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There are no female prisoners listed in at this time.


Adams, Brad - Newark, NJ

Angelus, Keith - Newark, NJ

Aponte, Jose - Leesburg, NJ

Bailey, Michael - Fairton, NJ

Bance, Louidgy - Newark, NJ

Barnes, Nasir - Newark, NJ

Benedith, Jesus - Fairton, NJ

Black, Jonathan - Rahway, NJ

Blake, Frank - Trenton, NJ

Branch, Maleak - Trenton, NJ

Britt, Robert - Leesburg, NJ

Burton, Ian - Rahway, NJ

Carrelli, Thomas - Trenton, NJ

Carter, Reggie - Fairton, NJ

China, Jamell - Bridgeton, NJ

Class, Edwin - Bridgeton, NJ

Cooper, Arintonia - Fort Dix, NJ

Cowan, James - Fairton, NJ

Crutchfield, Irwin - Joint Base MDL, NJ

Dawara, Dadje - Rahway, NJ

DeSa, Christopher - Rahway, NJ

Evans, Harvey - Leesburg, NJ

Fernandez, David - Rahway, NJ

Fields, Stefan - Joint Base MDL, NJ

Figueroa, Juan - Leesburg, NJ

Fitz, George - Trenton, NJ

Fletcher, Tieheen - Rahway, NJ

Gonzalez, Chris - Newark, NJ

Gonzalez, Wilfredo - Bridgeton, NJ

Gordon, Erik - Rahway, NJ

Gordon, Richard - Bridgeton, NJ

Gould, Anthony - Rahway, NJ

Graves, Eric - Newark, NJ

Green, Alquan - Trenton, NJ

Grimes, Dillon - Joint Bace MDL, NJ

Guerrero, Carlos - Leesburg, NJ

Gulinazzo, Michael - Delmont, NJ

Hakins, Syree - Trenton, NJ

Hall, Christopher - Trenton, NJ

Halstead, Bryon - Delmont, NJ

Harvey, John - Yardville, NJ

Haskin, Michael - Leesburg, NJ

Herbert, Olajuwan - Trenton, NJ

Hoch, Justin - Yardville, NJ

Howard, David - Trenton, NJ

Johnson, Clifton - Jointbase MDL, NJ

Johnson, Nahtavian - Bridgeton, NJ

Jones, Ibn - Morristown, NJ

Jones, Jimmy - Trenton, NJ

Joseph, Robert - Delmont, NJ

Jusino, William - Fairton, NJ

Kasimu, Imara - Rahway, NJ

Kindle, Jason - Bridgeton, NJ

King, Anthony - Rahway, NJ

King, Gary - Bridgeton, NJ

Knott, Michael - Fairton, NJ

Kyle, Aaron - Bridgeton, NJ

Leon, Rene - Bridgeton, NJ

Lewis, Jamal - Rahway, NJ

Lyles, Ronnie - Rahway, NJ

Marquez, Saquan - Bridgeton, NJ

McClain, Mario - Trenton, NJ

McIntosh, Earl - Joint Base MDL, NJ

Melvin, Eric - Rahway, NJ

Merilan, Saint - Bridgeton, NJ

Mitchell, Na'eem - Rahway, NJ

Nichols, Floyd - Bridgeton, NJ

Obodo, John - Leesburg, NJ

Orr, Aaron - Trenton, NJ

Osmun, Jesse - Joint Base MDL, NJ

Parker, Ra'Shad - Bridgeton, NJ

Pasterick Jr., Daniel - Bridgeton, NJ

Piper, Carlos - Bridgeton, NJ

Pittman, Telik - Newark, NJ

Polanco, Joshua - Bridgeton, NJ

Porter, Tyree - Newark , NJ

Powell, Jemell - Rahway, NJ

Pressley, Dorian - Newark, NJ

Procopio, Paul - Delmont, NJ

Randolph, Amir - Bridgeton, NJ

Roberts, Sean - Bridgeton, NJ

Rogers, Brian - Fairton, NJ

Rutherford, Jay - Bridgeton, NJ

Salaam, Abdul-Haqq - Trenton, NJ

Salaam, Nasir - Rahway, NJ

Samuels, Dustin - Bridgeton, NJ

Sanchez, Otto - Bridgeton, NJ

Shakir, Munir - Rahway, NJ

Shannon, Michael - Newark, NJ

Singleton, Kevin - Newark, NJ

Smack, Christopher - Yardville, NJ

Smith, Sean - Rahway, NJ

Smith, Tishan - Leesburg, NJ

Terry, Ralph - Joint Base MDL, NJ

Terry, Robert - Rahway, NJ

Thompson, Jayson - Bridgeton, NJ

Thorne, Coleman - Yardville, NJ

Wade, Ty - Bridgeton, NJ

Warren , Therase - Fort Dix, NJ

Washington, Kevin - Bridgeton, NJ

Watson, Tyson - Fairton, NJ

Wester, Michael - Trenton, NJ

Whitaker, Hasan - Trenton, NJ

Wilson, Gary - Trenton, NJ

Wright, Jean Claude - Leesburg, NJ

Wynn, Ivan P. - Trenton, NJ

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