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Write a prisoner in Ohio. This is a list of all of the prison pen pals that we have listed in Ohio. Please write a prisoner today.

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Clapper, Marlena - Dayton, OH

Coffey, Jessica - Dayton, OH

Crago, Andrea - Columbus, OH

DeJesus, Katherine - Dayton, OH

Hayes, DeMarlo - Dayton, OH

Hunter, Paris - Cincinnati, OH

Kenney, Ariel - Dayton, OH

Kisseberth, Jodi - Dayton, OH

Mason, Rolina - Dayton, OH

Outlaw, Angela - Dayton, OH

Ralston, Courtney - Dayton, OH

Santos, Latesha - Dayton, OH

Ward, Eboney - Dayton, OH

Ware, Crystal - Dayton, OH


Aaron, Terrell - Toledo, OH

Abruzzino, Allan - Grafton, OH

Addison, Aaron - Lucasville, OH

Akbar, Malik Allah - Chillicothe, OH

Amill, Michael - Marion, OH

Arnold, Jessie - Mansfield, OH

Avery, Christopher - Lima , OH

Babyak, Alex - London, OH

Badilo, Mark - Mansfield, OH

Ball, Robert Scott - London, OH

Banks, Geoffrey - Marion, OH

Bankston, Leonard - Lancaster, OH

Barfield, Zachary - Lucasville, OH

Basinger, Kyle - Lebanon, OH

Bass, Aaron - Toledo, OH

Batcho, Mark - Younstown, OH

Beach, Chad - Marion, OH

Belew, Jeffery - Toledo, OH

Bell, Deonta - Marion, OH

Bethel, Rob - Chillicothe, OH

Betts, Brock - Toledo, OH

Biddwell, Paul - Grafton, OH

Blackburn, Gary - Mansfield, OH

Bowling, David - Lancaster, OH

Boyd, Jamie - Chillicothe, OH

Brakeall, Jesse - London, OH

Bringht, Ralph - Grafton, OH

Brodbeck, Darrin - Grafton, OH

Brooks, Dwayne - Grafton, OH

Brooks, Keith - London, OH

Broughton, Chris - Lisbon, OH

Brown, Jeremy - Chilicothe, OH

Brown, Jerome - Toledo, OH

Bryan , Damon - London, OH

Buchanan, Richard - Marion, OH

Bullocks, Gerald - Lucasville, OH

Burke, Kelly - London, OH

Butts, Allan - Marion, OH

Buyeks, Dion - London, OH

Caldwell, Kyle - Chillicothe, OH

Caldwell, Kyle - Marion, OH

Caldwell, Toi - Leavittsburg, OH

Calloway, Cain - Lebanon, OH

Camara, Robert - Lucasville, OH

Cameron, Christopher - Lucasville, OH

Cantor, Michael - Chillicothe, OH

Carovillano, Matthew - Lucasville, OH

Causey, Thaddeus - Chillicothe, OH

Chandler, Antwaun - Orient, OH

Chapman, Thomas - Mansfield, OH

Cheers, Richie - Youngstown, OH

Childers, Dustin - Lancaster, OH

Chisholm, Duane - St. Clairsville, OH

Clagg Jr. , Terley - Chillicothe, OH

Clark, Vincent - Youngstown, OH

Clayton, Halston - Youngstown, OH

Clepper, Walter - Chillcothe, OH

Contreras, Heladio - Grafton, OH

Conway, Brian - Lucasville, OH

Cox, Michael - Lima, OH

Criswell, Desmond - Toledo, OH

Cromer, Johnnie - Lisbon, OH

Cunningham, James - Chillicothe, OH

Daniels, Charles - Leavittsburg, OH

Davis, Anthony - Lisbon, OH

Davis, Yusef - Lancaster, OH

Dean, Ralph - Mansfield, OH

Deavers, Lance - Nelsonville, OH

