Johnson, Halston - Toledo, OH

Jones, Harvey - Youngstown, OH

Jones, Jeremie - Grafton, OH

Jones, Mark - Chillicothe, OH

Jones, Michael - Toledo, OH

Jones, Odraye - Chillicothe, OH

Kelley, Ryan - Lima, OH

Kenney, Peter - Lucasville, OH

Kindell, Seirgio - Youngstown, OH

Lake, Christopher - Orient, OH

Lamb, Dustin - Orient, OH

Langdon, Joseph - Mansfield, OH

Lawson, Eric - Columbus, OH

Lewis , Tavaughn - London, OH

Lisk, William - Caldwell, OH

Logsdon, Robert - London, OH

Long, Mike - London, OH

Lopane, Matthew - Marion, OH

Lorenzi, William - Mansfield, OH

Lyfe Prince, Lovell - Chiuicothe, OH

Mack, Jeremy - Youngstown, OH

Madrigal, Jamie - Toledo, OH

Maldonado, Nicholas - Lebanon, OH

Mallet, Lamonte - Elkton, OH

Mammone, Michael - Lisbon, OH

Mason, Robert - Youngstown, OH

Masur, Phillip - Lebanon, OH

McArthur, London - Youngstown, OH

McBride, Stacey - London, OH

McClintock, Michael - Toledo, OH

McDaniel, Eric - Lebanon, OH

McDay, Jason - Mansfield, OH

McGhee, Corey - Marion, OH

McNaughton, Dale - Marion, OH

McNemar, John - Lisbon, OH

Merrill, James - Youngstown, OH

Miller, Christopher - Toledo, OH

Mills, Furnell - Youngstown, OH

Minor, Chaz - Lima, OH

Mitchell, D'Jhon - Marion, OH

Moore, James - Lima, OH

Moore, Marcel - Mansfield, OH

Moore, Matthew - Chillicothe, OH

Morgan, William - Marion, OH

Morris, Torrance - Marion, OH

Mount, Bradley - Mansfield, OH

Musgrave, Sam - London, OH

O'Dell, Randy - Chillicothe, OH

Osborne, Tywan - Grafton, OH

Osley, Luis - Toledo, OH

Owens, Shaun - Grafton, OH

Paradiso, Jonathan - St. Clairsville, OH

Parker, Corey - Leavittsburg, OH

Parsons, Kelly Lee - Marion , OH

Patterson, Harold - Lima, OH

Payne, James - Marion, OH

Perdue, Mark - Marion, OH

Power, Robert - Lisbon, OH

Powers, Jarrod - Lebanon , OH

Pruitt, Shun-Bree - Youngstown, OH

Puckett, Kenneth - Youngstown, OH

Rabara, Chadd - Marion, OH

Radwell, Paul - Caldwell, OH

Rango, Jeff - Grafton, OH

Ranken, Reuben - Grafton, OH

Reed, Lawrence - Marion, OH

Richards, Jeremy - St. Clairsville, OH

Risden, Rickey - Lebanon, OH

Rister, Dana - Toledo, OH

Roberts, Scott - Caldwell, OH

Rolfes, Jeremy - Grafton, OH

Roney, Mark - Lisbon, OH

Rosenbrook, Robert - Lebanon, OH

Roundtree, John - Lisbon, OH

Russell, Thomas - Columbus, OH

Rutherford Jr., Kenneth - Lucasville, OH

Rutledge, Sean - Youngstown, OH

Sanders, Eddie - Chillicothe, OH

Sandlin, Kenneth - London, OH

Saxton, Joshua - Chillicothe , OH

Schaller, Brandon - London, OH

Schmidt, Matthew - Toledo, OH

Shaw II, Melvin - Mansfield, OH

Sherman, Richard - Grafton, OH

Simon, Mark - Marion, OH

Slagle, Emmanuel - Youngstown, OH

Smalls, Tawann - Marion, OH

Smith, Brian - Lisbon, OH

Smith, Kenneth - Youngstown, OH

Smith, Markiese - Youngstown, OH

Smith, Todd - Delaware, OH

Smith, Zachary - Lisbon, OH

Sommerville, Justus - Chillicothe, OH

Speed, Michael - Lisbon, OH

Starks, Aaron - Lima, OH

Stojietz, John - Chillicothe, OH

Stone, Jamarr - Lebanon, OH

Stores, Andre - Marion, OH

Stridsberg, Carl - Lisbon, OH

Stringer, Jason - Lima, OH

Sutton, Cody - Caldwell, OH

Tatum, Jerome - Lucasville, OH

Taylor, Deonte - Mansfield, OH

Tessou, Yaovi - Mansfield, OH

Thomas, Jerome - London, OH

Tilley, Edward - Grafton, OH

Torres, Christopher - Grafton, OH

Toves, Trevor - Youngstown, OH

Triplett, Beau - Marion, OH

Troup, Nathan - Lisbon, OH

Tuggle, Antoine - Youngstown, OH

Tupper , Dwight - Lucasville, OH

Turner, Damien - Marion, OH

Turner, Frank - Youngstowm, OH

Upshaw, Darius - Toledo, OH

Urban, Charles - Grafton, OH

Vondrak II, Todd - Lucasville, OH

Walton, Alvin - Grafton, OH

Walton, Nick - Lucasville, OH

Warren, Raymond - Lucasville, OH

Washington , Darrell - Youngstown, OH

Watley, Rayshan - Youngstown, OH

Weaver, Michael - Chillicothe, OH

Wheaton, Michael - Lisbon, OH

Whicker, Rocky - Lebanon, OH

Whisenant Jr., Jemmie - Grafton, OH

White, Christian - Grafton, OH

White, Richard - Lima, OH

Whitson, Johnnie - London, OH

Whitt, Spencer - Lebanon, OH

Williams, Royce - Grafton, OH

Willis, Antwon - Marion, OH

Willis, Lavelle - Marion, OH

Wills, Kevin - Marion, OH

Woodruff, William - Lucasville, OH

Woods, William - Lucasville, OH

Woody, Brian - Lima, OH

Woolwine, Benny - Toledo, OH

Workman, Robert - Lebanon, OH

Wright, Michael - Toledo, OH

Zaharie, Andrei - Grafton, OH

Ziga, James - Lima, OH

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