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There are no female prisoners listed in at this time.


Abdullah, Asim - Buena Vista, CO

Aldama, Antonio - Rifle, CO

Aldaz, Matthew - Buena Vista, CO

Anaya, Antonio - Delta, CO

Anderson, La Romanain - Florence, CO

Anderson Jr., Bruce - Olney Springs, CO

Anglin, Elijah - Buena Vista, CO

Arechiga, Luis - Florence, CO

Arellano, Eddie Ray - Ordway, CO

Arias, Carlos - Fort Collins, CO

Arispe, Jessie - Ordway, CO

Ashburn, Brenden - Olney Springs, CO

Avila, David - Canon City, CO

Baca, Damien - Las Animas, CO

Baca, Thomas - Sterling, CO

Baier, Michael - Sterling, CO

Baker, Matthew - Buena Vista, CO

Ballinger, John - Model, CO

Bandy, Taylor - Limon, CO

Banks, Tenarro - Ordway, CO

Barnett, Jeanoh - Canon City, CO

Barrow, William - Limon, CO

Bateson, Dustin - Florence, CO

Begaye, Derrick - Sterling, CO

Bellinger, Kevin - Florence, CO

Bellinger, Kevin - Florence, CO

Berdinner, Erick - Buena Vista, CO

Bernal , Joseph - Limon, CO

Berumen, Luis - Model, CO

Blackburn, Cory - Olney Springs , CO

Boden, Cody - sterl, CO

Bodison, Robert - Canon City, CO

Boe, Justin - Florence, CO

Bohlen, Michael - Canon City, CO

Boyer, Robert - Canon City, CO

Bradshaw, Joseph - Florence, CO

Brewer, Joshua - Florence, CO

Brooks, Keith C. - Buena Vista, CO

Brow, Steven - Canon City, CO

Broward, Andy - Limon, CO

Brown, Anthony - Limon, CO

Burke, John - Florence, CO

Burrell, Nychai - Canon City, CO

Camillo Martinez, Jose - Buena Vista, CO

Canales-Hernandez, Juan - Fort Collins, CO

Cao, Thai - Ordway, CO

Carr, Joshua - Sterling, CO

Carroll, Anthony - Canon City, CO

Carter, Percy - Canon City, CO

Carter, Perish - Limon, CO

Carter, Phillip - Olney Springs , CO

Cervantes, Thomas - Canon City, CO

Chatmann, Lynnie - Canon City, CO

Chavez, Larry - Sterling, CO

Chelf, Alvin - Florence, CO

Cherry, Stephen - Olney Springs, CO

Cieloha, Nathan - Canon City, CO

Ciofassa, Kasai - Sterling, CO

Clouatre, Marcus - Sterling, CO

Cobb, David - Florence, CO

Cochran, John - Buena Vista, CO

Coleman, Akinlabi - Sterling, CO

Collier, Shaun - Buena Vista, CO

Collins, William - Sterling, CO

Connally, Samuel - Buena Vista, CO

Conner, Charles - Littleton, CO

Coole, Christopher - Delta, CO

Cournoyer, Kerry - Buena Vista, CO

Creach, Byron - Ordway, CO

Creamer, Wyatt - Sterling, CO

Croutch, Craig - Canon City, CO

Cruz, Jose - Sterling, CO

Cruz, Josh - Delta, CO

D'Andrea, William - Rifle, CO

Davis, Damon - Denver, CO

Davis, Rio - Ordway, CO

Dawson, James - Canon City, CO

Day, Josh - Buena Vista, CO

DeJong, Matthew - Rifle, CO

Delaney, Larry - Ordway, CO

Demello, Paul - Sterling, CO

Dock, Kristin - Canon City, CO

Dominguez, Matthew - Canon City, CO

Dorsey, Vernon - Canon City, CO

Douglas, Edward - Sterling, CO

Duran, Richard - Florence, CO

Dutton, Danny - Las Animas, CO

Ellis, Jordan - Ordway, CO

Elugardo, Jorge - Canon City, CO

English, Paul - Sterling, CO

Enos, Joshua - Sterling, CO

Erd, Daniel - Canon City, CO

Feldman, Steven - Canon City, CO

Ferrier , Olin - Ordway, CO

Fields, Danny - Buena Vista, CO

Fitzpatrick, Jonathan - Canon City, CO

Folts, Shaun - Florence, CO

Freiboth, Timothy - Florence, CO

Furlong, Robert - Littleton, CO

Garcia, Alberto - Canon City, CO

Garcia, John - Sterling, CO

Garcia, Noel - Canon City, CO

Garcia, Steven - Sterling, CO

Garner, Thomas - Limon, CO

Geisick, Brian - Canon City, CO

Gonzales, Jayson - Canon City, CO

Gonzales, Tim - Las Animas, CO

