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Abiley, Tanya - Las Vegas, NV

Atkinson, Samantha - Las Vegas , NV

Basken, Arlene - Las Vegas, NV

Belvin, Mikysha - Las Vegas, NV

Benham, Melody - Jean, NV

Bork, Monique - Las Vegas, NV

Bourdos, Kristina - Jean, NV

Brake, Kimberly - Las Vegas, NV

Brigman, Tiffany Star - Las Vegas, NV

Brown, Leslie - Las Vegas, NV

Camero, Carmela - N. Las Vegas, NV

Chaidez, Tearsa - Las Vegas, NV

Clegg, Caaneen - Las Vegas, NV

Craig , Melinda - Las Vegas , NV

Fulcher, Kameke - Las Vegas, NV

Gateb, Serena - Las Vegas, NV

Gomez, Renee - Las Vegas, NV

Gruda, Jessica - Jean, NV

Hailey, Rosalynn - Las Vegas, NV

Heath, Melissa - Las Vegas, NV

Holbert, Jessica - Las Vegas, NV

Holder, Shaniece - Las Vegas, NV

Hurley, Stacey - Las Vegas, NV

Innes, Ashley - Jean, NV

Jackson, Amber - N. Las Vegas, NV

Jones, April - Las Vegas, NV

Kimble, Kimala - Las Vegas, NV

Krause, Amanda - Las Vegas, NV

Lopes, Kimberly - Las Vegas, NV

Majors, Angela - Las Vegas, NV

McMullen, Nancy - Jean, NV

Miller, Melissa - Jean, NV

Montoya, Amber - Las Vegas, NV

Moore, Lindsay - Las Vegas, NV

Palmer, Jennifer - Las Vegas, NV

Petrozzino, Stefanie - Las Vegas, NV

Saintal, Priscella - Las Vegas, NV

Sanchez, Jessica - Las Vegas, NV

Schweitzer, April - Las Vegas, NV

Shaw, Susie - Las Vegas, NV

Sheppard, Melonie - Las Vegas, NV

Stowers, Monique - Jean, NV

Tito, Daniela - Las Vegas, NV

Wasson, Dawn - North Las Vegas, NV


Abrams, Joseph - Carson City , NV

Allen, Taiwan - Ely, NV

Alvira, Roberto - Ely, NV

Anderson, Marion - Carson City, NV

Antonaccio, Mario - Lovelock, NV

Aquino, Roman - Indian Springs, NV

Avery, Aubrey - Indian Springs, NV

Ball, Terry - Carson City, NV

Barfield, Paul - Indian Springs, NV

Bates, James - Indian Springs, NV

Beal, Raymond - Carson City, NV

Bender, Nick - Carson City, NV

Bleak, Dustin - Indian Springs, NV

Boice Jr. , Rocky - Carson City, NV

Bowman, James - Carson, NV

Bradford, Julius - Indian Springs, NV

Brake, Bryan - Carson City, NV

Brown, Joseph - Indian Springs, NV

Brown , Aaron - Pioche, NV

Buchspics, Aaron - Carson City, NV

Bulkeley, Walt - Carson City, NV

Burse, Richard - Indian Springs, NV

Cabell, Michael - Ely, NV

Campbell, Marcus - Indian Springs, NV

Cardona, Marc - Indian Springs, NV

Carleo, Anthony - Lovelock, NV

Carmona, Jonathan - Indian Springs, NV

Carrillo, Daniel - Lovelock, NV

Castro, Martin - Indian Springs, NV

Celaya, Mike - Ely, NV

Chappell, James - Ely, NV

Chavez, Jay - Indian Springs, NV

Coenen, Brenden - Carson City, NV

Colato, Jose - Lovelock, NV

Cole, Jesse - Indian Springs, NV

Cook, Bryan - Lovelock, NV

Cox, Michael - Indian Springs, NV

Crain, LaTroymen - Wells, NV

Crawford, Sean - Carson City, NV

Dennis, James - Lovelock, NV

Deyerle, Chris - Carson City, NV

DiCaro, Kelly - Indian Springs, NV

Dolinski, Jeremy - Carson City, NV

Duitsman, Shane - Carson City, NV

Espinoza, Carlos - Indian Springs, NV

Estall, Robert - Carson City, NV

Flanagan, Dale - Ely, NV

Flores, Ryan - Indian Springs, NV

Franklin, Louis - Indian Springs, NV

Garcia, Angel - Carson City, NV

Garcia, Joey - Indian Springs, NV

Goin, Russell - Carson City, NV

Gomez, Anthony - Carson City, NV

Gonzalez, Brian - Ely, NV

Graves, Willie - Lovelock, NV

Guerrero, Pablo - Indian Springs, NV

Guy, Curtis - Ely, NV

Hagerman, Mark - Ely, NV

Hale, Terrance - Carson City, NV