DeGarmo, Jeremy - Leavittsburg, OH

Dillon, Andrew - Levittsburg, OH

Divers, Christopher - Lancaster, OH

Dorsey III, Howard - Leavittsburg, OH

Doty, Ian - Lucasville, OH

Dowdy, Shaun - Grafton, OH

Driggins, Ryan - Mansfield, OH

Ducic, Mark - Nelsonville, OH

Duncan, Dimetreus - Marion, OH

Edwards, Jumal - Toledo, OH

Eggleston, Eugene - Lisbon, OH

Eiland, Terrell - Marion, OH

Eiland, Terrell - Marion, OH

Ervin, Wayne - Marion, OH

Fanti, Gary - Toledo, OH

Fench, Maurice - Luisville, OH

Fikes, Joshua - Lebanon, OH

Firouzmandi, Nima - Grafton, OH

Fitzwater, Kenneth - Youngstown, OH

Fleming, Christopher - Chillicothe, OH

Fleming, Johnny - Lebanon, OH

France, Steven - Chilicothe, OH

Freeman, DeMont - Grafton, OH

Fritz, Jonathan - Lucasville, OH

Fuller, Clarence - Toledo, OH

Gamble, William - Marion, OH

Gatewood, Paul - Chilicothe, OH

George, Tim - London, OH

Gill, Phillip - Grafton, OH

Givens, Terrell - Chillicothe, OH

Gonzalez, Gerardo - Mansfield, OH

Gordon, Derrick - Mansfield, OH

Graham, Anthony - Orient, OH

Grant, Durrell - Lucasville, OH

Gray, Bowdie - Lucasville, OH

Gray, Marion - Marion, OH

Greene, Sean - London, OH

Griffin, Charles - Chillicothe, OH

Groce, Travis - Lucasville, OH

Grodek, Christopher - Grafton, OH

Gross, Tony - Lima, OH

Hall, Tommy - Marion, OH

Hamblin, Jeff - Toledo, OH

Hardison, Corey - Lucasville, OH

Harless, Roy - Marion, OH

Harmon, Walter - Orient, OH

Harris, De'Anthony - Grafton, OH

Harris, Tony - London, OH

Hendrickson, Jason - Lucasville, OH

Herrera, Corey - Marion, OH

Hill, Devonte - Youngstown, OH

Hodge, Bryan - Lebanon, OH

Hodges, Edmund - Lisbon, OH

Hoffman, Michael - Lucasville, OH

Horton, De'Ayre - Youngstown, OH

Horton, Dontay - Chillicothe, OH

Horton, Mark - Marion, OH

Houston, Gregory - Marion, OH

Howard, Shunder - Toledo, OH

Howell, George - Toledo, OH

Hubbard, Dimitri - London, OH

Huber, Matthew - Lucasville, OH

Hudson, John - Leavittsburg, OH

Huggins, Akeem - Grafton, OH

Hughes , John - Youngstown, OH

Hunter, Eddie - Lucasville, OH

Husk, Shaun - Chilicothe, OH

Imber, Branden - London, OH

Ingram, Oliver - Lisbon, OH

Ingram, Timothy - Chillicothe, OH

Jackson, Dominique - Chillicothe , OH

Jackson, Javon - Youngstown, OH

James, Cheyenne - Toledo, OH

Jaros, Michael - Grafton, OH

Jenkins, Douglas - Leavittsburg, OH

Johnson, Halston - Toledo, OH

Johnson, Zane - Grafton, OH

Jones, Gregory - Toldeo , OH

Jones, Jeremie - Grafton, OH

Kelley, Ryan - Lucasville, OH

Kenney, Peter - Lucasville, OH

King, Random - Lebanon, OH

Kline Jr., John - Youngstown, OH

Lacewell, Jammy - Youngstown, OH

Lake, Christopher - London, OH

Lamb, Dustin - Orient, OH

Lane, George - Toledo, OH

Lane, Richard - Lucasville, OH

Lanekhamdeng, Johnny - London, OH