Goodman, Jeremy - Sterling, CO

Gracia, Robert - Corcoran, CO

Graham, Dillin - Canon City, CO

Grant, Victory - Olney Springs , CO

Grant-Washington, DeVon - Sterling, CO

Green, Calvay - Buena Vista, CO

Guerra, Rene - Limon, CO

Gutierrez, Brent - Canon City, CO

Haas, Brandon - Limon, CO

Hall, Javes - Florence, CO

Hampson, Luther - Canon City, CO

Hanegan, Nicholas - Canon City, CO

Harmon, Keith - Limon, CO

Harper, Walter - Canon City, CO

Harrison, Cody - Canon City, CO

Harrison, Jermy - Sterling, CO

Harvey, Dustin - Buena Vista, CO

Hawkins, Patrick - Delta, CO

Hawkins, Raheem - Sterling, CO

Hernandez, Alonzo - Florence, CO

Hernandez, Arturo - Limon, CO

Hernandez, Joel - Littleton, CO

Herrick, Jason - Sterling, CO

Hill, Jeffrey - Sterling, CO

Hill, Lynell - Ordway, CO

Holland, Patrick - Canyon City, CO

Holloway, Nathan - Sterling, CO

Houston, Jesse - Buena Vista, CO

Hunt, Robert - Ordway, CO

Impellizine, Richard - Canon City, CO

Ivy, Marvin - Model, CO

Jackson, Izail - Florence, CO

James, Barry - Buena Vista, CO

James , Marshall - Buena Vista, CO

Janis, Antonio - Canon City, CO

Janis, Christopher - Sterling, CO

Jayne, Timothy - Sterling, CO

Jennings , Robert - Ordway, CO

Jensen, Bradley - Canon City, CO

Jiron, Eric - Sterling, CO

Johnson, Brendan - Canon City, CO

Johnson, Myles - Canon City, CO

Johnson, Pierre - Florence, CO

Johnston, Steven - Sterling, CO

Jones, Bernard - Canon City, CO

Jones, Kenji - Buena Vista, CO

Jones, Wesley - Canon City , CO

Jones, Zackariah - Ordway, CO

Jones , Swayde - Canon City, CO

Jump, Douglas - Sterling, CO

Keel, Justin - Canon City, CO

Kehoe, Chevie - Florence, CO

King, Kenneth - Litleton, CO

Koch, Lukus - Canon City, CO

Kranes, Darren - Canon City, CO

Kulp, Garrett - Canon City, CO

Leccese, Evan - Canon City, CO

Lee, Blaine - Delta, CO

Lewis, Jesse - Canon City, CO

Lewis, Jovan - Sterling, CO

Leyba, Furmen - Buena Vista, CO

Lopez, Duanne - Buena Vista, CO

Lopez, Ramon - Sterling, CO

Lopez-Guzman, Jose - Buena Vista, CO

Lucero, Lincoln - Olney Springs, CO

Lummus, Jerome - Florence, CO

Luna, Christopher - Buena Vista, CO

Luna, David - Model, CO

Lynch, Jesse - Canon City, CO

Maestas, Arthur - Sterling, CO

Magallanes, Michael - Ordway, CO

Mahana, Kelly - Limon, CO

Malcom, Daniel - Canon City, CO

Marcille, Rodger - Florence, CO

Martin, Garry - Buena Vista, CO

Martinez, Jared - Canon City, CO

Martinez, Jesse - Buena Vista, CO

Martinez, John A. - Canon City, CO

Martinez, Justin - Sterling, CO

Martinez, Manuel - Ordway, CO

Martinez, Michael - Canon City, CO

Martinez, Rudy - Olney Springs , CO

Masserano, Joseph - Florence, CO

Mazique, Craig - Sterling, CO

McCullar, Michael - Buena Vista, CO

McDaniel, James - Limon, CO

McDonald, Rodney - Sterling, CO

McDowney, Devon - Buena Vista, CO

McMahan, Jamie - Florence, CO

Meadows, Ean - Las Animas, CO

Medeles, Gabe - Sterling, CO

Medlock, Matthew - Canon City, CO

Miller, Corin - Sterling, CO

Mitchell, Ryan - Buena Vista, CO

Mobley, Jody - Canon City, CO

Montoya, James - Sterling, CO

Montoya, Jeremiah - Canon City, CO

Montoya, Robert - Canon City, CO

Morales, Salvador - Olney Springs, CO

Moreno, Corey - Buena Vista, CO

Moreno, Joshua - Colorado Springs, CO

Moudy, Taylor - Sterling, CO

Mozingo, Jeremiah - Sterling, CO

Munoz, Israel - Canon City, CO

Munoz, Ryan - Canon City, CO

Murphy, Kameron - Buena Vista, CO

Myers, Aaron - Sterling, CO

Navarro, Felix - Ordway, CO

Neal, Billy - Sterling, CO