Hall, Bryan - Ely, NV

Hampton, Kalen - Indian Springs, NV

Harris, Ammar - Ely, NV

Hendrix, Jamal - Ely, NV

Hill, Perry - Ely, NV

Holden, Jim - Lovelock, NV

Holland, Peter - Indian Springs, NV

Hover, Gregory - Ely, NV

Howard, Mario - Ely, NV

Ibold, Randy - Ely, NV

Irive, Ricardo - Ely, NV

Jackson, Adrian - Carson City, NV

Jakes, Preston - Indian Springs, NV

Johnson, Jim - Indian Springs, NV

Johnson, Johnny - Ely, NV

Johnson, Shane - Carson City, NV

Jones, Myron - Carson City, NV

Juliano, Mickey - Indian Springs, NV

Keck, William - Ely, NV

Kelsey, Zachary - Lovelock, NV

Kimbell, Joshua - Carson City, NV

King, Rashon - Ely, NV

Kiszer, Bradley - Ely, NV

Knaefler, Taylor - Carson City, NV

Land, David - Lovelock, NV

League, Major - Indian Springs, NV

LeClair, Robert - Carson City, NV

Leon, Eriberto - Ely, NV

Leonard, Jeffrey - Pahrump, NV

Lewis, Kenyon - Lovelock, NV

Leyva, Ronny - Ely, NV

Lopez, Ricardo - Indian Springs, NV

Marks, Steven - Lovelock, NV

Marquez, Anthony - Indian Springs, NV

Marsilett, Michael - Lovelock, NV

Martinez, Michael - Indian Springs, NV

McBain, Michael - Lovelock, NV

McCoy, Kendrick - Ely, NV

McDowell, Tommie - Indian Springs, NV

Messick, Melissa - Las Vegas, NV

Meyers, Brandon - Carson City, NV

Mickelson, Kelly - Carson City, NV

Moore, Jason - Indian Springs, NV

Moore, Travion - Indian Springs, NV

Morgan, Bayzle - Indian Springs, NV

Moss, Clint - Ely, NV

Mullen, Kevin - Lovelock, NV

Munday, Montana Joe - Carson City, NV

Murphy, Christopher - Lovelock, NV

Myers, Nicholas - Lovelock, NV

Nobles, Anthony - Love Lock, NV

Pearson, Phil - Carson City, NV

Pepper, David - Indian Springs, NV

Perez, Angel - Ely, NV

Phelps, Edward - Carson City, NV

Poellamy, Marquise - Indian Springs, NV

Range, Durwin - Ely, NV

Ray, Raymar - Indian Springs, NV

Recob, Chad - Carson City, NV

Reed, Keon - Indian Springs, NV

Rivas-Bonilla, Francisco - Indian Springs, NV

Rivera, Samuel - Indian Springs, NV

Roberson, Richard - Lovelock, NV

Robinson, Jermaine - Carson City, NV

Rogers, Jared - Carson City, NV

Rucker, Ian - Lovelock, NV

Sanchez, Jesus - Las Vegas, NV

Sandoval, Eric - Lovelock, NV

Santiago, Edwin - Indian Springs, NV

Shaw, Danny - Carson City, NV

Simpson, Ronald - Carson City, NV

Smith, Breck - Indian Springs, NV

Smith, Phillip - Pahrump, NV

Smith, Tarrell - Indian Springs, NV

Sparacino, Timothy - Carson City, NV

Spitzer, James - Indian Springs, NV

Stafford, Randall - Carson City, NV

Stone, Nicholas - Indian Springs, NV

Stuart, Joseph - Lovelock, NV

Syverson, Jonathan - Indian Springs, NV

Tarango, Manuel - Ely, NV

Thompson, Jody - Ely, NV

Thornton, Ricardo - Lovelock, NV

Titus, Craig - Lovelock, NV

Torlone, Jake - Carson City, NV

Trapp, Melburn - Indian Springs, NV

Tybo, Travis - Carson City, NV

Valentine, Maurice - Indian Springs, NV

Valerio, John - Ely, NV

Velasco, Manuel - Carson City, NV

Venner, Ramsey - Indian Springs, NV

Walker, Jacob - Indian Springs, NV

White, Jerry - Ely, NV

White, Randall - Pioche, NV

Wilcoxson, Phillip - Carson City, NV

Williams, Clarence - Indian Springs, NV

Williams, Michael Leon - Carson City, NV

Wilson, Donald - Indian Springs, NV

Woods, Scott - Carson City, NV

Woolfe, Kyle - Carson, NV

Wormley, Nerron - Indian Springs, NV

Zapata, Carlos - Lovelock, NV

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