Langdon, Joseph - Lebanon, OH

Lawson, Eric - Columbus, OH

Leavitt, Tyson - Columbus, OH

Lee, Montez - Lucasville, OH

Lee, Robert - Lucasville, OH

Lempeck, Darrell - Grafton, OH

Lewis, Freddie - Lucasville, OH

Lewis, Jonathan - London, OH

Lewis , Tavaughn - London, OH

Lipscomb, Adam - Lucasville, OH

Lofft, Michael - Lucasville, OH

Longo, Anthony - Lebanon, OH

Lowe, Anthony - Grafton, OH

Lundquist, Stewart - Marion, OH

Lynch, Dustin - Youngstown, OH

Madden, George - London, OH

Maggy, Michael - Marion, OH

Magwood, Shane - Youngstown, OH

Maidon, Ronnie - Chillicothe, OH

Mammone, Michael - Lisbon, OH

Manna, Peter - Lisbon, OH

Marshall, Rico - Chillicothe, OH

Martin, DaShawn - Leavittsburg, OH

Martin, Joshua - Lisbon, OH

Martin, Robert - Lucasville, OH

Martin, Tyrone - Marion, OH

Masur, Phillip - Mansfield, OH

Maxwell, Aryon - Toledo, OH

May , Adam - London, OH

McArthur, London - Youngstown, OH

McClintock, Michael - Toledo, OH

McCornell, Voltaire - Grafton, OH

McDay, Jason - Mansfield, OH

McElroy, Charles - PO Box 788, OH

McKinney, Herbert - Conneaut, OH

McVay, Nathaniel - Lucasville, OH

Meeker, Joseph - Columbus, OH

Merk, Jordan - London, OH

Merrill, James - Toledo, OH

Michael, David - London, OH

Miller, Bohannon - Grasten, OH

Miller, Christopher - Toledo, OH

Miller, Randy - Youngstown, OH

Miller, Ryan - Lucasville, OH

Mills, Furnell - Toledo, OH

Moore, Marcel - Mansfield, OH

Morales, Jose Manuel - Lucasville, OH

Morales, Marcel - Grafton, OH

Morgan, Lance - Grafton, OH

Morgan, Walter - Lucasville, OH

Moton-Bey, Michael - Toledo, OH

Munoz, Edward - Grafton , OH

Murphy, Bryant - Youngstown, OH

Musgrave, Sam - London, OH

Myers, Chris - Lisbon, OH

Nelson, Kyle - Lucasville, OH

Newett, Wallace - Marion, OH

O'Dell, Randy - Chillicothe, OH

Osco, Kody - Mansfield, OH

Parker, Jeffrey - Orient, OH

Payne, James - Marion, OH

Pelfrey, Nicholas - Mansfield, OH

Perdue, Mark - Marion, OH

Philpot, Delbert - Toledo, OH

Poulton, Adam - Chillicothe, OH

Powers, Jarrod - Lebanon , OH

Prigmore, Nicholas - Toledo, OH

Primous, Christopher - Mansfield, OH

Proffitt, Coty - Grafton, OH

Pruitt, Shun-Bree - Youngstown, OH

Puckett, Kenneth - Youngstown, OH

Quigley, Sean - Lebanon, OH

Rabara, Chadd - Marion, OH

Ragland, Maki - Toledo, OH

Rahmani, Tahar - Lucasville, OH

Rango, Jeff - Grafton, OH

Reed, Lawrence - Marion, OH

Reiher, Chad - Lucasville, OH

Rice, Brandon - Leavittsburg, OH

Rick, Cliff - Lebanon, OH

Rodriguez, Charles - Toledo, OH

Rodvold, Steven - Marion, OH

Roe, Kevin - Grafton, OH

Rohde, Michael - Lebanon, OH

Rolfes, Jeremy - Grafton, OH

Rouse, Darwain - Grafton, OH

Rowbotham, Alan - Lisbon, OH

Rudder, Joshua - Mansfield, OH

Ruiz, Juan - Marion, OH

Rush, Jordan Michael - Chillicothe, OH