Neal, William C. - Canon City, CO

Nelson, Ryan - Canyon City, CO

Nielson, Travis - Florence, CO

Niggeler, Derek - Florence, CO

Noe, Peter - Florence, CO

Northrup, Tate - Canon City, CO

Norton, Greg - Canon City, CO

Nunes, Richard - Florence, CO

Owens, Sirmario - Canon City, CO

Parks, Jeffrey - Canon City, CO

Paxton, Paul - Ordway, CO

Peavy, Travis - Delta, CO

Pedigo, Blake - Sterling , CO

Perez, David - Sterling, CO

Perez, Edwin - Florence, CO

Perez, Isaac - Rifle, CO

Pham, Tien - Canon City, CO

Phillips, Fredrick - Canon City, CO

Pitts, Edgar - Florence, CO

Plassmeyer, Michael - Canon City, CO

Polk, Patrick - Olney Springs , CO

Poole, Archie - Florence, CO

Porter, William - Canon City, CO

Price, Jeffery - Florence, CO

Quintana, Robert - Canon City, CO

Rader, Joel - Canon City, CO

Ramsey, Lester - Canon City, CO

Ray, Maurice - Las Animas, CO

Renn, Joshua - Sterling, CO

Rice , Eric - Olney Springs, CO

Richardson, Weston - Sterling, CO

Ridgeway, Lewis - Canon City, CO

Ringold, Joshua - Canon City, CO

Rios, Antonio - Sterling, CO

Robinson, Jermaine - Florence, CO

Rodgers, Walter - Canon City, CO

Rodney, Christopher - Canon City, CO

Rodriguez, Jacob - Canon City, CO

Rodriguez, Jesus - Canon City, CO

Roebuck, Skyrone - Canon City, CO

Romero, Angelo - Canon City, CO

Romero, Anthony - Ordway, CO

Romero, Terry - Limon, CO

Rosales, Joshua - Buena Vista, CO

Rosales, Mariano - Buena Vista, CO

Rucker, James - Canon City, CO

Ruiz, Steven - Buena Vista, CO

Ryan, Reginald - Canon City, CO

Sagon, Equis - Limon, CO

Salazar, Conrad - Florence, CO

Sample, Lindell - Sterling, CO

Santistevan, Arthur - Canon City, CO

Scaggs, Quent - Canon City, CO

Schenk, Ryan - Canon City, CO

Schmidt, David - Rifle, CO

Schmidt, Ernest - Sterling, CO

Schneider, Colt - Englewood, CO

Scott, Harold - Ordway, CO

Seagraves, Cody - Limon , CO

Serrano, Mario - Florence, CO

Sher, Josiah - Buena Vista, CO

Shero, Terry - Florence, CO

Shorter, Daryl - Limon, CO

Skaggs, Justin - Buena Vista , CO

Smith, Charles - Olney Springs , CO

Smith, Christopher - Canon City, CO

Smith, Corwin - Canon City, CO

Smith, Donald - Canon City, CO

Snorsky, John - Buena Vista, CO

Stewart, David - Canon City, CO

Stitt, Jake - Golden, CO

Stuart, Daniel - Model, CO

Suazo, Austin - Sterling, CO

Suro, David - Sterling, CO

Swan, Joshua - Sterling, CO

Tanner, Andrew - Ordway, CO

Taylor, Christopher - Canon City, CO

Thompson, Ryan - Sterling, CO

Toun, David - Las Animas, CO

Trotter, Joshua - Florence, CO

Trujillo, David - Sterling, CO

Tumblin, Nicholas - Canon City, CO

Turcios, Dennis - Canon City, CO

Valentine, Jonathan - Canon City, CO

Vasquez, Norman - Ordway, CO

Veasley, Andre - Canon City, CO

Velarde, Jason - Delta, CO

Wagner, Corey Dean - Ordway, CO

Walker, Scott - Buena Vista, CO

Walsh, Nathan - Sterling, CO

Ward, Brent - Buena Vista, CO

Webster, Julius - Canon City, CO

West, James - Buena Vista, CO

Whiteley, Chequell - Ordway, CO

Whittington, William - Buena Vista, CO

Wilkins, Phillip - Olney Springs, CO

Williams, Maurice - Florence, CO

Williams, Rodney - Sterling, CO

Wilson, Terance - Canon City, CO

Wilson-Crisp, Tristan - Florence, CO

Wimberly, Richard - Sterling, CO

Wolfe, Robert - Sterling, CO

Woodstock, Jonathan - Canon City, CO

Wray-Salley, Zachary - Ordway, CO

Wright, Antwon - Limon, CO

Yang, Steve - Canon City, CO

Yapoujian, Alishan - Sterling, CO

Zamora, Douglas - Limon, CO

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