Russell, Thomas - Columbus, OH

Rutledge, Sean - Toledo, OH

Ryan, Brandon - Lebanon, OH

Saintgnue, Damien - Lebanon, OH

Salaam, Qa'id - Marion, OH

Sams, Bruce - Lebanon, OH

Sanders , Dion - Marion, OH

Sandlin, Kenneth - London, OH

Saxton, Joshua - Chillicothe , OH

Schaller, Brandon - London, OH

Schmidt, Matthew - Toledo, OH

Seals, Anthony - Marion, OH

Seals, Jonathan - Lancaster, OH

Sedmak, Jeffrey - Columbus, OH

Sexton, Johnnie - Chillicothe, OH

Shriver, Jason - Marion, OH

Shriver, Rodney - Lucasville, OH

Shropshire, Marcus - Leavittsburg, OH

Simmons, Michael - Youngstown, OH

Simons, Jason - Toledo, OH

Simpson, Cesar - Coldwell, OH

Sims, Charles - Youngstown, OH

Singfield, Phillip - Chillicothe, OH

Slagle, Emmanuel - Youngstown, OH

Smalls, Tawann - Marion, OH

Smith, Brian - Leavittsburg, OH

Smith, Courtney - Lebanon, OH

Smith, Daniel - Lebanon, OH

Smith, Herbert - Grafton, OH

Smith, Markiese - Youngstown, OH

Smith, Sanchez - Toledo, OH

Smith, Taunee - Mansfield, OH

Smith, Virgil - Marion, OH

Snyder, Richard - London, OH

South, Jason - Lebanon, OH

Spears, Vincent - Marion, OH

Spencer, Jermaine - Toledo, OH

Spratt, Carl - Youngstown, OH

Springer, Mark - Lebanon, OH

Stadmire, Marlon - Lucasville, OH

Stedman, Matthew - Lima, OH

Still, Brandon - Lucasville, OH

Stojietz, John - Chillicothe, OH

Stringer, Jason - Marion, OH

Sullivan, Jeremy - Lisbon, OH

Sutton, Cody - Lebanon, OH

Taylor, Joseph - Mansfield, OH

Terry, Rahman - Lisbon, OH

Thomas, Eddie - Marion, OH

Thomas, Eric - Mansfield, OH

Thompkins, Jabreez - Lisbon, OH

Tucker, Warren - Lucasville, OH

Tuggle, Antoine - Youngstown, OH

Tupper , Dwight - Mansfield, OH

Turner, Damien - Lancaster, OH

Turner, Frank - Youngstowm, OH

Turner, James - Toledo, OH

Upshaw, Darius - Toledo, OH

Vales, Anthony - Leavittsburg, OH

Vaughan, Karl - Youngstown, OH

Walton, Alvin - Grafton, OH

Warren, Raymond - Lucasville, OH

Watson, Dennis - Mansfield, OH

Watson, Jeffrey - Mansfield, OH

Waxler, David - Toledo, OH

Weartz, Ryan - Lebanon, OH

Webb, David - Lucasville, OH

Wert, Shaun - Chillicothe, OH

Wesley, Kentrell - Youngstown, OH

Whatley, Eric - Youngstown, OH

Wheaton, Michael - Lisbon, OH

Whitt, Spencer - Mansfield, OH

Williams, Deangelo - Lucasville, OH

Williams, De'Angelo - Lebanon, OH

Williams, Larry - Mansfield, OH

Williams, Ricky - toledo, OH

Williams, Royce - Grafton, OH

Williams Jr., Larry - London, OH

Wills, Kevin - Marion, OH

Wilson, Gerald - Conneaut, OH

Wilson, Trenton - Youngstown, OH

Wood, Harry - Lebanon, OH

Woodruff, William - Lucasville, OH

Woods, Samuel - Lucasville, OH

Woodward, Myzell - Toldeo , OH

Young, Justin - Orient, OH

Young, Terry - London, OH

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